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Minoru was still sleeping on his bed. He was dreaming that he dated a lot of girls. His smile was a bit ugly but overall he was still handsome.

"Minoru, hurry up and wake up, you need to attend your entrance exam," A girl entered his room and called him.

Minoru opened his eyes a little and said, "five more minutes, please." He was quite weak in the morning but actually, he was waiting for her to come.

"Moo, don't be like that," Kashiko walked near his bed and wanted to shake him but suddenly she was being hugged by him.

"Kyaaa! What are you doing!" Kashiko blushed.

"Hmm, let's sleep together," Minoru said while hugging her.

"Bu-but, you'll be late for your exam," Kashiko was worried about him.

"Don't worry, you're more important than an exam," Minoru said with a deep tone.

"Minoru," Kashiko also started to waver. His flirting was still dangerous.

"Nee, let's sleep okay?" Minoru looked deep into her eyes.

Kashiko couldn't reject him and when she wanted to agree suddenly something flew toward them and hit Minoru straight into his face.


"Hurry up and go to the Exam!" Gran Toronto was quite annoyed with his disciple. He knew very well about his disciple that was why he decided to come to his house.

"Ow, ow, ow, I'll go, I'll go!" Minoru woke up from the debris. He didn't expect his teacher to come to his room.

"Good morning, grandpa," Kashiko smiled at him.

"Oh, Kashiko, can you give me a taiyaki for the breakfast?" Gran Torino was quite doting Kashiko. He was that his disciple making a girlfriend.

One thing that Gran Torino was for his girlfriend was she made him stopped flirting with someone else's wives. He had treated Minoru as his own grandson that was why he was that this girlfriend of his would bring a change on him.

"Well, since this is special day, I'll give you a taiyaki," Kashiko had gotten used to this student and teacher antics. She smiled and prepared breakfast.

Minoru sighed. He was wondering what was went wrong. His girlfriend was being treated nicely and he was being treated very rough.

Minoru started to change his clothes to his middle school uniform. He had been dating Kashiko for few months and it was very nice. He had bought a house near her house so she could always come to his house to wake him up or cooked him breakfast or dinner. He also didn't want to eat dog food when he saw his parents were flirting.

They didn't stop him since the reason why he moved was for his girlfriend. He had enough money from his novel and movie so why not buy a house for himself.

His house wasn't large but it was enough. He didn't want a since it would be a hassle to take care of it and he was the only who lived here.

Kashiko was still living with her parents since they were still young. Her parents still wouldn't let them but when they graduated her parents granted him to live together.

Gran Torino and his parents were also come to his house to check his They had also always told him to wear a condom when he did it with his girlfriends.

Minoru shook his head and walked down. He saw his girlfriend wearing an apron was preparing breakfast. Her hair was being tied with hair and showed her beautiful nape. He started to remember their first time to do it at the summer festival.

That time Kashiko was very beautiful wearing a blue kimono. Her hair was also being tied with hair he had brought her sometimes ago.

Minoru was stunned and his throat was dry when he remembered that time. They were around the summer festival and it was very fun, especially at the fireworks time. He whispered to her that he wanted to take her. She shyly nodded at him.

That night, they had taken a step to an adult.

Minoru walked slowly toward her and hugged her waist. He smelled her nape like always. He really liked her.

"Be careful, I'm still preparing breakfast," Kashiko had gotten used to her boyfriend. She didn't mind and let him do whatever he wanted as long as he didn't bother her too much.

"Well, I heard that you've got a from Isamu Academy High School?" Minoru asked while taking the tamagoyaki she made.

Kashiko his hand and said, "Yeah, that's why you need to enter U.A. High School if you still want me to your support." She continued to cook breakfast.

Minoru shook his head and caressed his hand which was being by her. He sat on the chair and looked at his teacher who ate taiyaki. He was quite worried about him eating sweet food in the morning. Though he also ate donuts in the morning.

"Teacher, where is Yagi-san?" Minoru asked. He knew that Yagi had started to train Midoriya to the next holder of All-For-One. He knew that Yagi was very busy with both training and hero activity.

Gran Torino didn't stop eating taiyaki and read the newspaper. He said to him, "He is quite busy, he won't come often." The identity of Yagi was All Might but it was secret. Gran Torino couldn't tell it to Minoru since he had promised to Yagi to not tell anyone.

Minoru didn't say anything and ate his breakfast. The entrance exam of U.A. High School would be held today and he needed a lot of energy. He remembered the sentence,'Someone who is hungry can't enter the battlefield'. He needed to eat his sweets and breakfast for this exam.

"This is your bento and lucky charm," Kashiko gave him.

"Charm?" Minoru looked at the lucky charm on her hand. He remembered that to make a lucky charm the girl needed to give her pubes inside this charm. He looked and wanted to open this charm.

Kashiko looked shyly and said, "Don't open the lucky charm!"

Now, he had even more but he didn't have time to open it. He would open this charm after the exam.

"I'm waiting for you at home," Kashiko looked like a wife who was waiting for her husband to come home.

"Yes, I'll be going home as soon as possible," Minoru kissed her lips and exited the house.

Gran Torino also followed him, "Well, good luck boy." He didn't want to stay at this house because he felt like eating dog food when he saw him kiss her.

"I'll enter the U.A., teacher," Minoru nodded. He had to wait for this moment. He wanted to meet everyone in the 'Boku no Hero Academia.'

Minoru had a girlfriend now and he didn't know whether he should make a harem or not. He felt like betraying his girlfriend but there his identity was Minoru He was in 'Boku no Hero Academia'. There was something called plot armor in this world and he couldn't fight it. He was born as a pervert but he was proud of it.

Minoru shook his head and decided not to think about it.

Let's just go with the flow! He was fine either way whether he had only one girlfriend or harem.

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