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Chapter 41 : 『I See』

Entertainment Queen System

Fu Wenqian nearly cried out in relief at the sight of the Wu Family's manor. It took him a very painful and torturous hour of driving to this under the helpful guidance of little 086.

A very chilly and terrifying hour of his entire life; an hour of having to withstand the oppressive and tyrannical pressure exuded by the two people seated at the back of the car.

He really hopes that whatever happened with this couple, they quickly resolved this issue ah!

They stopped in front of the closed gate. Wu Fei's window slowly rolls down without the little girl having to vocalized it.

Once the window fully opens, Wu Fei poked her head out of the window. Turning to look at where the CCTV camera is in, she sees the camera focusing on her.

Wu Fei smiles brightly at the camera. Then, she gave it a very cheerful wave as she called out,


In response to her cheerful and happy greeting, the tightly iron gate slowly opens for the car to drive through it.

They slowly enters into the Wu family's estate.

As expected of the Wu family, although it was smaller and less grander than the Xi family's estate, this would still be considered quite grand and majestic in the eyes of the common people.

The sleek car slowly pulls into a stop at the front of the large manor.

If he only looks at the building itself and not at the large and aesthetically pleasing landscape, Fu Wenqian would have assumed that his is owned by a well-off middle family instead of a very old well-known family.

The only grand and very aspect of the buildings that he sees are their very size. And, most of all, the wonderful and artistic landscape of their surroundings.

The design of the manor, however, is quite low-key.

The door of the front entrance of the manor suddenly bursts open with a loud bang, startling the people inside the car away from their own thoughts.

Hearing the loud and ear shattering bang of the double oak door, Wu Fei jerks back from the sudden scare.

Her eyes widens in surprise when she noticed a small petite figure of a female rushing down the flight of stairs like a devil was chasing after her.

And, as that figure drew closer towards's Wu Fei.... She immediately the appearance of the one who went out of her way to personally her home

"Young Miss! You're back!"

Xiao Yue cries out in relief. Not noticing how rude her were and how a certain young master's suddenly turned frosty.

"Everyone was so worried when you didn't came home after an hour after the young masters arrived! You really should have sent a message or even call! Everyone is really to the point where the Madame is ready to call for the help of her family ah!"

Xiao Yue would have continued to and her family's heartless and conscienceless young miss if it wasn't for that very familiar and bone chilling directed at her.

Taking a look at the person who released such aura and pressure aimed at her, her sight fell on the figure of the man sitting beside her young miss.

Xiao Yue nearly faints from shock and fear at the sight of a very very familiar face.

Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

Oh shit!

It's this childhood friend of her young miss and subsequently, also her childhood friend but how can she dare to consider said devil of a man as such?!

This man who hated to be ignored by her young miss!

The great devil known as Xi Baixue! The cause of her sleepless nights due to his terrifying stares and

"Y...Young Miss," She stutters, feeling her knees going weak at the sight of her unacknowledged nightmare.

She swallowed back the of just why wasn't she informed that this great devil is back from wherever he came out from, and instead she decided to the role of an actual maid for the first time.

"And her guests, please excuse my deplorable manners." She bows deeply and respectfully at them before she straightens her body.

Her training as a maid kick in as she formally and politely ushers the three inside the manor. The cheerful and animated personality of hers is no longer in sight.

Xiao Yue didn't to pluck a certain cutie from the clutches of a man she finds to be somewhat familiar.

"Uh, this..." Fu Wenqian, upon reflexively following this maid's due to how familiar it was with his own family's maids, finally gathered his bearing and tried to interject to the maid's polite words.

He smiles wryly at the small female. "Miss, I really hsoudl take my lea-"

"Please do come in!"

Xiao Yue smiles politely, while her voice didn't is not louder than Fu Wenqian, the very polite but somehow threatening tone on her voice made the stuttering man closed his mouth shut.

What a scary woman! Three people and one system thought simultaneously.

"The Masters and Madames are all waiting for your arrival in the living room, Young Miss. Madame Xi is also waiting for Young Master Xi there!"

She continues to speak as Wu Fei heads to the of the living room, she made sure to be the last one to follow her young miss. After all, if this little girl suddenly ran away... it would be very easy for her to give chase ah!

Upon hearing Xiao Yue's words, the two childhood friend's calm finally showed a crack.

They both simultaneously made a face at the thought of calming down a group of elders. They stare at the other.

The first one to break eye contact was a very resigned young man who does not have the heart to say no to the girl beside him.

