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Chapter 36 : 『Call』

Entertainment Queen System

An eyecatching group enters the restaurant, catching the eyes of the diners as they walk inside.

An employee immediately moves these guests; the man politely and respectfully leads then into a private room.

Once the group settled down and found their , a menu was handed to each gender before the man left.

"Well then," He Shurong broke the silence that befell on them when that employee left.

She hands the menu over to the two younger females, a bright smile on her lips as she utters, "Order as much as you want ah!"

Noticing the uneasy looks the girls shared, she reassures them. "There's no need to hold back at all!"

With a straight and thick face; she pats the shoulder of her cousin, Wu Ling Xun, as she : "Since it'll be on this guy!"

Seeing her darling cousin looks at Wu Ling Xun with sparkling eyes, He Shurong couldn't help but feel quite smug.

Especially when the little girl's older brother swallowed back the refusal and denials that he wishes to say and, instead,changed it into agreement.

"Hm," the doting man whose resolve immediatelg crumbles upon seeing his little sister look at him like that, nods his head in

"Order whatever you want."

He said instead of refuting his female cousin's

How would he dare to disagree when his little sister looks so happy hearing that ah?

"Alright!" With a light , He Shurong smiles brightly.

"Let's enjoy this meal sponsored by dear Ling Xun~"


Meanwhile, as the group delightfully celebrate and eat to their hearts content; a handsome young man sats on a sofa as he waits for his manager to come back from his task.

"President He didn't to his office at all today." Fu Wenqian spoke as he closes the door of the office.

Xi Baixue coldly raises an eyebrow at that piece of given by his manager.


His voice is cold and full of and disdain.

Poor overworked Fu Wenqian, who was always stuck with following his artist's orders rather than the other way around, frowns in displeasure.

This guy, what does he think of him ah? Does this man think of him as a servant or

Wanting to argue and to protest the treatment, Fu Wenqian opens his mouth to do so; However, noticing the cold and gloomy aura of his friend, he changes his words quickly.

"I heard that the President went to supervise the for that show."

Wasn't that the most surprising thing? The fact that He Zicheng, that friend of his, actually attaches a lot of importance for this show.

However, what doesn't make sense is the fact that the President actually went and push for the schedule of the to today.

Hearing those words, the Film Emperor couldn't help but the Wu Jia's indulgence and for Wu Fei.

Xi Baixue knows and understands the importance of this show for the acting department of Moonlight Entertainment. This is a show that gathers all the fans of the idols to watch it and a bait to lure in new fans as well.

A very huge project with many risks. A project that even He Zicheng is hesitant to approve of ah.

However, since their darling little pearl wishes to enter the entertainment industry through Moonlight Entertainment, they could do nothing but make this move.

"I see."

Recieving a response from that man in such a and uncaring tone, Fu Wenqian eyes Xi Baixue.

"Baixue, do you know something?" He couldn't help but give in to his and ask his friend.

The man's sharp and cold eyes thaws, giving the single dog Fu Wenqian an eyeful of the visage of a very smitten young man.

Seeing such look on this usually cold man's face, Fu Wenqian finally realizes that this must be to her.

That little ancestor, the spot of light in this coldblooded Emperor's dark heart, must be involved ah! That woman who had a lot of powerful and influential figures wrapped around her small hands.

The childhood sweetheart of the man in front of him!

"Xiao Fei was also for the show."

( ● _ ● |||)

Hearing such a foreboding and terrifying statement, Fu Wenqian suppressed the urge to shiver in fear.

Wu Fei, that girl, is actually entering the entertainment circle? Do these two not consider how much work would it be to him ah?

Not only does he need to cover up for this guy's unbearable personality but now, he also needs to make sure that not the media and public wouldn't sniff out or create a scandal about these two childhood friends!

What a headache and a half ah!

And then, that little ancestor, that girl who loves to incite trouble and meddle... is also on going to be an actress in that show!

It was as if lightning strike him as a thought formed inside his mind.

"You want to participate because she's going to join!"

He blurts out the confidently.

