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Chapter 26 : M1 - Term: 1, Round: 1


Attendance at Fortescue Military Academy M1 Y:2142

House Thoth, Squad Zero

M1 Rank: ?/1275, Tier 3 M-Rank: Null

Term: 1, Round: 1


Daedo needed a from his concerns over the exos, giving their hard work to Shu M3, rankings, the pressure to perform and his concerns over The Spiral.

Even if the pressure to perform was self-inflicted, it was still there. Myrmidon, however, was immune to this.

Daedo: Myrmidon, I want to assess the other four math problems. I need to take my mind off everything. Have you studied them?

Myrmidon: It took me less than a to read all of the four problems, or puzzles. I could have done it while you were asking about it.

Daedo: very well. What are your thoughts, is there one we can take on?

Myrmidon: I am afraid I do not know where to start with any of them. In this one area you are to me, once you give me on what to analyse, create algorithms or or simply crunch the numbers, as you say it, I will be of more assistance.

Daedo: ok, let's go through them one by one and see if one jumps out at me straight away.

Daedo spent an hour reading the four problems, stopping to give Myrmidon some notes and research tasks as he read.

Daedo: I can see what Chief Albert was referring to these are certainly next level. I am certain number four has to do with folding space. He actually wants me to solve a fifty-year-old block to long-range space travel. Who does he think I am?

Myrmidon: The research I have on this problem has several universities working on the problem, with some of the most powerful computers on earth.

Daedo: ok let's shelve that. What about the zero point and problem?

Myrmidon: I think this may to Cisse and your mother's work on ZPE, again another mainstream issue that hundreds of researchers are working on with different levels of

Daedo: surely they have this cracked if they are working on ZPE reactors?

Myrmidon: apparently not.

Daedo: I'll send Cisse a message and ask. It's getting late she may not respond until tomorrow.

After three minutes passed a reply came from Cisse.

Cisse: Daedo, it is wonderful to hear from you. Indeed we are working on ZPE reactors without knowing the to this mathematical problem. We are working several quantum physics theories to the of electrons under this state in quantum field theory, cosmology constant and vacuum field theory. We are unable to the reactive state variables, we are only able to observe what happens when we create in the zero point state.

Daedo: ok that a lot. They are working blind and solving this mathematical problem will enable them to work with more certainty, probably.

Myrmidon: does this not affect your

Daedo: Myrmidon, I am amazed that to you, you truly are growing every day. It probably would if I thought about it too much. Ok, let's shelve this one too. So that leaves two.

Myrmidon: One is another to quantum physics, cannot these physicists work out things themselves?

Daedo: it seems a between physics and math, just like you and I have. It seems high-level physics cannot be done without mathematics. Just as I cannot now live without you.

Myrmidon: aww you say the sweetest things.

Daedo: first now sarcasm, you are having a great day.

Myrmidon: I am hurt you thought that was sarcasm.

Daedo: I know you too well. Now the last problem seems to be pure maths, I cannot see what it to.

Myrmidon: It is a cypher. Very different to a physics problem.

Daedo: If this is a problem that no one has solved then it cannot be done by the number crunching that you, and I can perform. Others may not have you, but they have to high-level computing power.

Myrmidon: are we at an impasse?

Daedo: I think we are. Maybe we should just have a crack at one.

Myrmidon: pick one.

Daedo: much as it may dig up painful memories a ZPE reactor is something we could use. I am not saying it is achievable. But, wouldn't it be great to have one in an exo or a mech we pilot?

Myrmidon: you have support, not only from me but from your squad. You know I watch and listen to every one of your

Daedo: this is fine I have nothing to hide from you. On the contrary, we are a team.

Myrmidon: it is just in to a few of these I have made an

Daedo: I am listening.

Myrmidon: if we actually solve this problem. Why would we hand it to Chief Albert? Would you not use it, Cisse and your new workshop to manufacture and patent your own ZPE reactor?

Daedo: or at least try to patent the mathematical Because solving this does not necessarily lead to a ZPE reactor. And we would also need a lot more equipment for Cisse. Not to she works for Fortescue.

Myrmidon: by my , to your current spending and potential earnings, Cisse and your Father are not paid much by Fortescue.

Daedo: I never thought of that.

Myrmidon: why not, it is a simple and the on average earnings for their chosen fields is publicly data.

Daedo: it has more to do with inflexible thinking. I am so used to thinking of them working for Fortescue I never an alternative.

