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Chapter 11 : Can this get any worse?

101 Ways To Court Death.

Losing hope in Myrissa for now i decided to get some fresh air. My bags are set and my stuff is ready for when i need to leave later today, but for now i need to clear my mind so i decided to talk a walk around the town. From the money the old man left as deposit theres still about a few thousand Spirit Stones so in terms of money i should not have a problem. All thats left is to simply where i'm going to head towards and how exactly am i going to start cultivating.

Thinking about my future i left the Orphanage and started walking around the town for one last time. Afterward's when its noon i'll headback, grab my money and my luggage and start my journey to the Apex. The town's still as lively as it can be so i simply focused on my future and ignored all the noise around me while walking. But sadly, unbeknownst to me at the time....

Random voice1:"Hurry hurry it's gone, go grab everything and hurry up"

Random voice2:" I got the kids, ??? and ?!?! go make sure of everything and hurry it up".


A few hours went by and it was about time for me to gather my stuff and begin my Legend. Sure i'm now genderless. Sure i got disowned. Sure i couldnt join Myr's sect or found any resources yet. But so what? Sure these Heart Demons invaded my mind and my body, but do you know the one thing i'll always keep? ITS MY PRIDE. I Am the one who reincarnated. I am the one with good karma. I am the master of my own Destiny and God damn it am i Rich right now. I'll just buy everything i need, I've mastered the art of bullshitting to the point where i can trick myself. Whats going to stop me from reaching the Apex? Mere Heart demons? NEVER.

Thinking that and finding myself in top form and shape i started to anticipate this journey. Finally its here, Finally I'm gonna start my journey. In this world Children below the Age of 12 are given a heavenly blessing of Back in the Dark ages wars were everywhere and the largest casualties were children. So the Wielder of the Will of Heaven at the time decided to give up his and the rest of his Life span to create a new Natural Law to stop this world from driving itself into The Wielder at the time was known by many names one of which was Sean the Sage. Sean sacrificed himself to create the new Law which made it so that all Intelligent Species Children below the psychical Age of 12 will have extremely High and a durable body. This Law continued to this day and age and as for The Sage, legend has it his voice can still be heard by those Fated by the heavens.

However due to this benefit and due to the nature of mankind to exploit whatever we can. Children were forced into cultivating as soon as possible with geniuses being able to start at the age of 3. Children Soldiers were rampant and sadly to fight a Monster one must one as well. Children were put into to face off against other children At that time another Sage wannabe rose up to stand against this madness. This person was known to the books of History as Anita. A Noble but sadly a wrong Anita used forbidden techniques to drain his soul and energy as well as God-Tier and Treasures in order to write a new Natural Law to make children below the age of 12 unable to cultivate. All the essence and Qi they should've absorbed in that time would be used automatically to strengthen their and their bodies so that once they do start cultivate there wouldnt be much of a loss. This single move killed off the era of Children Soldiers but sadly started the Era of using Children as Weapons. Their bodies were harder than steel and their endurance put all sub Magical Treasure level weapons to shame. Broken Sword? grab the nearest kid as a Hammer. Luckily though this madness did not continue long as the war era ended and all the people who stooped down to that level were hunted and killed.

Quite a tangent i went on but the main reason i remembered that story was due to the fact that.... FOR SOME REASON I DO NOT HAVE NEITHER NOR A STRONG PHYSIQUE. This Genderless shit made it so that the Laws themselves refused to acknowledge me as a Sentient Being. Yet i shall still rise to the heavens and change the laws myself if need to. These setbacks are nothing but a prologue to Greatness.

After indulging myself in my fantasies of the future i managed to reach the Orphanage with a Cup of Tea in my hand and in a great mood, i looked towards the Orphanage where i spent the last 12 years of my li-.....


Infront of me is nothing but ruins of a that once was, i ran to the nearest shop owner to inquire what the hell just happened and why is it razed down to the ground.

Armada: "Shop keeper what happened to the orphanage?! Why is it razed to the ground? wheres the other Orphans and the Caretakers?"

Shop Keeper:" Young man, the orphanage was sold today and all the tenants moved away to a larger city. The team just finished the demolishing that old orphanage to start building a Casino."

Armada:" Wait what do you mean SOLD?! And what do you mean all the tenants left? I've just turned 12 my stuff was still there, my DEPOSIT AND MONEY was still there how the fuck could they up and leave?!!"

The Shop Keeper seemingly having understood the sighed and patted my shoulder.

Shop Keeper:" Young man I'm sorry to say this but i think all your stuff has been Yoinked... In this day and age you must always keep your belongings with you at all times."

In my head a insults were running with all sorts of i'm going to do to those fuckers once i find them. It seems like they waited till i turned 12 and till it was past noon as afterwards I'm considered an Adult and the money the Old Doctor gave to them will be considered theirs. Realizing this mistake of mine i snapped throwing the cup of tea in my hand and yelling out at the top of my lungs seething with rage.


CRACK... it seems the cup broke on something when i threw it, thinking that i managed to break something and let out some steam i was about to turn and leave when i heard...

???1 & ???2: "BOSS!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU OKAY?!!!!"

I look behind me and...

Armada:" There you go Armada... Good job now shits definitely worse... *sigh*"

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