He.... really could never say no to Wu Fei ah. All he can ever do, toward the woman he loves, is to indulge her and let her do as she pleases.

Unless it's something dangerous and hazardous towards her health... He really doesn't have the ability to say to towards her.

Even if she would get into trouble due to his indulgence towards her... He would always be there to protect her!

Just as he, Xi Baixue, had promised her once upon a time!

Wu Fei suddey and sharply turns to the corner of the wall, and instead of bumping into it and rebounding, she disappeared.

Like a little duckling following right after its mother, Xi Baixue follows right after her in a leisure pace. His

Seeing the two people turning into the corner of the building and then vanishing right in front if his eyes, Fu Wenwian's steps He turns to look at Xiao Yue, a hanging from the tip of his tongue.

The twenty-three year old woman smiles brightly, like a slowly blooming flower, her visage brightens and became more lively.

"Please follow me," She speaks instead of how exactly the two couple vanished into thin air.

She followed after the couple's example, walking in front of the corner and then suddenly turning to her right.

The legendary manager frowns, perplexed at the suddenly confusing the three made before he followed after their Turning to the right and expecting to crash into the corner, He was met with the sight of the living room.

He suddenly felt tired.

__(: з) ∠)_

His life is really full of surprises ah!

With how much and mischievous the designer and architect of this manor, he really couldn't help but marvel at the skills of the people who thought of using simple optical and human psychology for giving the guests surprises like these.

This ;s complexity... doesn't lose out on the Xi manor at all!

But between the two , he very much preferred this confusing and complex manor rather than the other. After all, the other manor is full of life threatening traps, loud and drills that every men living there need to participate in.

"Oh? Little Wenqian also came along ah!"

Mother Xi couldn't help but smile, thrilled at the sight of her son's manager and also the sacrifice- ehem, male bestfriend of her darling son.

What sacrifice?

Fu Wenqian is one of the two bestfriends of her son, no matter how much the two of them denied it! Someone who could withstand that boy's temper and could also live to tell the tale whenever he angers her son.

The perfect sac- bestfriend!


Fu Wenqian smiles brightly at the sight of the mother of his bestfriend artist boss.

"Aiyo! Come and sit ah! Mingyue, this is the son of my husband's sworn brother! He is like a cousin towards Xiao Xue and also his bestfriend ah!" Mother Xi turns towards Mother Wu, a bright cheerful smile on her face.

Her very intimate and, most of all, informal surprises Fu Wenqian.

For all the years he had known her, she had always been quite polite and distant. Very composed and formal, the image perfect example of a lofty noble lady.

With such mesmerizing appearance and lofty attitude, it really didn't surprised him that cold blooded and bellied man Fu Wenqian had to call as Uncle had all but fell head over heels with her.

However, to see her smiling so brightly, speaking so animatedly... He couldn't help but wonder what a certain Master Xi's will be.

To see his own wife be so lively and cheerful because of another person... even though said person is a woman, Fu Wenqian has a feeling that his Uncle would be eating jugs and jugs of vinegar ah.

Tsk! Really reminds him of another devil ah.

...It must have run in the family.


Mother Wu leans forward to survey the appearance of this young one.

Her bestfriend spoke really highly of him ah! Someone who was able to survive a certain temperamental child's antics and ire.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Ouyang Mingyue. Call me Aunt as well ah." She smiles brightly before turning to look at her daughter.

Only to be met with the sight of the rest of the family fussing over her darling daughter.

... Somehow, she felt really tired from the sight ah. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Mother Wu gently coughs a bit.

"Mother, Father," She calls out with a bright smile. The air around her seemed to have freeze.

The two people who were called out turns toward her with a frown.

They stiffens at the sight of their daughter-in-law's smile. The two old couple, without , decided to stop fussing over their darling granddaughter and reluctantly went back to their seats.

Seeing his parents suddenly turning docile and so... polite, Father Wu was about to take advantage of the sudden and unexpected decrease of the rivals for his daughter's when he suddenly felt a very piercing gaze fall on him.

He broke out in cold sweat.

This gaze... is so terrifying and familiar ah!

What made his wife so angry?

Turning to look at his wife, only to see her smiling brightly at him with her eyes forming a half moon... He was suddenly reminded of a very tiger who was waiting to pounce on him.

Without , a very shameless middle aged man decided to abandon his two sons. He stopped fussing over his daughter and after patting her head twice, he went back to sit beside his wife obediently.