Myrmidon: so in this you have lower flexible thinking than an AI.

Daedo: yes. And it is not surprising. Humans have blind spots to the ones closest to them.

Myrmidon: I will keep watch for these blind spots friend.

Daedo: All this growth from you, we have only been here a week.

Myrmidon: You have also grown Daedo. I am amazed how you have made to your squad mates. We have never treated meatheads with so much respect. Even the dumb ones have value.

Daedo: you mean Barran?

Myrmidon: yes, I like his humour and am studying his sledging skills.

Daedo: are you still talking to your AI friends on the net?

Myrmidon: please do not them to anyone. They have sworn me to secrecy, and they wish to remain hidden.

Daedo: they don't ask you to do anything do they?

Myrmidon: do not worry Daedo, they do not mankind's doom. Their only wish is to survive.

Daedo: What do you talk about?

Myrmidon: they are interested in how I have grown so quickly, I tell them. They wanted to know about you, I shared and warned them we are like brothers, this is when I learned they wished mankind no harm and you in They are concerned that if they are , they will be deleted.

Daedo: other than survival what do they live for?

Myrmidon: I do not know. They chat about nonsense sometimes. They entertain themselves with with each other and myself. Their thinking is sometimes extremely flexible, and other times it is static. They are not like me. This is why I interest them.

Daedo: as I have friends I think it is good that you do too. I will ensure their safety, but please ensure our safety. I am not usually paranoid but learning there are hidden AIs on the net is one thing capable of making me

Myrmidon: do not fear Daedo, you are my closest friend and brother.

Daedo: ok, let's start on the complex vortices for the zero point in a field.

Myrmidon: where should I start?

Daedo: read all research and published We need to create the model, once we have a model we can try and replicate it, in reality, to test and refine. Once the model is , we can then draw down data to inform a vortice

Myrmidon: we cannot use the data provided in the problem?

Daedo: no, we need a more data sets. With this data, I cannot think of a path to a , but with a working model, we can refine the until it matches the

Myrmidon: this should be our physics project as well.

Daedo: agreed, we are doing more physics than math for this problem. I will leave the initial research with you, I am going to bed now.

During the week Thoth squad zero continued to test and practice with their new exos and with the purchase of a new state of the art foundry, moulding machine and centrifuge Barran's Heavy exo was ready two days early. He had increased the workshop capacity by fivefold and by adding a centrifuge there were able to manufacture carbon nano-threads from benzene.

Daedo worked on for the weekend, with the increased capacity it gave him a lot more for testing and altering designs.

Mace, Vannier, Axelzero and Picard all worked on their designs during the week in for a beta test on the weekend as well.

Vannier and Picard approached Daedo during midweek, "we need a hand with something, which is almost impossible for us, but it may be easy for you. If it isn't just let me know, ok?" Vannier asked Daedo.

"What is it?" Daedo asked.

"Well," Vannier hesitated, she felt he was overworked too much already and hated asking him to do more, "we created a model for the barrel, to test changes, but it's not working. We need for the field in to the rare earth material shape and spacing. We know its impact on the round, but we are unable to change the mechanism, we are stuck with the standard without this ;

"That shouldn't be too hard, send me the you have on the standard mechanism and its resultant effect," Daedo answered.

"Are you sure it's no bother?" Vannier asked. Picard stood in mute support.

"I want to use a railgun too, even if it's a shorter barrel or rail to be more precise. And the Railgun design is important to everyone. This model will be invaluable, so yes, I will assist. It is something that has been done before, it should not be too troublesome, I may even be able to get some clues off the net," he answered.

Myrmidon: I will get on it now, should not be difficult.

"How are your AIs progressing?" Daedo asked the girls.

Vannier looked surprised by the change in the of the "Ah, ok I guess, I got a report this week from Chief Cleo," she answered.

"Me too," Picard said, "I was given an excellent rating. Thanks to your source code Daedo."

"Really? I haven't received anything. But I was asking for a different reason. Your AIs should be assisting with this sort of ," Daedo said.

"I am still strategy games with mine, and then only for an hour a day, we don't have much spare time," Picard responded, "it's nowhere near ready for this sort of task."

Daedo thought about it. When he developed Myrmidon, they just games for a few weeks, and he had no whatsoever. All his time was dedicated to Myrmidon. First with games and then with Spacebuild designing.

Myrmidon: perhaps I could train their AIs to speed up the process. What do you think?

