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Chapter 1 : Let me wake up from this nightmare

I'm Mineta (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic).

It has been 4 years since he was born in this world. He was on his way to check his quirks with the doctor. He was really bored in the car while looking at the window.

"What's wrong? Did you see a beautiful lady?" He heard a man's voice.

"You should hold back your perverted !" He heard a woman's voice.

He shook his head at them, "No, I'm just quite nervous about this 'quirk' test."

"Hehehe, don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll get either of our 'quirk'."

"Yeah, no need to think about something complicated,"

He shook his head when both of his parents were just too laid back. He looked to the windown while remembering his first when he was reincarnated. He didn't want to believe he was reincarnated, especially to this character.

'God, please, let me wake up from this nightmare,' he prayed hard hoping this was only a dream but unfortunately it wasn't.

It was reality and he was reincarnated as one of the most famous characters in 'Boku no Hero Academia'.


He opened his eyes and was surprised he became a baby. He looked around and saw both men and women who looked at him with an full of love. He thought they were his father and mother.

Reincarnated was already a ridiculous thing, but the most surprising thing WAS that both of his parents could use some superpower.

His father could a ball and roll around. He thought it was strange at first and he could only look at him with gawked and amazed He didn't know what to do until his mom also showed him that she could control her hair to a certain extent.

He was gawking at them even though he was a baby. He was crying out loud and excited thinking that he was being reincarnated into the world of superpower.

"WAAAAAA!" He was crying out loud because he was happy.

"Look, our son is really healthy!" His father looked very happy.

"Yeah, but I hope he won't a pervert like you," his mom to his father.

"What? How am I a pervert? Don't you like it too?" His father felt and started to flirt with his mother.

His mom was blushing, "isn't it your fault!"

He was sweatdropped at their , 'is that something you could talk about in front of your children!' he couldn't talk and could only say something

"Hahaha, enough of that, I hope this child will have a great quirk so he can a hero," his father said.

"We need to wait 4 years before that," his mother said while caressing his head.

'Hmm? Hero? Quirk? Where have I heard about it?' He thought for a while then he remembered, 'What? Am I reincarnated in the world of Boku No Hero Academia?' He was very happy with the prospect that reincarnated into that world.

Yaoyoruzu, Ochako, Toga, Nejire, Asui, Midnight, Ibara, started to think about many female characters in this world. He had already targeted the mild such as Midnight, Todoroki Rei, Uwabami.

'Hehehehe, let's wait until I've a high school,' he made such a perverted and salivating.


His dad was sweating when he looked at him, "hmm, I guess my DNA is a bit stronger in this boy." He said while scratching his head.

His mom was sighing, "have you think about his name?" She asked his dad.

His dad nodded, "Yes, I've thought a perfect name for him," his dad with a proud said.

"Hoo? Tell me," his mom was intrigued, and he was also about his name.

He was wondering if he was going to be reincarnated into random people in this world or some important characters. He looked at his dad with an excited

"Hehehe, I thought the perfect name for him," his dad said with a dramatic pose, "his name is..."

He and his mother were waiting for him to call his name.

"His name is..." his dad paused, "his name is...."

His mom was already impatient, "HURRY UP AND TELL ME!"

His dad was scared, "Yes, yes, his name is Minoru !"

"Hmmm, Minoru , that's a good name!" His mom praised.

"It's good that you like it," his dad sighed in relief.

"Hehehe, I'll give you a reward," his mom offered him her lips.

"Hoo, then, I will gratefully ," his dad kissed his mom.

This was a very enjoyable moment for both of his parents but it wasn't the same for him. His face started to pale and he wanted to cry.

'No, I don't believe it,' He didn't want to reality, he started screaming hard, "WAAAAAAAAAA!" He was crying hard as if he was afraid someone wouldn't hear him.

"Hahaha, it looks like our son is really like his name," his dad said while caressing him.

"Yeah, he looks very happy," his mom said while kissing his forehead.

'NOOO, IM NOT HAPPY AT ALL,' he was still crying and didn't want to believe he was Minoru. He cried for a few minutes until he calmed himself.

He thought that there were a lot of people with the name Minoru. He thought that he had only the same name as him.

'That's right, I'm not him, I'm Definity not him,' he was in denial and didn't want to believe in reality.

'That's right, my name is just the same! I'm not Minoru!' He started to smile and live in denial. He didn't believe he was like him.

"Hahaha, from now on your name is Minoru," his dad smiled.

His words were like a death sentence for him. He was dreaded but couldn't do anything from now on, he was ' Minoru.'


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