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Chapter 39 : 『Sleepover at Xiao Fei's』

Entertainment Queen System

After eating and celebrating for a while, the two overprotective big brothers of a certain little girl recieved a phone call at the same time.

Their loud ringtones starts to , causing the exuberan and lively atmosphere of the room to suddenly turn a bit awkward as the group became silent.

The two did not mind the as they both took out their phones at the same time and, with a look of pure distaste and annoyance, stood up.

"Please excuse us." Wu Ling Xun curtly spoke, at the others apologetically.

He did not wait for the group's or response before he turns and swiftly exits the room; his face dark and gloomy at the sight of the name of the caller.

Wu Anyu merely throw his little sister a before he follows after his older brother. Briskly exiting the room, the only signs of his displeasure towards the caller are his furrowed brows and somber eyes.

"I wonder... who is calling ah?"

Wu Fei tilts her head , thinking of whom the caller might be to elicit such an from her two brothers.

Her mind came up with a No name nor face came up.

She shrugs. Oh well, it is probably a call from their secretary or manager ah. There are very few people who has her brothers' private phone numbers after all.

Unlike some people who wishes to know about what the caller is about, a certain man doesn't care about it at all.

If anything else, his worry lies on a different matter!

"Xiao Fei, here."

Xi Baixue abruptly speaks, still inwardly worried about how this little girl ate so little earlier. Holding up a piece of sweet and sour pork meat, he offers it to the little girl.

Wu Fei opens her mouth to reject the offered piece of meat. However, Xi Baixue took that as an opportunity to feed the little girl. Without , he shoves the piece of meat inside her mouth.

Σ( ° △ °|||)

The group of single dogs couldn't help but make a face at the sudden and blinding show of public between the two childhood friends.

You two! The both of you are not together, but why do you still have the guts to force feed dog food to us single dogs ah?!

Where's your moral integrity?

Where's the understanding towards us?!

Little Fei, please act more ! Why do you have such a bashful look? That bright red blush staining your white cheeks are not from anger but from embarrassment ah!

Before the group could raise a ruckus about this, Wu Ling Xun finally came back.

"Feifei, I am so sorry. I can't sen you home," The man starts to talk as he strides inside the rooms, pausing at the sight of his flustered little sister.

His eyes narrows thoughtfully as he thought of what might make his sister flustered and embarrassed.

His gaze fell on Xi Baixue and he sent him a as a thought came into mind.

His little sister peaks up at him, her cheeks flushed red and her watery eyes wide. Wu Ling Xun would have cooed at the cute sight his little sister made had it not been for the fact that Wu Fei was making such an because of something this brat did.

He held back the urge to challenge Xi Baixue into a fight, not wanting to cause Wu Fei further distress.

Wu Ling Xun tactfully decided not to his little sister and let this incident slide upon recieving Wu Fei's upset and embarrassed

"There's some trouble in the company that needs to be dealt with ah." Wu Ling Xun faintly , shifting his line of sight away from the hateful brat.


Wu Fei nods her head obediently. She then stands up to hug her eldest brother goodbye.

"Big brother Anyu will send me home then!"

Wu Ling Xun's eyebrows rose up in suprise at the compromise from this littke girl; he was expecring her to throw a tantrum like she always does when something like this happens.

He didn't comment on Wu Fei's sudden maturity and understanding. Instead, Wu Ling Xun smiles and pats the little girl's head a few times.

"Hm," He made a sound of agreement.

Wu Anyu, upon entering the room, witnessed the scene. He interjects, his remains as impassive and cold.

"I apologize. Like older brother, I am needed elsewhere. The is calling for my help."

Wu Fei broke away from her first brother's embrace. She made a face upon hearing her brother's words.

She rushes to Wu Anyu's side and without


Upon noticing the signs of the tantrum, the two brothers exchanges looks with one another.

To their surprise however, the anticipated tantrum did not happen at all. Instead, the only thing the little girl did was puff up her cheeks and in a spoiled tone.

"You've only came back home! We haven't games together yet!"

"It's just a small problem," Wu Anyu hurries to reassure his little sister.

He gave a soft pat on her head as he solemnly speaks, "Be good."

"En!" Wu Fei nods her head obediently.

"We'll have someone pick-"

"If brother Ling Xun and brother Anyu does not mind, I will send Xiao Fei home." Xi Baixue interjects.

The two brothers' cold sharp gazes fell on him. Their remained calm and cold, however, for those who was watching them closely; they could see the of annoyance and disapproval on their eyes!

"I have some things from Mother that she wishes to give to Aunt Wu."

With that statement from Xi Baixue, even if the two brothers wishes to deny his offer... They could do nothing but grit their teeth and agree!

After all, besides the little girl in front of them, who would dare to cause the empress at home to be upset ah?

"Alright then."

