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Minoru was happy that he was able to kiss her. He lamented that he was such a handsome and savvy guy. He hugged her waist softly.

Kashiko didn't expect kissing would be this good. His lips were soft and sweet. She could be addicted to kissing his lips. She wanted to get closer to him.

Their kiss was chaste but because of the teenager's They wanted to try to use their tongue.

When their tongues were almost touching. They heard someone coughing beside them.

"Ehem, I think you're too young to do that."

Both of them were startled. Minoru had a very annoying and Kashiko wanted to hide herself in a hole but they were more surprised to see the man knows in front of them.

"All Might," Minoru and Kashiko said at the same time.

In front of them were the most hero, the symbol of peace and the idol of everyone.

Kashiko blushed when she thought that All Might saw her and him Minoru kissed each other.

"Can I take your boyfriend for a while?" All Might said with his trademark smile. He tried to hide his blush since he saw both of them kiss each other. He felt like eating dog food and felt quite jealous of Minoru.

Kashiko nodded hastily and kissed Minoru's cheek, "I'll call you later." She hurriedly went back to her home. Luckily, it was All Might who saw them. If it was her parents she wouldn't know how to to them.

Minoru was still in trance while looking at her back who entered the house. He still felt the warmth of her lips on his cheek. He didn't expect to make a girlfriend especially the one with He really liked It could be said that to him was justice. was awesome.

"Can I talk with you for a bit, young man?" Minoru was startled and remembered there was still someone around. He turned his head and saw All Might had a forced smile on his face. He was quite embarrassed but he changed his hurriedly to stoic. He looked very as if the thing happened few minutes ago didn't happen.

"Can I help you, All Might?" His tone was a bit since he wasn't a fanboy.

Minoru also knew the real identity of All Might and he had seen All Might in his Tags form a lot of times.

Minoru was very shameless and his face was quite thick. If not he wouldn't be able to flirt with young wives.

All Might twitched his lips. He thought that this young man had changed but he saw hope when he saw him having a girlfriend. He knew that this girlfriend would be able to stop his perverted toward someone else's wives. He knew that this guy was the most suitable to his legacy. He only needed to train him to not pervert and his girlfriend would also help him.

"Young man, do you want to the next symbol of peace?" All Might said with his usual trademark smile. He knew that such a hot-blooded young man like him would definitely this.

Minoru wasn't expecting All Might to offer him to the next holder of One-for-All.

If he didn't reincarnate into He was sure that he would still be a small perverted kid. He was also quite sure that he wouldn't even receive his to the next symbol of peace.

Minoru started to think about the benefit and the loss if he received the power of One-for-All.

The first thing, he would very strong. Yes, a lot stronger than before. That was the benefit of him this power.

OK, he started to show an interest but when he thought about the loss he became the holder of this power.

Minoru started to shudder. He looked at the All Might in front of him. He remembered that the holder of this power would the target of every in the world. He also had to fight his natural nemesis, the holder of All-for-One. He also remembered that All Might didn't have a lover, wives or anything.

His only wish was to live peacefully with his family and children. Having so many children that he could make a baseball team was also his dream. If he this power he was sure that his dream would be out of his reach.

All Might didn't know why but he felt this kid thinking something rude about him.

"How is it?" All Might asked him again.

Minoru took a deep breath and said, "I refuse." the next symbol of peace would be very troublesome and his power was strong enough to fight most of the in this world, probably. He never had fought the All-for-One though.

All Might was dumbfounded. He didn't expect for him to reject his He had imagined himself training him on the beach and like some TV drama, he had watched during his break.

"Why?" All Might wanted to know his reason.

Minoru knew that his reason was pretty dumb and if he said it, he would look quite dumb. That was why he needed to act. He had a lot of cool lines from the movies he watched in his past lives.

Minoru looked toward the sunset and said with a lot of , "I can't bear the burden of the next symbol of peace."

All Might want stunned with his reason. He didn't expect his reason was pretty deep. He had thought that this kid would refuse him because he wouldn't be able to flirt with other girls but his guess was wrong. His choice was right.

"No, you're very suitable to the next symbol of peace," All Might said with a lot of His eyes were burning as if he told everyone that'his choice wasn't wrong.'

Minoru was sweating hard. He didn't expect All Might would this hot-blooded. He needed to use his B.

"No, there is one person who is more suitable than me," Minoru said with momentum.

All Might was stunned, "Who?"

Minoru didn't answer him immediately to give an effect that he was very when thought it was the time. He took a deep breath and said, "The green haired kid who saved his friend even though he was powerless. I think that kid is more suitable to the next symbol of peace."

All Might suddenly remember the scene he saw earlier. He clenched both of his fists.

"Anyway, that guy is more suitable than me, but I'm thankful for your ," Minoru smiled and rode his motorcycle.

"See you later, All Might," Minoru thought that his were very cool. He drove back to his home and felt satisfied.

All Might looked at his back and felt quite disappointed but he remembered the green haired kid earlier. He smiled and decided to meet this kid.

"See you later, ," All Might said with a low voice. He still needed to hide his identity. Because the symbol of peace needed to be perfect. He grinned and jumped away.

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