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Chapter 2 : The hell is this

101 Ways To Court Death.

Looking around i find some dude just standing there looking at me

Armada:"Where am i exactly and who are you?"

???: "Ah you're in the cycle of re-, see that queue ahead of you and the Gate all the way over there? you just take your in the line and await re- This is because you've good Karma in your life that you have the chance of reincarnating through the Gate. It increases your chances of having a better life."

Armada: " Ah i see, so that means im gonna be a reincarnater? NICE! Will i get OP powers? maybe be born in a top tier family or sect? Oh OH will i have a ring grandpa???"

???: " Uh, im not really sure BUT what i CAN tell you is, you'll get a buy one get one free card and so your next death will have you reincarnate faster!"

Armada:" Oh come on, well atleast the line isnt That Lon...g?!"

Armada:" Is that fucking Hitler in the line? Why the fuck is he here?"

???:" Oh him? well he good karma in his past life so thats why he can reincarnate."

Armada:" How did he good karma?! He literally killed about 17 people!!"

???:" Well i guess, BUT he DID also kill the guy who killed 17 people and hence he got good karma levels"

Armada:" How does that even make sense?"

???:" Dont ask me im not really that sure, after all im not the writing the script."

Armada:" Huh? script? what are you talking about?"

???:" oh shit, uhh Heavenly secrets mate, cant talk much about that."

I look around to get a better look at the and what i see is a huge shiny gate and the queue infront of it, though taking a better look around apart from the white nothingness and the clouds i see some people not in the queue like this guy next to me.

I start walking around to see the but i suddenly get interrupted by a weird sound.

???2: "HMM?!"

I look towards the sound and i see a guy sitting in a *The Thinker* pose staring at me and hmming.


Armada:" Uhm.. Whats wrong with that guy?"

???:" Oh him? oh thats just Ruben, He's our resident hmmer, the guy never really speaks but justs keeps on HMMing everyone and everything he sees."


Armada:" huh? But then why is he sitting there and not in the queue to reincarnate?"

???:" Oh well thats cause there isnt always a perfect opportunity to reincarnate to a suitable life so he's just waiting for his turn."

???:" Oh i know, ill give you a quick tour of the , you do have your Queue number right?"

Armada:" Queue number?"

???:"Yeah you dont expect people to wait in line that long, i mean this is practically the scuffed of , most of the people here are degenerates who cant obey rules and/or have huge problems making them unable to interact with humans, so they send them down here. Check your pocket there should be a number there."

Armada:"The fuck you mean degenerates?! I'll have you know im the next Big thing, hell i fucking summoned lightning to strike myself, how could you compare me with the likes of you Oh and the paper says im number 420"

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