Forced to agree, Wu Ling Xun sent the scheming brat a dark and stare. If looks could kill, Xi Baixue would have been died a times already.

The two brothers then bid everyone goodbye before leaving the room with great reluctance. After all, they're leaving behind their little treasure in the hands of a smelly stinky bandit!

"Bye bye~" Little Xiao Fei energetically waved goodbye to her big brothers.

"I should also leave ah." Gu Susu suddenly speaks up, a slight smile on her lips as she leisurely stands up.

"I believe my older brother is waiting for me outside." She adds upon receiving looks from Wu Fei.

The two He siblings also stood up to bid their farewell. Their eyes not daring to meet their cousin's bright and lively eyes.

"Sorry little Feifei, I still have a lot of work to do!"

"Feifei, big sister still needs to iron out some details with the filming crew for this show."

Before Wu Fei can process their words and a response,the already left the room with haste.

The fleeing who ran away as though the devil is chasing right after them, "..." We are so sorry Feifei! But we really don't want you to ask us to send you home when there's that willing and eager devil beside you!

...What happened ah?

The little girl looks at the door Her dazed appearance causing a certain man to want nothing more than to spoil her rotten.

"Well, let's get you home okay?"

Xi Baixue talks to the little girl, his voice full of amusement from the sight of the fleeing and that dazed look on his friend's face.



"Xiao Fei, wait here for a while." Xi Baixue turns to look at Wu Fei; he holds up his ringing phone. "I need to take this call."

A brief at the phone shows a familiar string of numbers and the caller's name.

Wu Fei held back a criticizing and mocking comment about Xi Baixue's nickname for his mother.

This guy! Changing his mother's nickname as 'Demoness'...

He's really courting death ah!


She nods obediently instead. Choosing not to comment on the nickname while craftily thingking that such a thing could be used as a material. Her bright eyes watch him slowly walk out of her hearing distance.

Wu Fei waits patiently for Xi Baixue to finish speaking to his mother. While waiting, she decided to look out for Fu Wenqin who was currently driving the car from the parking lot.

"Feifei?" A very surprised voice calls out behind her.

Hearing a voice that can to belong to someone she had in a certain gaming store before, she turns to look behind her.

Upon seeing the group of men in front of her, Wu Fei's and demeanor quickly shifts from the childish and spoilt little girl to a polite and elegant little lady.

"Jun Qiang," She greets impassively, a polite distant smile on her lips. Her bright eyes bitingly cold and empty.

Jun Qiang stood there, staring at the beautiful female standing in front of him in a daze. She... had really changed so much ah.

"Oh? Who's this little lady? Qiang Qiang, introduce her to us ah."

A handsome young man smiles brightly at the young woman in front of him. His eyes with interest upon noticing her appearance and demeanor.

Jun Qiang snaps out of his thoughts at those words. Smiling awkwardly, he starts speaking.

"Ah, she is-"

"Xiao Fei, I have a good news for you. Do you want to hear it?" The very familiar voice calls out cutting the off.

The of the men changed upon hearing that familiar voice.

The of the woman also changes upon the voice. Her cold and uncaring and aura quickly brightens up at the sound of the voice of her friend.

"Xiao Xue!" Turning around, she smiles happily causing the group of men behind her to gape at the sudden shift of her personality.

Most of all... Xiao Xue?!

She actually has the guts to call this cold-blooded Film Emperor with such a cutesy nickname?

Xi Baixue smiles lightly, his gaze surveying the crowd of men standing behind this little girl. Inscrutable through his eyes as he lowers his gaze to look at the of his childhood friend.

Upon confirming that she didn't appeared to be distressed or wronged in anyway, he continues speaking; not paying into mind the audiances watching their

"It seems like Mother is also going over to visit Aunt Wu. She wasn't very pleased to know that I have yet to give her the things to your mother."

"Mother also said that she'll be staying over in your house for the night."

Hearing the news that her Aunty Xi will be coming over and then stay for the night in their manor, Wu Fei made a sound of surprise.

"Really? Aunty would? Oh since she told you that, you'll also be sleeping at home then?"

At the face of this little girl's joy and delight over the news, Xi Baixue's cold and impassive face softens. He nods his head in

"That's good!"

With her statement, the shameless eavesdroppers made a sound of surprise and shock.

What a forward woman ah!

Is this really the kind of woman the famed Film Emperor likes?!

"It'll be just like when we are kids ah!" She continues on rambling with a bright smile, not knowing of that her words also caused the group to be quite surprised.

"Hm, hm." Xi Baixue nods and indulgently.

The two would have continued to talking had it not been for the timely cough of someone behind them.

( ° ^ ° ;::)

...They haven't left yet?

The little girl made a face at the sudden causing her childhood friend to let out a soft chuckle at her cute

He reach out to pat her head adoringly before Xi Baixue faces the group in front of him.

His immediately became cold.

...The whole lineup is here ah. What an annoyance.

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