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Chapter 42 : 『The Top of the Food Chain will always be Mother Wu... Sometimes』

Entertainment Queen System

With Wu Fei's general liveliness, 086's meng-selling ways and Xi Baixue's comments, the atmosphere in the room eased up as they continue to talk.

"It's getting late, little Wenqian." Mother Xi suddenly upon noticing the time, a smile on her lips.

Fu Wenqin follows his aunt's line of sight and is greeted with the sight of the time. He pales.

"Oh no! Mother's going to kill me if I didn't come home soon!" He couldn't help but panic, fearing that the tigress at home would eat him alive once he came home.

! Why is it that the women he knew are all so ridiculously strong and domineering? Even that little rabbit Xi Baixue describes as cute and harmless is actually a wolf in a sheep's clothing!

"Aunts, Uncles, please do excuse me!" He bows his head politely as he bid everyone in the room farewell.

"Xiao Yue, please go and Young Master Fu home." Mother Wu smiles brightly.

Xiao Yue nods her head eagerly, finally having the chance to do something aside from standing there and serving snacks and drinks.

"I understand Madame!" She chirps cheerfully. She bows politely before she leads Fu Wenqian out of the room with a bright smile.


It didn't take long for the elderly couple to tire out. Right after eating dinner, the two elders decided to retire to their room. Of course, they didn't to shower their only granddaughter with kisses and hugs before they reluctantly but also exhaustedly, retired to their rooms.

"You children should also sleep ah."

Mother Wu ends up saying after making sure her mother and father-in-law finally slept.

Wu Fei made a face, and quickly peering to look at her mother's , she decided to pull in her usual act.

"Mother~" Sweetly, the little girl smiles.

"Can we stay up for a bit? I want to show Xiao Xue some of my gaming !"

Mother Wu's face softens, with a small indulging and pamperong smile; she nods her head.

"Alright. But don't stay up to late. There's a guest room near your room Feifei, Xiao Xue can sleep there."

The two overprotective brothers sighs in relief upon hearing that this brat has to sleep in another room. Heaven knows how they managed to keep their anger and jealousy in bay whenever this guy used to sleep over before!

That brat always shamelessly shared the same bed with their little sister when they were children.

...How hateful!

While the two older brothers grit their teeth secretly as they remember the days of their youth, the only woman whom a certain spoiled little girl fear smiles brightly.

"Alright dear, bring along little 086 with you ah." She at the slumbering toy and she really wants to ask her daughter how it came into her but decided not to.

After all, if this thing is what persuaded her to come out of that room... then, she won't ask as thanks for what it has done.

Wu Fei's eyes brightened at the approval and with a bright cheerful smile, she nods her head. "Okay!"

Then, without waiting for the others to react, she reaches out and grasp a certain lovestruck childhood friend's hand and drags him out of the room. But not before she gently took her system that seems to have been mostly asleep for days already.

Looking back to the surprised people inside the room, she then yelled out. "We'll take out leave! Good night!"

The two brothers can only helplessly watch on as their little sister ran off with that wild man.

Mother Wu turns to her two sons and with a bright smile said, "Don't you two have work to do?"

Her voice was soft and warm, the voice of a loving mother. However, the smile on her face caused the two brothers to shiver.

They exchange and with many years of experience, spoke in unison.

"That's right! I have some documents that urgently needs to be looked over!"

"Hm. I suddenly feel a rush of Please excuse me. I need to draw it before it slips out of my grasp."

Wu Ling Xun strides out of the room without looking back, appearing in the eyes of the amused adults like a little boy trying to slowly walk but fails to do so.

Wu Anyu stayed for a while as he bids Mother Xi a polite goodbye before he slowly strides out of the room. The only thing that revealed his panic was his unusual quick strides.

Father Wu would have laughed had it not been the fact that his wife suddenly turned to him with a bright smile.

He smiles brightly and also did the smart thing; he walked out of the room, not before blurting out the words:

"I'll go and help Ling Xun with his work."

Mother Xi couldn't help but snicker at the sight of the males of her friend's family run off at the sight of Ouyang Mingyue's smile.

"Yue Yue, do you really need to do that?"

Mother Wu raises an eyebrow at the from her best friend, hiding the smile that is blooming on her face by drinking a cup of tea, she responds after putting the cup down.

"Doing what?"

The was sounds so innocent that Mother Xi would have believed her had it not been for the fact that she knew the personality of this friend of hers.

"Nothing." She said instead.

...After all, that smile of Ouyang Mingyue is absolutely and completely terrifying.


Xi Baixue looks around the room without feeling any sense of shyness or aprehensiveness at being inside the room of the person he loves.

086 couldn't help but stare at this shameless guy who started to act as though it was his room they entered in.

Wu Fei quickly lets go of Xi Baixue's hand and then with an enthusiasm that is only resolves for her games, she points to the a right next to her set.

"Look here, Xiao Xue~ They're all the games I've bought and !" She excitedly speaks. "I've also been online games- but I mostly one multi- online game though! Anyway, let's this game?"

Holding out the game for Xi Baixue to see, Wu Fei's eyes seems to have brightened up.

Xi Baixue down to the cover and sees a very gory picture of zombies and people shooting them down. He nods his head, suddenly feeling worried of this little girl's gaming preferences.

Why is she look so eager to such gory game ah?

Wu Fei beams upon recieving his agreement.

086 watches its Host rush around the room, and, with all intent allowed the man, who was watching its Host, to notice a certain script on the table.

Xi Baixue's was drawn to 086's about hearing the sound of something rustling. Noticing a stack of papers, he raises his eye brown before he leans forward to read the text

Upon reading the content, Xi Baixue at the busy little girl. His eyes with an unknown

...Really interesting!


『Little Theater Box』

When Wu Fei already fell asleep and after 086 met its Host for the first time. The little system closes its eyes and then fell into the where it can connect with its creator:

086: ?Creator, I want to go and retire from being my Host's system!?

Creator: Nope! Denied!

086: ?System requesting of contract.?

Creator: Request denied!

086: ?But~?

Creator: That trick only works outside of this

086: (┭┮﹏┭┮)?Creator! Host is a bully!?

Creator: ...And? Weren't you one as well? What happened to your arrogant and headstrong personality?

086: ?...?I have enough! I want to leave this already! Everyone's just bullying me!

086 gave up convincing its creator for the first few weeks. However, having to suffer through its Host's abuse (hugs and cuddles) and also from the people around it, 086 spent every minute begging its creator to terminate the contract.

Wu Fei: And that, my friends is why 086 always spent his time sleeping these past few days!

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