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Chapter 16 : Battle Begins

Pokemon: An Adventure

Oregurgh City ~ Pokemon Center

Saad was sitting on the bed, viewing the moon from the window of the room that he got from Nurse Joy. He reached the city a few hours ago and went straight to the Pokemon Center to get his Pokemon refreshed. He contacted his parents and after making them sure of his well being, he booked a room in the Pokemon Center by asking Nurse Joy.

After entering the room he took a long bath to clean his body and headed straight to his bed.

He was very excited since the time he entered this city because he knew that here he will get his first Gym battle.

Laying on the bed as he gazed at the sky outside the window, he began to for the future battle. He got the from Nurse Joy that the Gym Leader in this city is named Rocky and is famous for his Rock-Type Pokemon.

Saad knew that his Pokemon will have to try really hard if they want to win the Gym Battle but he also knew that the one who needs to be the most prepared is himself. He quickly went through all the moves that his Pokemon knew of and listed down all the moves that will be effective against the Rock Type Pokemon and so, he began to for the tomorrow's strategy.

After sitting there messing around with his notebook for a few hours, he decided to sleep as he had used most of his energy and was super tired. And so he closed the windows and locked the doors as he slipped into his to embrace the sweet sleep.


Next day in the morning, he woke up feeling all and rid of all the tiredness. He jumped down from the bed excitedly and went to take a bath. After refreshing him, he went to Nurse Joy and picked his Pokeballs. He also asked for to the Gym and Nurse Joy was happy to help him. He thanked Nurse Joy and bid farewell to her as he began to walk towards the city Gym to test his skills.

He was nervous and also excited to finally face the first hurdle and test in his path to a Pokemon Master. He walked happily towards the Gym and after doing so for a few minutes he finally reached a mountain.

It is said that the Gym is inside the mountain and is by ancient rocks that were found in the Oreburgh Mines. He admired the majestic view for a while and decided to enter the passageway that was surrounded by visitors.

After crossing the passageway he witnessed the hollow inside of the mountain filled with workers and builders as they dig through the rocks. He walked straight on the walkway as he stared at the busy people working with their Pokemon. There were Geodudes, Onex and even Zubat working together with their trainers.

After walking for a few minutes Saad reached a small building that has been built inside the mountain. Saad wondered why they even built it here and also what is the point of having a Gym inside the mountains that is still a worksite for engineers.

After staring at the building for a while, Saad entered inside and met a young man who to be the apprentice of Rocky. His name was Raults and he worked in this mine alongside Rocky.

"Hello Friend, Are you here for a battle?"

"Yes, I am Saad from Sandgem Town. I am here to have my first gym battle"

"Oh, , I am Raults. I will be guiding you towards the arena. I already informed Master and he will be there in a while. "

Saad nodded and followed the young man towards the arena. It was a little far stretch to call it an official arena for battle because it was just a small square field filled with rocks inside the mountain without any audience stands or even a for Competitors to stand on.

Saad looked around and spotted a man at the opposite side of the arena. He wore a helmet on his head and goggles. He was wearing the worker's uniform that fit him well. His body was well built maybe, because of manual labor but his face still looked clean and fresh.

"So, he is the one I will be battling", Saad thought

The man looked at Saad and said as he smiled,

"Hi, I am Rocky. I see that you are here to challenge me. I will make sure to give you a fine battle."

"Hi, I am Saad. I look forward to our battle", Saad said politely.

Rocky smiled and nodded towards Raults who was now standing at the edge of the battle.

"This is the Pokemon battle between Rocky the Gym Leader of Orbeburgh City Gym and Saad from Sandgem Town. Each of the contenders will choose three Pokemon. The one with the last surviving Pokemon will be the winner. Do you two have any ;


"Good, so I announce that the battle begins!!!"


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