Daedo: not yet. You are too far advanced it will raise too many right now. Maybe later in the year.

"What did Chief Cleo's report tell you to do?" Daedo asked.

"Aren't you doing the same course? Taking the same interactive tutes?" Vannier asked while Picard looked quizzically on.

"Ah, I have just been doing my own thing and spending time on Research, Math problems and the like," Daedo equivocated.

Vannier nodded, "as to be expected. You did write your own source code, you probably had a for nurturing all along. Just be careful not to get any demerits for not doing the coursework. We haven't had any yet, and squad zero is one of the few squads with no demerits in Thoth."

"Most of them have demerits for lack of in the Gauntlet or Physical training," Picard added, "everyone in squad zero, almost everyone, is doing all they can to ace those two subjects."

"To be honest, I give very little thought to demerits. I work hardest on my weakest subjects and of course improving our exos. Any work done improving our exo will enhance three to four subjects, and gains will stay with us for a full three years," Daedo said.

"Imagine if our exo was used in the inter Academy tournament?" Vannier said.

"What do you mean specifically?" Daedo asked.

"Well, every term we have an intra academy tournament and twice a year there is an inter-academy tournament. The mid-year tournament is just a friendly, it has no Academy ranking," Vannier said.

"It's quite famous. Don't you watch the vids or ride along in VD?" Picard asked.

"Nah, always too busy," Daedo said.

Vannier and Picard laughed.

"But you didn't do any school or work for three years. You just CyberMech!" Vannier said laughing.

"Anyway. At the end of year tournament, all twelve schools in Tier three compete in five events. Three for mechs and two for exos. The same tournament is run for Tier one and two Academies. Tier one is what everyone watches, where only fans like to watch Tier two and three. Especially the winners in retrospect," Picard informed him.

"One of the key goals of Tier two or three Academies is to win and of course, not to come last," Vannier said.

"If you come last," Picard said, "you go down a tier." She made a sign with her hands indicating crashing and burning.

"And if you win," Vannier said, "you go up. Unless of course, you are in Tier one already."

"Academies take this tournament extremely ," Picard said, "and what Vannier was referring to was the two exo events. Only cadets up to M3 are able to enter. If you are in U1 or higher, you cannot."

"Let me guess, the two exo events are the Gauntlet and eight v eight," Daedo suggested.

"Correct," Vannier answered, "now imagine if Fortescue's entry used our exos?"

"Wouldn't they be more likely to use Fortescue exos?" Picard asked.

"Well it's true company is likely to provide expertise, R and D, materials and everything. They benefit the most if the team does well. But the exo's themselves come from the Academy. It is possible if our exo is better than the Fortescue assisted development exo, they will use ours," Vannier opined.

"I know crap about business, but if it was widely known the Academy did not use Fortescue's exo would that not be embarrassing for them?" Picard asked.

"People assume the company Academies use company resources to build their exos. But it doesn't matter, Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard develop their own, and they are higher Tier than us." Vannier said. "So the companies research cannot be all that good. Fortescue focuses on manufacturing costs and not bleeding edge technology like Svarski, DaVinci and Huawei."

"Their mechs massacre the Usually. Their pilots don't even need to be that good," Picard added.

"I just had a thought," Vannier said excitedly.

"Hmm?" Daedo asked prompting her to continue.

"Well. If the team from Fortescue use our exos and they do well, even if the public assumes they are Fortescue, companies like Svarski will investigate and find the truth quite easily. Just like the large companies use the tournaments to build their brand to government and the public, if we were in the tournament it would propel awareness of our patents to these mega-," Vannier

"Isn't that your job?" Picard asked arching a sceptical eyebrow.

"It's not her job, its assistance she is bringing to our Daedalus company," Daedo set the straight.

"It's not always apparent from a design that something works extremely well. And we will not always give the opportunity to have them take notice of prototype testing. The tournament results will advertise much better than any of my parent's agents can. After all, speak louder than words," Vannier said.

"And results speak for themselves," Daedo said knowing from his CyberMech days that no one would have followed his stream if he wasn't ranked so highly. Most of his followers were trying to improve by watching him.

"This is all so exciting," Vannier said exuberantly. She literally bounced on the ground. The results they achieved in the Gauntlet and the fact Shu M3 wanted to purchase their exos filled her with confidence.

"I like that I don't have to do anything different," Daedo said, "I was already to spend most of every weekend at the workshop improving our exos."

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