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Chapter 10 : You think this is game?

101 Ways To Court Death.

Myr: " if your purpose of calling is to acknowledge your refusal of joining the Myrissa Sect then yell 1".

Armada:" ONE!!!!!".

Myr:" Very well then your refusal has been acknowledge but uhm, in order to process the refusal we will require some more so please answer the following truthfully"

Myr:" What is your name?"





Armada:' ah shit here we go again', "Male"

A moment of Silence passed and then i suddenly felt strange as if something or someone was looking into my very being.

Myr:" After a detailed scan that statement has been found to be False. Please do not lie any further in these as the validity of the is important. Now let me ask you again, Gender?"

Armada:".... Female"

Another scan goes by and the same shit comes out.

Myr:" After a detailed scan that statement has been found to be False. Please do not lie any further in these as the validity of the is important. Now let me ask you again, Gender?"

At this point, this same , this same dialogue, kept on being repeated over and over again. For over 10 years it always ends up in the same way. Goddess Myrissa is always somewhere doing something and is never there to reply herself, this automated service Myr keeps on going down the same route, and the damned of having to change genders each is simply an infinite loop.

To make matters worse? The bullshit that TikTax stated before, this so called secret prayer to Myrissa, wasn't even a secret. Literally everyone in this World know's of Myrissa's habit of forcibly conscripting people into her sect and everyone goes along with it to join the Myrissa Sect, i mean after all it is one of the main forces in Central Continent, but what really bugs me? EVEN ANIMALS CAN USE THIS PRAYER. Just the other day i was walking past a lake and i saw a fucking Panda and a bear staring and growling into their in the lake water until they suddenly disappeared. Those fuckers managed to get into the sect, but i'm stuck in this service center? I'm sorry were they on a fucking VIP list? Do bears even cultivate? That doesn't make any sense and to make it worse there's a lot of pandas and bears around, i mean how are they even managing to exist in this climate i have no idea.

Steeling my nerves and preparing myself for the yelling imma be getting i take a deep breath and reply for the third and final time towards this damned service center call. This scene has out so often I've pretty much memorized whats she's going to say. First there's the sudden drop in tone as if she's fuming, then the threatening presence and finally the hang up.

Armada:" Genderless."

Myr:".... Do you think this is a fucking game?"

and there's the sudden drop in tone

Myr:" Do you think you're funny? I've got enough of this gender shit due to Aphro changing gender on a daily and now you think you wanna suddenly identify as Genderless as well? Are you making fun of me or trying to piss me off?"

And there's the suffocating presence...

Myr:" You know what? Fine. If you wanna be a wise ass you can go find Myrissa yourself and see what she decides to do with you. As for this call? Thank you for using the Service Center and please never call us back again."

Toot....Toot....Toot.. And now the hangup....

Thats the one thing i still can't understand and will probably never understand.. Myr's has being talking to me IN MY HEAD, now please for the love of Heavenly Secrets. WHY IS THERE A HANGUP SOUND?! This is not a phone call for me to get hung up on, and how does Myr even know what a phone is?!.

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