Seeing that lovestruck man nod his head in , Fu Wenqian couldn't help but inwardly this man and his fans. These fans, if you know that this Emperor of yours is actually such a lovestruck fool, what would you lot think ah?

The poor fans: ... You're the lovestruck fool! Your whole family's a lovestruck fool!

"What are you doing?" He immediately upon seeing Xi Baixue suddenly reaching to his phone and fiddling with it.

"Calling Fei."

The poor single dog surnamed Fu resisted the urge to cough up blood from such response.

You, this hateful guy, have pity on this poor single dog ah! What happened to laws against animal abuse?!

I need a lawyer! I want to file a lawsuit against this man for abusing a poor dog like him ah!


Feeling the her phone buzz inside the pocket of her skirt, Wu Fei frowns before she took it out to take a peak at the name of the caller.

Seeing that familiar and very much name, Xiao Fei smiles brightly before she stands up.

"I have an call~" She announces happily to everyone in the room.

The room, filled with the special brand of teasing and chaos from He Shurong, suddenly fell into silence.

"From who ah?" He Shurong couldn't help but asks ; seeing such a bright smile on her little cousin, a name immediately pops up in her thoughts.

"Secret~" Wu Fei smilingly answers back. Without waiting for her siblings, cousins and friend to react, she left the room.

The poor concubines abandoned by their emperor grits their teeth in silence while thinking spitefully: ...It must be that guy.


Answering the call eagerly, little Wu Fei greets her childhood friend, "Xiao Xue!"

"Xiao Fei."

The man's deep baritone voice answers back, filled with warmth and care that can only be directed for this little girl.

After exchanging their greetings, the two fall into a comfortable silence.

Wu Fei looks around, and seeing no one around, she slowly walks to the where she remembered the is.

"How did your go?"

That from Xi Baixue made Wu Fei smile brightly.

"It turns out fine~ Xi, I'll be in your care from now on!" She couldn't help but tease, a soft smile of her lips.

If the others would have seen her while she leans on the handrails of the , they would probably be quite awestruck with the beauty and grace of this little girl.

Most of all, if certain people known as her three brothers sees her, they would feel absolutely and threatened.

This look!

It's a look of a girl in love. Or at least, a look of a girl in the process of falling!

"Hm," Xi Baixue lets out a soft hum, sounding so amused.

"Then I hope Wu won't cause too much trouble ah." He continues speaking, voice somehow sounding quite and solemn.

Wu Fei laughs, not knowing how to respond. She didn't say thing else and fell into silence.

She looks up, absentmindedly staring at the sky. Hm, I wonder why he called me ah? He should have known that I'll pass. Especially if her brothers and cousins are the ones in charge.

She pauses at that thought.

...They didn't approved of me just because I am their right?

Oh no! What if 086 found out and then decided to exterminate me ah?!

"-Xiao Fei?" Xi Baixue's worried voice snapped her out of her self-induced panic. Hearing his voice again, Wu Fei couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness.

It's been so long ah. So so long... Xiao Xue... Why did you leave without saying goodbye ah?

"Yes?" She absentmindedly answers him.

"Really, you..." Wu Fei couldn't help but smile a little at his exasperated tone.

"Where are you now?"

The sudden change of topic, as well as the , caused Wu Fei to blink before hit her like lightning.

"Oh." She couldn't help but make a face.

As expected of this guy! He called because he wants to know where we are ah!

Without , she told him the name of the restaurant, the address as well as the number of the private room. Well, today's a day to celebrate ah! It wouldn't be the same if he didn't come~

He made a sound of before bidding her goodbye.

"I'll see you later." He said before he ended the call.

She sighs, finally realizing that with this guy's presence; inevitable chaos and conflict will arise between him and her older brothers.

...When will he and my big brothers get along ah? Poor naive little rabbit Feifei thought as she went back to the room to tell the news to her everyone else.


『Little Box』

He seems to be doing quite fine. He and that girl gets along well enough.

That girl, she really reminds of the one he loves.

The woman who had pleaded for leniency for him.

I wonder what she sees on that man.

That man who was willing enough to destroy the world just because he thinks there's no use for it anymore.


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