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Chapter 12 : Realization

Pokemon: An Adventure

Saad who was racking his brain thinking about how to survive this ordeal was struck dumb when he suddenly saw his Shinx evolve into a He never expected him to evolve under such He saw as the small Shinx got large and transform into a beautiful and smiled,

"Incredible! I never thought he would evolve like that."

Saad witnessed as the now evolved gave a loud roar and stared deeply at the Electivire. He could not help but feel excited as he shouted.

"Yeah! You are great. Quickly kick away this brute."

who was feeling the power coursing through his body and turned around to look at his Trainer and shouted.


After assuring his partner with a roar full of confidence turned his head towards Chimchar who was on his knees behind him.


Chimchar who was gazing incredulously at his partner jolted as he saw turn and stare directly in his eyes. Seeing the look in his eyes Chimchar could not help but feel ashamed as he lowered his head.

";, muttered as he tapped Chimchar on his head with his paws as if reprimanding him.

Chimchar looked up towards and turned his head down again after seeing the upset look on his face.

"Chimmmchar...", the little monkey uttered weakly as he apologized to for behaving so recklessly.

";, said as he pointed towards Saad who was staring worryingly at them.

Chimchar raised his head and looked at who was pointing somewhere. He turned his head and saw Saad staring at him with a look inquiring if he is okay.

Chimchar could not help but feel tears clouding his eyes as he realized that Saad was not even angry at him even after his disappointing performance just now. He saw the look in Saad's eyes and realized that he instead of getting angry, he was worried for him.

Suddenly something became clear in his mind as he realized that he is not just a single individual anymore. He was no longer just a Pokemon trying to stronger. He was part of a team now. It is not just about him anymore. He is now a Pokemon who is working together with his friends to make their team the strongest.

His eyes gradually cleared as he slowly tried to wake up but he could not feel the strength in his legs as he fell down. But he didn't give up. He tried, again and again, to rise on his feet but just could not do so. He began to get angry with his body as he hit his legs as if to them.

stared at his friend desperate attempts to rise up and smiled as he extended his paws toward him.

Chimchar looked up and saw smiling at him with a stretched paw. He stared at his friend for a few minutes and shouted,


Suddenly, god knows from where he got the strength as he forced his legs to make him stand up. He started to make agitated noises as he stood in front of his friend again. He opened his eyes and stared at as he muttered slowly,


was staring at his friend who just apologized to him and was caught by surprise as he saw Chimchar's body slowly began to glow up as his the fire on his tail began to burn even more as his body began to increase in size. His teeth started to grow longer and a blue pattern started to spread across his forehead. The light surrounding him began to glow more brightly as his body started to transform.

After a few the light dimmed down and slowly a new Pokemon appeared in the sight of astounded Saad and Electrivire who were for the first time in their life witnessing two in a single day.

Saad stared with his eyes bulging out of sockets towards where a few moments ago his Chimchar was struggling to stand up and began to breathe heavily. He saw as instead of the desperate Chimchar, there stood a much stronger and larger Monferno now.

Saad stared at his two Pokemon who were standing side by side and could not help but muttered,

"Oh God! I never thought I will see two of my Pokemon evolve in a single day."


Monferno who just finished evolving looked at his palms and clench them tightly as if enjoying the newly acquired strength. After staring at his hands for a while he raised his head and stared at who was standing in front of him smiling. His eyes turned crescent and as he smiled.


";, muttered who was looking at his partner and turned around to face the huge Electrivire who was standing there looking at them in utter astonishment. Monferno also moved forward as he stood beside staring angrily at Electivire. After staring daggers at the huge Pokemon, they turned around to look at Saad who was looking at them with eyes filled with stars.

Saad looked at his two Pokemon who were staring at him as they stood in front of their opponent and smiled,

"Looks like It is time we wrap this up."

"Monferno! Use Mach Punch!"

Monferno who was awaiting his Trainer's command hopped around excitedly and disappeared from where he stood a moment ago. Electivire who was on his guard was startled when he saw his opponent suddenly vanish. He tried to look around but suddenly a sharp pain assaulted his sense and he was sent flying. He didn't even manage to see when Monferno appeared so close to him and punched him on his face.

As he was sent flying away, Saad who was admiring Monferno's extraordinary speed suddenly came to his senses and shouted at ,

"! Use Thunder Bolt"

who was standing suddenly began to light up with electricity and threw a huge bolt of lightning towards the flying Pokemon. The attack was unbelievably fast and hit the Electrivire before he even landed on the ground.

Electivire who was busy flying away suddenly felt a huge pain in his body as a huge bolt of thunder struck him hard. He let out a cry of pain as he hit the ground. He rolled for a few meters and collided with a huge rock sending dust in the air. He groaned in pain and fainted.

Saad who was expected Electivire to get up, stood there staring at the Pokemon. He could not believe that it ended just like that. He turned his neck around like a robot and stared incredulously at his two Pokemon. His mouth twitched as he saw them standing there without any on their faces.

"Oh God! I better not mess with any of them again."

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