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Minoru entered the to do a written exam.

There were two exams to enter the U.A. High School. There was a written exam and a practical exam. For the written exam was like the usual exam you got from your school.

Minoru was quite smart. He didn't have the confidence to fight Albert Einstein but he was smart enough to finish the written exam easily. He checked his answer until he was satisfied and gave his paper to the teacher. He didn't want to stay in the for too long.

Minoru was quite unlucky since the one who sat beside him was sweating too much and let out the weird smell. He was wondering if that sweat and smell was that guy's quirk. He walked outside the and waited for Setsuna. He didn't know anyone here and all his didn't even think to enter the U.A. since they knew they wouldn't be able to enter.

Minoru with his phone until someone touched his shoulder. He thought it was Setsuna and he turned his head.

"You can't on your smartphone here!" The guy looked very and adjusted his

Minoru sighed. He didn't expect to meet this guy here, "Why?"

The guy was stunned when he heard his reason then he remembered that this wasn't his school. There wasn't any rule to smartphone on the He facepalmed himself and said to him, "I'm sorry! I'm too hasty!"

Minoru waved his hand, "Don't worry too much about it." He didn't hate this guy it was only his personality would be against him. He was a gentleman pervert and the guy in front of him was a prude and always followed rules.

"I'm sorry again!" The guy bowed his head a time.

Minoru shook his head, "If you say sorry too much, your apologies will sound cheap."

The guy was stunned but also nodded, "My name is Iida Tenya, I'm from Soumei Middle School."

Minoru nodded, "My name is Minoru."

Iida said, "Nice to meet you, -kun."

Minoru also nodded, "Hmm, nice to meet you too."

"I hope we'll be able to ," Iida said while giving him his hand. He wanted to shake hands with him.

Minoru nodded, "You too." He knew that even though Iida was a pain in the ass. He wasn't such a bad guy.

They were talking until Setsuna arrived.

"Minoru!!" Setsuna ran toward him.

Minoru waved his hand and said toward Iida, "My is here, let's meet up in the next time."

"Yes! Let's meet up again, -kun!" Iida said while adjusting his

Minoru was wondering how Iida would react when Iida knew that he was a pervert. A big pervert at that. It would be very funny.

Minoru and Setsuna were talking about a written exam and she about how difficult it was. He could only pat her head and tried to coax her. He didn't know that she was blushing hard when he patted her head. She didn't hate this feeling.

They were talking until someone touched his shoulder. Minoru turned his head and saw Iida was there.

" is banned in school!" Iida said while adjusting his

Minoru could only twitch his lips. He was really bad with Iida!!!!


They arrived at the practical exam. They had cleared the misunderstanding with Iida and he apologized to him again several times.

Minoru didn't really want to meet this guy again. He sat on the furthest seat together with Setsuna. He looked around but found many main characters from 'Boku no Hero Academia'. He didn't greet them since he could introduce himself later in He was quite disappointed when he didn't meet Yaoyoruzu. He knew that girl probably got a and entered the school without taking an exam.

He sighed and looked quite bored.

"What's wrong?" Setsuna asked him.

Minoru shook his head and said, "Nothing."

They didn't say much and listened to Present Mic about the rules of the practical exam.

"EVERYBODY SAY'HEY'!!" But they didn't say anything. Then Present Mic started to to them about the practical exam. They needed to do a mock urban battle for 10 minutes. There were many areas from A to G.

Minoru looked at the screen and knew that he was in the F area. He was wondering how the computer knew about his favorite bra size. Kashiko's breasts were big and he had seen it several times. It was very soft yet had some subtle force that made you couldn't help to your hands in that.

Minoru looked at Midoriya was in B area. He shook his head and probably Midoriya would get his damsel in distress.

Damsel in distress is a very super effective strategy if you want to court a girl. It was very effective and you would be able to take that girl to bed instantly but Minoru knew that Midoriya wouldn't do that since Midoriya couldn't even talk properly to the girl.

Ochanko was a very cute and bubbly girl but Yaoyoruzu was special to him.

Minoru looked at Setsuna who was quite disappointed when she knew that they wouldn't have the same area. She was in the E area and he was in the F area. They listened to Present Mic, that there were three kinds of robot each robot had 1, 2, and 3 points respectively. He also heard Midoriya's muttering but he ignored it. It was kind of annoying but well that was his personality.

Minoru looked at Iida who asked about the 0 point robot. Present Mic answered his happily. He stood up together with Setsuna to enter the bus which would drive them to the area.

"Good luck," Minoru said to Setsuna.

Setsuna smiled and nodded at him, "Yes, let's have tea after we finish the exam."

Minoru didn't mind and promised her.

They separated and went to the area. Minoru was quite excited to battle with the robot. He would take the first from Bakugo. He clenched his hand and noticed someone patted his shoulder.

"You're really lucky to have such a cute girlfriend," Minoru looked at the blonde guy behind him. He could only twitch his lips since he knew this was ;s best friend.

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