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Chapter -2 : The Threadmistress and the Teddy Bear



This is a treatment. Something that has been rolling around in my head for a few months and evolving. Do not fear it will not take over from Daedalus to which I am committed. This is something I will write for fun in my downtime and only after I have worked on my main story.

Maybe 1 or 2 chapters per week. Maybe 1500 words per chapter.

This story is nothing like the others I have created. Aside from the fact its Skully writing it. There are elements in it from what I have learned which do not exist in my other stories. Some of the best parts of Daedalus are recreated here and I will endeavour to improve my antagonist writing.

The hero is a heroine. I am comfortable enough with my masculinity and experience in writing female characters to do pull this off. I am hopeful it appeals to both male and female readers.

To sum up the story in single words.






Minimal romance, maybe some flirting.

I dont think there is a story like this anywhere. Of course, I am inspired by things like Hero no Academia, Marvel, DC, Heroes and movies like Ted and Happy. But to my knowledge, there is nothing like this story anywhere.

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