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Minoru was in his room and browsed on the He was looking at the list of heroes on the website. He was trying to find a mentor to teach him to control his quirk and martial arts. He kept looking at the list and muttering some words.

"All Might? No, he is terrible a teacher."

"Endeavor? Hmm, he is too prideful."

"Hawks? He still hasn't graduated and his fighting skill is different."

"Wash? What the heck?"

Minoru kept looking at the list of heroes until he found someone who was almost retiring.

"Gran Torino?"

Minoru tried to remember him. He remembered that he was the one who taught Midoriya about his power.

"Hmm, his fighting style will probably benefit me," Minoru thought.

Minoru remembered that Grand Torino's quirk was Jet.


Gran Torino can shoot air from the boosters at the bottom of his feet, giving him an incredible jumping ability at great speed.

With this Quirk, Gran Torino can easily overwhelm enemies with high-speed attacks. In enclosed spaces, he is capable of bouncing around the walls in order to confuse and then strike opponents. Gran Torino can use his Quirk for support as well by activating his powers while holding someone. This can allow them limited flights.

Gran Torino can only use the air that he breathes to propel himself. His advanced age means that he cannot use this Quirk repeatedly as his bones and organs have grown weaker.


Minoru thought that Gran Torino often used a lot of varieties of attack and could bounce around making his attack unpredictable.

Minoru could also use his ball to bounce around and make his attack unpredictable. His' Pop Off 'quirks only had a drawback that he needed to throw. He was wondering whether he could control it remotely. He didn't need to throw it up and let it move to his mind.

Minoru thought for a while but decided to stop thinking about it. He needed to strengthen his body first. Everything started from the body before his quirk. He went out of his room to ask his parents to let him train under a pro-hero.

Minoru went to both of his parents who were flirting in the living room. He felt jealous and wanted a girlfriend too.

"Dad, Mom, I want to train to a hero," Minoru said.

They stopped flirting and looked at him with amazement. They had never thought for him to have a dream to a hero. Her mother wanted to stop him, but his father stopped her.

"Sure, you can train to a hero," his dad nodded.

"Then, I'll go now, I'll be back before dinner!" Minoru said and ran outside.

"Is that fine ?" His mother asked.

"It's fine, boys must dream big!" His dad said.

"Sigh," His mom could only shake her head.

"Well, Minoru is gone, how about we make another sibling for him," His dad suggested.

His mom twitched her lips but nodded at him.


Minoru was looking around the neighboorhood. He looked at the GPS on his phone trying to find the house of Gran Torino. He kept looking around until he found a normal house in the middle of neighboorhood.

Minoru observed the house for a bit and knocked on the door. He was waiting for a while but he didn't receive an answer.



Minoru knocked it again but there was still no answer. He thought since Gran Torino was senile, he couldn't hear him so he knocked on his door again several times.




"STOP! I CAN HEAR YOU!!" Minoru stopped when he heard a voice from inside. He was waiting outside and the door opened. He saw an old man around 128 cm in front of him. He knew that the old man in front of him was Gran Torino.

"A child? Are you doing a prank at my house?" Gran Torino frowned when he saw him.

Minoru shook his head and said, "No, are you, Grand Torino?"

Gran Torino observed him for a bit and nodded, "I'm, what are you doing in front of my house?" He retired from hero activities. He didn't expect such a young child to know him. He was quite about what he wanted to do.

"Please, teach me to a hero!" Minoru bowed his head.

"What?" Grand Torino was surprised, he took a look at him and became intrigued.

"Why do you want to teach you to a hero? Isn't there a more hero like All Might?" Grand Torino asked. He wanted to know his reasons.

"Hmm, you're the best teacher from all the heroes I know," Minoru said.

"Why do you want to a hero?" Grand Torino asked.

Minoru thought for a while and said, "Because, it's cool!" He didn't need to think complicated, but in the end, he was just a child.

Grand Torino observed the child in front of him, and no one knew what he was thinking. He kept observing him until he made him

"Do you me?" Minoru asked.

"Can you show me your quirk?" Grand Torino asked.

Minoru nodded and showed him both of his quirks. He threw the ball at him.

Grand Torino was and caught it but he was startled when he couldn't let his hands go, then he was surprised when he saw Minoru let out a white sticky substance from his hands and trapped him. He looked at the young boy in front of him and was quite amazed at his quirk.

"You have 2 quirks?" Grand Torino asked.

"Yes," Minoru nodded.

"Good, I'll that you my disciple if you can on my test," Grand Torino said.

"Sure, I'll do it," Minoru was happy.

"Good, then, can you let me out now?" Grand Torino felt being trapped by a mochi and sticky ball.

Minoru smiled at him and said, "Don't worry, you'll be able to move after a few hours," he said and left him.

Grand Torino started to sweat and this child. He felt a headache at him.

"Sigh, I'm too old for this," Grand Torino said.

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