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Chapter 1 : 1. Reborn

God of Ice and Snow[BL]

'I can't see.' That was the first thought that came to Xie Ren's mind as he regained He tried to move his body but it was to know avail because it felt like something was blocking any and all of his movement. As he thought of the predicament he was in, cold air wrapped around his body. Xie Ren opened his eyes and what appeared before his sight was a giant man, at least from Xie Ren's perspective.

The man was wearing a light blue robe with a white sash around his waist. He had broad shoulders and lean muscles that looked as if they would explode with power at any given moment. His long, silver hair was tied up in with a blue ribbon and eyes looked down at Xie Ren with unending love.

"It's a healthy baby boy," The man said as his smile got wider with happiness.

At this point, Xie Ren knew that he was now a newborn baby. He was filled with shock as he remembered the events that happened to his death.


"Xie Ren."

Xie Ren opened his eyes as he came out of his He refocused his on a woman standing before him. She was a beautiful woman with long, hair, smooth, with skin and plump red lips.

"I told you not to disturb me when I'm cultivating," Xie Ren said with a cold and distant tone despite the fact that he's known the woman for many years.

The woman bit her lip as she looked down with her eyes filling with tears but they with before Xie Ren could notice.

"It has been years Xie Ren, why?" She choked out.

Xie Ren gazed at her weeping face with indifference, "I already told you that I won't be together with you," He said tonelessly.

The woman then started laughing hysterically as she fell to the floor in front of Xie Ren's feet.

Xie Ren felt that something was wrong and moved to get away but it was too late. Marks appeared on the ground around him that lit up with red light. When he tried to move, his body stayed immobile. Frowning, Xie Ren looked at the woman who was now getting up.

"I bet you never expected this," The woman said with an evil grin. She pulled out a thin sword and walked over to Xie Ren. Crouching down, she reached into his chest pocket and pulled out a bead.

"So that's what you wanted," Xie Ren calmly even though his life was in danger.

The woman smirked at him, "You only have yourself to for keeping this treasure just for yourself." She said

"Gou Fan, have you still not killed him yet?" A deep voice sounded out.

"I'm doing it now master," Gou Fan said. She then plunged the sword into Xiw Ren's chest, piercing his heart.

With blood flowing down his chest and his life slowly fading, Xie Ren smiled, "Gou Fan, I'll be back." Saying his last words, Xie Ren closed his eyes which were now filled with hatred and vengeance.


"Let me hold him." a gentle voice sounded.

Xie Ren snapped out of his thoughts and turned his head to an incredibly beautiful woman. Long, silver hair were on the bed and her smooth skin glistened with sweat. Though her face was pale, her eyes were filled with warmth and

The giant man walked over to the bedside and gently handed Xie Ren over to the woman. As she held him, she rocked him side to side.

"What beautiful eyes he has," the woman said happily.

The man looked at Xie Ren face and nodded his eyes in agreement.

"Yes, I think father once told me what amethyst colored eyes meant but I ," The man said with a bit of embarrassment. "But I do know that it is extremely rare."

The woman nodded and thought of an issue, "What should we name him?"

"Mmm, what about Bai Cong?"

"That's a nice name." the woman, who Xie Ren now knew was my mother, said and looked back down at Xie Ren, " to the family Cong'er."

"Hahaha," a boisterous laughter sounded, "Where is my grandson, let me hold him".

The man who appeared to be in his early 30s, walked in looking joyful with a big smile stretched across his face. He walked across the room to the bed and Xie Ren's carefully mother handed him over to the man. As Xie Ren was studying him, the man was doing the same to Xie Ren. He also had silver hair but his were cut short. The same eyes also looked out from their sockets.

"What unique purple eyes" he said as he looked at Xie Ren surprise. He then turned to Xie Ren's father and asked him what Xie Ren's name was.

"His name is Bai Cong."

"Bai Cong," he repeated to himself slowly, "That's a good name but he must work hard to get stronger to be the of the Bai Family."

" Yes father, I will raise him well."

"Good," the old man said, "I will take my leave now." Xie Ren watched him as he turned around and left the room as quickly as he came in.

Tired, Xie Ren closed hsis eyes and drifted of to sleep as he reflected on all the events that transpired today and clenched his tiny fists as he on what happened to get him in this

'The person who I trusted backstabbed me, Gou Fan you better be ready.' Xie Ren thought as a bit of bloodlust seeped out from his bones.

'The heavens have given me this chance of a new life', he thought to myself, 'Now, I will use it to kill that woman.'

Looking down at himself, Xie Ren made the to completely start anew. 'My parents gave me the name Bai Cong. From now on, I am no longer Xie Ren.'

Xie Ren, now changed to Bai Cong, decided to start his day the next morning with slowly gathering Qi slowly into his body to purify his bones and inner core to pave a way for his future training.

With a set out, Bai Cong drifted off to sleep.

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