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Chapter 8 : First Battle

Pokemon: An Adventure

Saad looked at Torterra with a slight frown. Torterra was a Grass and Ground-type Pokemon with great defense and attack power. It was the final evolved form of Turtwig. Saad knew that this Torterra was strong when he saw his huge body. Even though Fire Type Pokemon were somewhat strong against it, Saad realized that it will be difficult battling it.

Saad: "Chimchar...use Ember."

Chimchar was quick to respond and sprint towards Torterra as he spat the bolt of fire at him

Camper: "Tortera...Dodge and use Razor Leaf"

Torterra dodged the attack and throw razor-sharp leaves swirling at Chimchar.

Saad: "Chimchar! Dodge and move closer to it."

Chimchar and appeared a few feet away as he rushed swiftly towards Torterra with amazing speed while easily dodging the leaves.

"What Speed!", Camper as he witnessed how easily and swiftly Chimchar closed the distance between him and Torterra while also dodging the attacks.

Saad smiled at him and said,

"Of course he is fast. After all, he trained hard to get this mobility…..Chimchar! Use Leer and then scratch."

Chimchar swiftly approached Torterra and stared at him with his red eyes while attacking him with his sharp Torterra flinched under Chimchar's gaze making his slow and thus making it unable to dodge in time. The sharp of the chimpanzee hit its mark causing the target to cry in pain.

Camper stared at his Pokemon in worry and commanded,

"Torterra! …...Quickly use Earthquake."

Torterra who was grimacing in pain after getting hit by Chimchar quickly raised his front feet and heavily at ground. The huge body of his made the ground shake causing Chimchar to lose his footing.

"Great! Torterra, Use Razor leaf followed by Tackle."

Torterra quickly bombarded Chimchar with Razor Leaves and rushed towards him with great momentum. Chimchar was unable to dodge the razor leaves and flew backward after getting hit.

Saad stared worryingly at Chimchar as he got hit by razor leave but was quick to act as he saw the huge Torterra speedily running towards Chimchar.

"Chimchar! Use Dig!"

Chimchar who was flying beautifully after getting hit, used his feet trying to stop himself and after safely landing on the ground and doing a few rolls, managed to steady himself. As he got to his senses, he heard Saad and quickly dodged the Torterra by digging into the ground. Torterra was confused after seeing his target escape underground and began to look around trying to find where it will come out from.

"Hmph, you are quick to act", Camper smiled at Saad.

"Thank you for your praise", Saad replied.

"Haha but that won't be enough. Torterra, use Earthquake but a lot stronger this time.", smirked Camper as he commanded.

Torterra nodded and heavily at the ground after raising his front feet. This time the impact was stronger than last time causing a huge tremor. The powerful attack of Torterra forced Chimchar to show himself again as he jumped out of a hole.

Saad stared impressively at Camper for his quick wit and ,

"Wow! That's was a cool move."

Camper turned a little embarrassed after hearing the unexpected praise from his competitor and laughed,

"Hahaha, It was nothing. I just copied a trainer who battled me in the past. "

Saad smiled at Camper's and said,

"Hmph no need to be so modest, Your Torterra is strong and I think me and Chimchar need to try harder to beat you. So, be careful now, we will be fighting you now. "

Camper: "Fine by me"

"Chimchar! It is about time you show what you learned in your training."

Chimchar nodded at his Trainer with eyes and looked back towards Torterra, fully ready to attack again.

"Chimchar! Use wheel! "

Chimchar blew fire from his mouth and cloaked himself in it. He leaped forward and started to roll towards Torterra with amazing speed.

"Hm, naive... Torterra, use Razor Leaf"

Torterra quickly obeyed the command and again attacked Chimchar with swirling leaves. Camper watched with a calm smile as if knew that the attack will surely hit. But his smile froze as things didn't go the way he thought it would.

As the leaves were about to hit the wheel which was supposed to be coming straight at Torterra, it suddenly changed and dodge the Razor leaves.

"What!! He managed to dodge that while using Wheel????", Camper loudly while staring astonishingly at Chimchar.

It is considered very rare for Chimchar to even know where he is going when using that attack so, it was unbelievable for Camper when he witnessed this little monkey to not only sense the attack but also dodge it.

Saad didn't reply back and just smiled as he watched Chimchar swiftly reach Torterra after dodging the attack. Torterra was not prepared for it and got hit by the heavy attack. The impact made him flew back as he fell heavily on the ground.

Saad stared at the fallen Pokemon but didn't let his guard down. He knew that with his defense there is no way that Torterra will fall with just a single attack and yep he was right as he saw the huge Turtle slowly getting up.

But something happened that caught both Camper and Saad by surprise. As Torterra was about to stand up, a small spark lit up on his shell which suddenly expanded and covered his whole body making him grimace in pain and left it unable to move.

Saad stood there staring at the Pokemon as shouted in pain but quick to come to his senses.

"Chimchar! Now is our chance...Quickly use Furry Swipe followed by Ember."

Chimchar rushed towards the paralyzed Pokemon and quickly hit with a series of scratch attacks and followed by a huge burst of fire bolts. The combo sent the poor Pokemon flying again but sadly this time he was not going to stand up.

"Torterra! NO!!!!", shouted Camper as he rushed towards his fallen Pokemon and checked his After confirming that there was nothing , he put it back in his Pokeball and stood up facing Saad who was carrying Chimchar on his shoulder and enjoying his win.

"Saad, it was a nice battle. I never thought that I would lose. It looks like Torterra and I need more training.", Camper said feeling a little down.

"No, no, no, we were just lucky. If that burn effect had not activated, maybe we would have lost.", Saad said hurriedly as he waved his arms around in panic.

Camper smiled as he saw the cute boy desperately trying to him and felt a bit better.

"You are being unnecessarily modest Saad. You were great, and you deserved this win. Don't put it on a coincidence. You won because of your ability. "

Saad was stunned at Camper's words and felt a sense of happiness and pride swell in his chest as he began to smile brightly. <It feels good to be praised> Saad thought.

"Well, Saad I think I should hurry towards Pokemon Center to get my Torterra treated.", said Camper with a smile as he began to walk towards the exit.

Saad, who was smiling foolishly suddenly jolted as Camper's words brought him to his senses.

"Wait! Camper! Let us go together. I need to get my Chimchar treated too.", Saad shouted as he ran towards him.


And so the first battle for our MC came to its end.

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