His wife reaches out to him and, holding his hand in a very tight grip. Father Wu imagined that hand wrapped around his neck and he discreetly looks away.

Wuwuwu, why is his wife so scary ah?

He conveniently that said wife was actually a soldier before and would have been one had it not been for the fact that the injury she sustained forced her to retire earlier, and thus allowed their paths to cross.

"Xiao Xun, Xiao Yu." A very sweet voice calls out to the two fretting brothers.

Sensing the sudden danger, the two well-known brothers turns to face their mother.

Only to be greeted at the sight of their mother's very bright smile.

They shared a look, and with a very well practiced move, took their seats without a word.

Seeing these well-known figures cowering at the sight of a beauty smiling brightly at them... Fu Wenqian couldn't help but wonder what is wrong with this family.

"Feifei," Mother Wu suddenly speaks; causing the little girl,who was very much terrified from the sudden mood change of her mother, to flinch.

"Mommy?" She squeaks out, suddenly reverting back to what she calls her mother when she was still a child.

Mother Wu's smile softens a little, turning a little bit pampering. However, her anger that stemmed from her worries are still not doused.

"Dear Feifei, what took you so long ah?" She asks.

Seeing the two children sharing a look, Mother Wu couldn't help but wonder what really happened.

"We were held up by some acquaintances of mine, Aunt. I apologize for not informing you that we would arrived late."

Xi Baixue, this child who would always cover for her daughter whenever she gets into trouble, speaks to her. With his voice steady and tone certain, Mother Wu furrows her brows in thought.

"Oh? And would Xiao Xue mind if he tells me who they were?" She smiles brightly at the man.

Xi Baixue, faced with this tigress who used to be a military personnel, remained unfazed and calm. Inwardly however, he couldn't help but feel a bit overwhelmed from the pressure coming out of his future mother-in-law.

"Their names are as follows: Shen Hai, Shao Chunling, Rong Yu and their , Jun Qiang."

He watches the of the Wu family towards the name of a man who knew his darling little doll.

And the family's and towards that name made him raise an eyebrow. Seeing the looks of absolute surprise on their faces before anger and hatred it, he wonders how such cunning man managed to offend these bunch of unreasonable people.

...And why they would then suddenly at the little girl beside him worriedly.

"I see," Mother Wu's anger suddenly dissipated and, is instead, by sadness and pity toward her daughter.

Her youngest and only daughter whom she had loved with all her heart. Her daughter who had her heartbroken by someone and betrayed by the two people she trusted.

"Feifei..." She worriedly calls out.

Seeing her mother's sorrowful , Wu Fei's heart suddenly feels heavy all of the sudden.

"Mother, you don't need to be so worried ah!" She smiles brightly.

"I am fine! It has been so long already. How can I cling to the past, to some people whom does not have even a of my family's love for me?"

She consoles her mother

Mother Wu laughs at the sight of her daughter looking so worried, as well as the fact that her daughter's eyes no longer held that sadness that Mother Wu had seen when her daughter came home one day with such lonely pair of eyes.

"I see."

And she did see. See how much a certain young man's presence affected her daughter. See how much trust Wu Fei had towards Xi Baixue. Most of all, Ouyang Mingyue sees that very familiar on the eyes on her daughter; Wu Fei, this little girl, had always looks at Xi Baixue like this.

Everything had changed when her daughter met her childhood friend once again.

They fell into awkward silence.

"...Well then, how was the ; Mother Xi broke the silence that befell on them with a that made Wu Fei cheerfully what happened earlier.


『Little Theater Box』

FeiFei: Two days ago was a romantic! Author, how was you valentine's?

Baixue: ...It should be the same as always: no dates, no valentine!

Author: Shut up! I am very devoted to writing novels, reading and games!

Baixue: Your parents are worred that you will never give them a grandson!

Author: ...I just turned 18! I am still young! I just turned into an adult! What's with the sudden talk of marriage ah? I am getting goosebumps with this talk!

Both: ╮(╯▽╰)╭


『Little Box』

... If that boy did not leave, would my daughter be happier than she is now?

I always know that what she and that other boy had would never end well. How could I not know?

She would never be able to fully love that other boy. Even if that boy would love her with all his heart, her heart would never fully belong to him.

Because, Feifei, my darling little daughter... already gave up a piece of her heart to Xi Baixue.

Feifei ah... Would you ever mother if I told you that I knew your will end in heartbreak?

...I am so sorry.

- Ouyang Mingyue

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