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Chapter 7 : Lottery

101 Ways To Court Death.

I look infront of me at the guy who's holding me and it's an old man with a typical xianxia-esque beard. If i had to guess he's probably an Alchemist or Doctor or some shit, thats usually how it goes. While im off on a tangent the old man starts talking

Old Man: " Madam Feng it's a uh.... uhm...."

Armada:" Come on man i KNOW i lost it down there but you dont have to fucking act that dramatic you piece of shit"

Of course i'm fuming towards this rude guy but sadly all i'm saying is babbling on in baby gibberish.

While im greeting this old fucker's family i heard a voice, a serene, attractive but freezing voice.

Madam Feng:" What is it?"

I push my muscles to their babyish limits to crank my neck to see where the voice is coming from and what i see is simply a Goddess, an Ice Goddess.

smooth waist length hair, typical but perfect Jade like skin, a mature looking face with clear blue eyes, a small cute nose and some slightly crooked eyebrows and a small frown. Ever after giving birth there's hardly any sweat.

I'm just awestruck staring at this women, Who is now my mother, and the only thing going through my head is simply...


I mean lets be real here, even if i dont have my Little Armada anymore at this point i do not care. I mean this is literally life on Easy if i manage to get her looks. I mean like come on? Why should i trouble myself and train and have to go through life and death struggles if i had a looks like that. I've heard of the so-called Country toppling beauty and right now im believing it. If i ever get into a struggle i'll probably find myself an army of white knights easily. Talent? A Wink. A Frown. Power? A smile. I just kept on staring at her and ignoring everything else.

Sadly though, while i was my future life this geezer decided to open his trap again.

Old Man: " Uhm, You see Madam Feng, the thing is this boy.. Uhm i mean Gir-.. no what i mean-"

Hearing this man keep stuttering my blood started raging, like come on dude i'm not Aphro just say my gender no need to beat around the bush, like what the fuck? but he suddenly stopped and decided to turn my body so that i'm now fully facing my mother.

Having been staring at her since the beginning i simply continued to stare at that ice cold beauty and that i shall regret and never for the rest of my life...

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