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Minoru bought her some new clothes and a towel. The girl in front of him was cute and that was why he didn't mind doing this. He waited for Kashiko while on his phone. He had told his parents that he would go back quite late.

"Thank you for waiting," Kashiko came out from the bathroom. She looked quite cute since she had changed her clothes.

"Well, those are the clothes that really suit you," Minoru praised.

Kashiko smiled, "You womanizer, I'm sure you said that to everyone."

Minoru rubbed his nose and said, "No way, I'm just telling the truth."

Kashiko snorted but she felt warm. She was actually quite rigid but she was very comfortable with him and acted differently.

"How about we continue this to the nearest cake shop? I'm quite hungry," Minoru said.

Kashiko nodded and said, "Sure."

Minoru brought her to his motorcycle and gave her a helmet, "Wear this, I'll take you to the best dessert shop in this town."

Kashiko nodded. She felt like a naughty student and it made her excited. She sat on the back seat and was unsure whether to hug him or not.

" your arms on my waist and it will be dangerous if you don't do that," Minoru said.

Kashiko was blushing and still hugged him.

Minoru started to drive his motorcycle to the dessert shop.


They arrived at the dessert shop and entered it.

"!" The waiter greeted them. "Ah, do you want the usual?" She was very to this customer.

"Yes, give me the usual one," Minoru guided Kashiko to his usual seat.

Kashiko followed him and sat there.

"Did you come here often?" Kashiko asked.

Minoru nodded, "Yes, this is my favorite ; He had sweet-tooth. He really loved dessert and anything that sweet. "I'm sure you'll like the dessert in this ;

While waiting for the dessert, he started to ask about her.

Kashiko told him that she wanted to join Isamu Academy High School in their hero She wanted to a hero.

"My quirk is chart," Kashiko started to to him his quirk.

Chart allows her to create a holographic page that allows her to track and detect enemies. This allows her to observe the person in whom she is tracking. She also knows how far away they are and if they are alive.

It was a very good quirk of support. Tracking would be easier.

Minoru would a hero in the future and would have his own agencies. Having her by his side would be pretty nice.

"Are you also aiming to be a hero? Your quirk is very awesome?" Kashiko asked. Since he called her by her first name, she also called him by his first name. Anyways she had a good of him but he needed to work hard for him to get her.

She was also wondering whether he was aiming to a hero. She remembered his quirk was very good.

Minoru nodded at her, saying, "Yes, I'm aiming to enter U.A. High School."

Kashiko was stunned when she heard it, "Re-really?" She knew that that school was very low. She was worried but also in awe at the same time.

U.A. High School was the most favorite school in all of Japan. Everyone who entered that school definitely would a famous hero in the future.

Minoru said with confidence, "Yes, I'll definitely enter that school." He didn't continue to ask about this hero shit. He asked her about her hobby, her favorities book, music and etc.

Before long they started to very friendly and Kashiko had a more good for him. If he pushed her further he would definitely have her first kiss.

They talked until they waited arrived with his order.

"Wow, there is a lot and it looks very ," Kashiko became hungry looking at the number of sweets in front of her.

Minoru patted his chest, "Don't worry, sweet is on the different stomach."

Kashiko laughed and they started to eat.

There were a lot of sweets on the table from donuts, tiramisu, cheesecake, etc. He was wondering if his sweet tooth was the side effect of his quirk.

Kashiko was quite smart. She knew there was a lot of side effect from the quirk and this sweet tooth of his was his side effect. She was quite surprised to hear that his quirk was to make mochi. She didn't know who she could powerful.

After they ate they decided to walk around the town to burn the calories from the cake.

Kashiko looked at him hatefully, "It's your fault if I'm getting fat."

Minoru smiled, "Then I'll take responsibility and take care of this cute pig."

Kashiko was blushing and annoyed at the same time, "Who is a pig!!"

They walked together until they saw a lot of from the shopping district. They also saw the fire from the there.

"Let's check it," Minoru said.

Kashiko also nodded. She would a hero in the future and this was also her chance to see a hero in

They ran to a group of people and asked.

"What's wrong?" Minoru asked.

"A catch a kid and the hero can't do anything," One of the guys said.

Minoru frowned. He was wondering if that group of heroes was dumb or something. They would do nothing and only waited for suitable heroes to save the boy. He looked at the boy and remembered this was Bakugou. He looked around and noticed both Midoriya and Yagi.

He was speechless when he saw Midoriya was running toward the and started to throw his bag toward

He looked at the heroes around and gritted his teeth.

"Kashiko, wait here, I'll help them," Minoru didn't let her answer and moved very fast toward the

Kashiko was shocked and understood why he was very confident to enter U.A. High School.


"Why did come here!!" Bakugou was frustrated looking at this childhood friend.

"I don't know why, though!" Midoriya kept moving his hands to help Bakugou escape. He started to have a about his life and with an almost crying he said, "You looked like you were asking for help.."

Then suddenly a ball appeared on the sky and absorbed the fire around the shopping district and they could hear someone scream.


Midoriya only saw it for a few It was like a fist with color. It was very fast and it was full of fire.

He didn't know what it was. He saw it hit the and made the flew away. He hurriedly caught Bakugou who lost his and looked around. He thought it was a new hero but he saw a boy around his age.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked him.

"A-ah, yes!" Midoriya said with a nervous He didn't expect to meet someone very strong around his age.

"Minoru!!" Midoriya saw a beautiful girl running toward that boy. He felt like eating dog food when he saw that girl hugged the boy.

"Well, be careful, I'm going back, the rest will be taken care of by the hero," Midoriya saw him wave his hand, "Let's meet up in the U.A. High school."

"YES!!" Midoriya screamed very hard when he heard his last words. He clenched his hand and definitely would enter the U.A. High school. He was also about what was the quirk of that boy.

"ARE YOU FINE, KID!!" The hero started to gather to help him.

"Ye-yes!" Midoriya went back to his usual nervousness.

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