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Chapter 8 : BabyRage

101 Ways To Court Death.

What i saw suddenly stopped being a *slight* frown, it became an all out blown look of disgust. Yes Disgust. My own mother that just gave birth to me now 500 words ago is now completely disgusted with me. Its the same type of look people automatically give once they're walking down the streets and get hit with the smell of the sewers.

Old Man: " Madam Feng, i've been an alchemist and a doctor for over 400 years and this is my first time seeing a human born with neither a Plug nor a Socket... It's... It's simply a wall"

Hearing that old man i simply got shocked silly and just froze. I'm now genderless? i'm neither male nor female?! Do i have the sexual of a now?!.

The Old Man simply not aware of my dilemma continued on speaking.

Old Man:" You see Madam, he has an Adam's Apple so he should be male but yet, he has nothing, I'm not to sure what i should d-"

Madam Feng:" Get rid of it."

And here comes another shock, get rid of it? IT?! Am i now not even a human for you to simply get RID of?

Suddenly one of the servants, God bless her heart, probably took pity on me and decided to try and speak up for me.

Servant:" Madam Feng, the Young Master may n-"

Sadly her words were suddenly cut short and what followed was the eerie sound of dripping blood and ended with the sound of a body hitting the floor. Yes my *Mother* chopped the head of the only person in this room who had a heart.

Now i've been made aware of my mistake. She was never an Ice Goddess. But simply an Ice Demoness..

Madam Feng:" I am the Matriarch of the Feng Family, you dare call this thing a young master of MY Family?"

Madam Feng:" Just like a Tiger doesn't give birth to a Dog, this cannot be considered a member of the Fengs."

Hearing this my blood just kept on pumping, the rage slowly building up. I've been in this world for less than an hour and I'm now nothing but an Animal?

Madam Feng:" Humans are given names and sometimes Pets as well. But this thing? This thing is neither a human nor an animal hence i shall not give it a name and neither shall you. Now go take this thing and get rid of it. Although it disgusts me to no ends, it still has part of my blood in it. Throw it away somewhere i'll never have to see it and whether it lives or dies is up to the Heavens. This shall be the severing of our Karma.


I heard a shatter sound. I do not know if it was my heart that gave in first or my rage. I've been through the cycle of Promised greatness to end up with this?

Blood boiling, Rage burning and i just snapped. Thats it. I'm done. I may be a reincarnater but this is just too much. It's a joke thats not even funny. At this point i just regressed to my habits, i just couldnt deal with this shit anymore. Not even an animal? what am i then? literal shit?

So i did what i do best when i cant handle a and it goes south. I swore, I swore, and i swore, at the heavens, at this ice whore, at this damned world im in. Every insult, every i've ever heard or read, I've yelled at the top of my lungs. I needed an outlet and this is all i had.

Sadly, in the end, although i may have swore at them all till i couldnt anymore..., to them? I was just a Baby babbling. No wait maybe perhaps nothing more than a bug chirping my heart out.

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