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Chapter 13 : Their Belief

I'm Mineta (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic).

Minoru shook his head and said, "She is not my girlfriend."

The guy's eyes lip up and said, "Really? I have a chance?"

Minoru shook his head, "No way, you're not her type."

The guy became down when he heard him, "Th-that's, what's your name?" The guy asked him weakly.

"My name is Minoru, you?" Minoru asked.

"My name is Kaminari Denki," Kaminari said.

Minoru looked at him and asked quietly, "Are you boobs man or ass man?"

This was a very profound that had a mystery in this world. Many people had died before they had answered this Our ancestor had debated several times and brightest mind had worked together to solve this but it was futile.

In this world, there were two , boobs man or an ass man. Minoru would decide whether he would his friend after he answered this

Kaminari was shocked he would never think someone would ask him such a difficult He was in dilemma both of them were very wonderful. His hands were sweating since he was very nervous. He felt Minoru's eyes could open all of his deep secrets. He took a deep breath and finally decided his answer.

"I'm an ass man," Kaminari was

Minoru nodded sagely, "Cool, but I'm a boobs men." Boobs were justice that was his belief.

Kaminari nodded, "Brother!"

Minoru nodded, "Brother!"

They were quickly a brother and told each other about their fetish. Both of them looked like a who was discussing about the problem of humanity.

Everyone couldn't hear their but when they looked at their they knew this was a very problem.

They were talking to each other and didn't notice that they had arrived at the area.

"As the representative of Boobs man, I'll beat you!" Minoru said.

"As the representative of Ass man, I'll defeat you!" Kaminari said.

They were fighting for their own belief and would definitely win!

Minoru looked at the miniature city in front of him. He was quite amazed by the financial ability of U.A. High School. It was very big and very grand in his He cracked his neck and did some warm up. He needed to win Kaminari since his belief was being betted. Boobs were the best and justice, that was his belief.


In the monitor room, All Might was looking at both Midoriya and Minoru. He was quite busy trained Midoriya every day and couldn't meet Minoru. He was quite happy to see him was fine.

"All Might, both of them?" Aizawa said while looking at both Midoriya and Minoru.

All Might nodded, "Yes, they're a very good young man!"

"Yeah, very good," Midnight said while looking at Minoru. She was still single in her 30's and very hungry about a handsome man. She looked at Minoru liked some prey. For your , she liked her man younger.

"Who do you think gonna take the 1st ; Nezu asked.

"Hmm, probably, Bakugou kid, his quirk is just too powerful," Present Mic said.

No one refuted him since they knew that Bakugou's quirk was an It was a very powerful quirk and had a good advantage in this exam.

"Hmm, isn't that Minoru is the one who helped during the times?" suddenly said.

They remembered that time and looked at All Might. They knew that All Might was in that area when the were holding both Midoriya and Bakugou.

All Might nodded, "Yeah, he is. I think young man will take the first time." He knew how powerful was and he believed this exam was very easy.

They raised their eyebrow and looked at the of

"Name: Minoru."

"Sex: Male."

"Age: 15 years."

"Quirk: Mochi and Ball."

"Mochi and Ball? Two quirks?" Midnight was quite surprised.

"But Mochi? How is he gonna fight with Mochi?" King asked.

"Hahaha, he is very powerful and you'll see it later," All Might said.

They became since they wanted to know how a person with Mochi as their quirk to fight against those robot. They ignored the ball since there wasn't any about it only Nezu was blinking his eyes and read about Minoru several times.

"What an interesting, young man," Nezu said while looking at the monitor.


Minoru was ready and wanted to finish this exam as soon as possible. He looked at the door slowly being opened. He looked at Kaminari who was also looking at him. They nodded at each other.

"Start!!" There weren't any countdown or anything and Present Mic just screamed.

Minoru ran very fast in front of everyone. He would definitely get the 1st in this exam. He looked at the two 1 points robot in front of him. He made a rope from mochi and stuck it to one of the robots. He used his strength to swing that robot to another robot.


Minoru got two points from destroying those two robots. His mochi was practically useless if he didn't have a strength and his another quirk. He wanted to the 1st and used his other quirk to cover his mochi.

His another quirk would help him to harden his mochi quirk. His mochi was very soft and it was very hard to attack someone with it if he didn't harden it.

Minoru made a tentacle-like a thing from his back and changed the tip into sharp. That tentacle moved widely and attacked the robots indiscriminately.

"Tako Tsuki Mochi!"



His point kept raising and he kept destroying every robot in his area.

Everyone was looking at him with amazement gaze.

Kaminari looked at his rival with amazement gaze. He clenched his hands and worked harder than before.


Minoru walked slowly and let his mochi to attack the robots. He had checked that his point was already around 80 points and he thought it was enough. He could do more but he wanted to let other participants have their chance. He knew that he was already admitted into the U.A. He looked around to see a cute girl. He didn't want to miss this chance.

Minoru looked around and then suddenly 0 point robot appeared. Minoru was a bit stunned since it was very big. Watching from the screen and saw it for the first time was different. This size was enough for this robot to be called a Gundam.


Minoru who heard girl's screamed hurriedly became and looked around. He noticed a girl with orange side ponytail being chased by 0 point robot. He moved his feet and would help her immediately.


Itsuka was a bit tired since she had to fight with many robots all the time. Then she was being chased by this giant robot. She wanted to cry but she needed to run first. She shouted for help but everyone was already running away when they saw this giant robot.

Itsuka stumbled on the stone and fell down. She was scared that the giant robot was just behind him.


Itsuka screamed for the last time and suddenly she saw a young man in front of her.

"Don't worry, I'll save you," Itsuka saw that boy suddenly jumped into the sky and suddenly a shadow appeared.

"GIANT MOCHI STOMP!!" Itsuka saw a very large foot stomped on a giant robot.


The robot was destroyed instantly and caused an

Itsuka who was near the was startled but suddenly a mochi wrapped her and protected her from the She felt this mochi was very soft and made her

When the was over, the mochi slowly opened and Itsuka saw her

"Are you okay?" Itsuka smiled at him and said.

"Yes!" Itsuka felt her high school life wouldn't be boring.

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