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Chapter 5 : Brave or Dumb Girl

I'm Mineta (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic).

"Don't mess with me!" Gran Torino said while holding an M1 rifle in his hands. He looked very fierce and his was very

"TEACHER!! THAT'S GREAT !!" Yagi was a fanboy while taking pictures of his teacher.

"Hahaha," Gran Torino was laughing hard. His movie had a great in the world. He was very handsome in the movie and he liked it. His body was short but since the technology in this world was quite advanced they could edit his height on the movie and made him taller. He was for his disciple. He was looking around and saw him flirting with girls.

"MINORU!! DON'T FLIRT!" Gran Torino was quite mad.


Minoru who heard him shake his head, "My teacher is calling me, I'll call you tonight." He said with a smile.

The girl blushed and nodded at him.

Minoru said goodbye and went back to his teacher, "What's wrong, teacher?"

Gran Torino shook his head and said, "Well, don't with girls too much."

Minoru shook his head, "I understand, teacher." He was actually quite confused why he couldn't meet any girls in the'Boku no Hero Academia'. He was happy if he could see one of them. Even if the girl wasn't A-, the B- also fine. He was blessed with his life but he couldn't find any female characters from the'Boku no Hero Academia'. He was wondering if it was a plot from the Kohei Horikoshi.

"Minoru, you should tone down your pervertness," Yagi said to him with reprimand tone. He was considering him to the next symbol of peace but stopped when he thought about his pervert

Minoru shook his head and said, "It's not perverted , it's a gentleman act." He didn't want to admit he was a pervert. His mood was pretty bad so he decided to go back, "I'm going back." He took his motorcycle and went out.

Yagi and Gran Torino shook their heads.

"Have you found someone to pass All for One?" Gran Torino asked. He knew his body was bad.

Yagi shook his head, "I still haven't found it."

Gran Torino nodded, "Well if you can't find someone, you can use that boy."

Yagi started to imagine if the next symbol of peace were flirting with someone else's wife. He shuddered but also became more spirited, "I'll stop his pervert tendencies."

Gran Torino shook his head and said, "It'll be easier if you find someone else rather than stop him perverting tendencies."

Yagi sighed, Minoru would be the perfect candidate if he wasn't a pervert.


Minoru drove his motorcycle to the beach. He was quite disappointed that he couldn't find a girl from'Boku no Hero Academia'. He wanted to watch someone in a bikini that was why he decided to be here. He didn't want to go home since he knew that both of his parents would be flirting with each other. He didn't want to eat dog food.

Minoru arrived at the beach and parked his motorcycle. He started to think about life. He had been in this world for the entire 15 years.

All he wanted was to have a lot of women and live peacefully. He had money to do that and some girls but he wanted the original characters. He looked at the beach quietly until he heard someone scream for help.

"HELP!!" Minoru looked around and noticed a child almost drowned. He looked around and noticed no one was helping her. He was also cursing this hero system since no one would help anyone in need and only waited for a hero to save them. He knew that it would be too late if he needed to wait for a hero to come.

"Fuck!" Minoru wanted to beat all of these guys but suddenly he saw someone swim toward the little girl.

"Don't worry, Onee-chan will help you!" Minoru saw that brave girl wanted to help the little girl but he saw that brave girl was also drowned.

"He-help!!" The brave girl couldn't swim at all.

Minoru wanted to facepalm when he saw this scene. He didn't know whether this girl was stupid or brave. He hurriedly ran toward them and helped them.

"MOCHI ROPE!!" He made a rope from mochi and covered it with another quirk, "COVER!" One of the balls in his head moved toward the mochi and started to cover the entire mochi. His mochi had a lot of weakness since it would be a burn if it near the fire and it would also lose its consistency if it absorbed a lot of water.

That was why he used his other quirk, the ball like thing in his head.

In the past years, he had trained a lot and could use another quirk without touching it. This quirk also had a lot of besides its stickiness. It could also hard and he could also combine it with his mochi quirk.

It could be said his grape-like quirk was like Busoshoku Haki in'One Piece' but this one was attachable and had a lot more of

His mochi started to encircle both the brave girl and the little girl. They were quite surprised but also happy that someone had helped them.

Minoru controlled his quirk and pulled them to the shore. He caught both of them in his arms.

"Are you okay?" Minoru looked at both girls.

"Yes, thank you, Onii-chan!" The little girl was happy with this Onii-chan and kissed his cheek.

Minoru received her kiss but he definitely wasn't a He noticed the brave girl looking at him with a gaze. He took the little girl to his parents and looked at the brave girls who were still on his arm. He was pretty strong and he was quite tall.

"Do you want me to let you down?" Minoru asked the girl on his arm. He actually didn't want to let her go since her butt was quite soft. He was actually pretty happy to meet this girl because finally, he met one of the female canon characters.

The girl was blushing, "Hurry up and let me down!" She felt quite comfortable actually on his arm but also embarrassed at the same time.

Minoru shook his head and her down, "Well, I'll go back." It was his acting because he knew her next

"WAIT!!" The girl stopped him.

Minoru turned his head and looked at her with a confused , "What?"

The girl was blushing, "Th-thank you for saving me!"

Minoru smiled, "Don't worry about it."

"Bu-but, I want to thank you," the girl was pretty nervous.

"Minoru ," Minoru suddenly said and made the girl surprised. "That is my name, what's yours?"

The girl was smiling and said, "My name is Kashiko! Kashiko Sekigai!"

"Well, let's dry your clothes first before you get cold," Minoru said.

Kashiko started to feel cold and sneezed, "Achoo!"

Minoru was happy and he needed to grab his chance.

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