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Chapter 28 : Near the Highest Peak

Pokemon: An Adventure

", I think you are close to mastering the Iron Tail so, it seems that we need to the next phase of your training soon….", Saad said as he stood in front of his Pokemon discussing the results of their training.


"Hm, and Monferno! I believe the last few days of training proved to be quite rewarding for you. Your agility and attack power has levelled up quite a bit….", Saad nodded at and turned his eyes towards his Monkey who looked wilder than before. His fur has gotten a little longer and he seemed bit more buff.

His red eyes look a bit terrifying since he started to spar with swarms of Pokemon that they come across The that could be seen in his eyes before has dissipated for a while now.

"Monfernooo…..", Monferno nodded as the fire on his tail sparked brightly.

"Well, it is good that you are happy but don't be proud….We still have a long way to go..", Saad said as he hid his smile and stared sternly at his Pokemon.


"Good, although we managed to increase your physical attributes a lot, it's time we move onto you special attacks...ehehehe And believe it or not, I have your next training already, and you will be starting it right now...", Saad said as he waved a notebook in the air while staring proudly at his Pokemon who just nodded casually after hearing him.

Saad sighed after not getting the response he wanted and turned towards his left where the little Ralts was making some kind of star with floating leaves. Saad stared at that star for a while and then spoke sternly,


Ralts who was just around with leaves without any care in the world jolted after hearing his name and stood up attentively as he looked towards Saad.

Saad smiled lightly after seeing the stiff body of his Pokemon and said as he put a hand on his head,

"You did well..You managed to complete your training against all my ;

Ralts smiled cutely as he heard the praise but the next words of his Trainer made him jump around happily.

"And so I have decided that I would get you a prize when we reach the next city"

Saad smiled seeing his little fellow jump around happily and turned back to his other Pokemon who were just standing there casually without a care in the world,

"Well, guys….Time to start your training….."




A few days passed by as Saad and his Pokemon travelled towards their continuously while also keeping their training schedule in check.

who has been trying his best for the last few weeks finally managed to use Iron Tail and this forced Saad to finalize his new training schedule which seemed no different from what Monferno has been doing since the past few weeks.

Whenever they would come across some strong Pokemon or a horde, and Monferno would take them on in battle and whenever they are by themselves, they would spar against each other while also wearing the weights.

Ralts was also not being idle, as he would also fight against wild Pokemon and would spar with his big brothers who just don't know how to go easy on him. He would always get thrashed around by them making him sulk in front of Saad who would just smile after hearing his

Saad has been very content with the progress his Pokemon were making. He knew that he was overdoing the training a bit as he literally didn't give them enough time to take a breather anymore.

The only time they are not busy is at night when they just sleep to shake the whole day's tiredness off and prepare their body for another day of training.

Saad was very grateful for them for putting up with all of this because he didn't want to lose face like last time and so, he was very thankful that his Pokemon were trying their best for the team's sake.


Saad who was walking beside his Pokemon looked at the mountain range that could be seen towering above the trees and muttered as he turned to look at ,

"Looks like we are near…..."

who was walking casually looking a bit bored looked up at the mountains and nodded after hearing Saad's words.

Saad smiled as he turned his face towards the mountains again and said in ,

"That's where you all will train for the next few days…."

"And hopefully we may find a new partner..."

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