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Chapter 35 : 『A Daughter of Nobility』

Entertainment Queen System

Gracefully standing up, the little girl, with her chin raised high and back straight; she walks to the door confidently.

Secretary Lin, upon seeing such a familiar figure and who exactly it is that was chosen, froze up before he smiles stiffly at the little girl.

Little ancestor ah... ( T - T |||)

This old man and everyone else was expecting you to leave once you got bored!

Don't tell me you are really about an actress ah?

If that's so, the Old Madam will be so disappointed!

Your parents and grandparents are still holding onto the hope that you weren't at all with your endeavour to be an actress ah!

How can they stomach knowing that their darling girl will enter the murky waters of the entertainment circle?

to the thoughts of the man following behind her, Wu Fei curbs her excitement and urge to run to the room.

Calmly, she walks to the center of the room.

Seeing their usual cute and adorable little girl walking gracefully and so politely, the panel of judges who knew her is rendered speechless from her sudden shift of character.

...Damn! Who is this little lady?

Did they already told her to act ah? Where did that childish and spoilt little girl go?


Surprisingly enough, the first one to gather his wit together is actually the most doting and unreasonable of these crowd of motherhens, Wu Ling Xun.

Wu Fei smiles brightly, her worries of having her siblings and cousins interfering put to rest.

"Wu Fei."

"Ah," Regaining her senses and composure, He Shurong down at her cousin's submitted form before she looks at her brother and cousins

What to do ah?

She really really wants to pass her!

Her darling cousin is just so adorable with her elegant and noble persona ah!

"We want you to act like you lost someone. You have five minutes to prepare."

Wu Anyu interjected, having noticed that spark of implusiveness within his female cousin's eyes.

Voice usual soft and warm voice when speaking with Wu Fei became and empty as though the one in front of him was a stranger rather than his little sister.

Wu Fei pauses in thought at what her brother's words before she nods her head resolutely.


The little lady then looks away from them, sparkling eyes staring at the wall in thought while murmuring to herself.

She needs to do this ah! She needs to act like she lost someone!

Someone really really

Most of all, she needs to think of how she lost that person!

Mind already whirring with thoughts that would have made any screen writer coughing up blood, Wu Fei finally decided to go with a very simple plotline.

"Are you ready?" He Zicheng forced those words to sound calm and formal which goes contrary to his

After all, out of them all, he is the most eager to see their little ancestor's performance!

Especially since this girl seems to really take this ! Just the thought of that made his blood boil from excitement. This little girl's talent in acting, just remembering those shinning moments from their childhood really excites him!!

"Absolutely ah." Wu Fei answers mildly, voice very respectful and polite.

Causing those who know how much of a headache this little girl actually is to shiver from the sight.

"Alright then!" He Shurong her hand, a bright sunny smile on her lips.

"1, 2, 3 and start!"

Upon hearing and seeing the cue to start, Wu Fei's smile quickly drops and her and aura changes.

The girl, standing in front of the panel of judges, is no longer Wu Fei; an aspiring actress audituoning for a role. Instead, she is a daughter of nobility. A daughter who had, in a single night, lost her parents.

The panel of judges immediately perk up in interest, the indulging and doting looks they sent to their little sister and cousin turning

Solemn and sorrowful eyes stare at them, looking at them with such a distant and lost look that it made those watching feel pity for her.

"Lady Mother... Lord Father..." Her voice quivered at the end, so full of repressed sadness grief as she calls out for her parents.

The daughter looks as though she is about to break, ready to cry out her sorrow and grief from the lost of her parents. Her eyes are dark with unshed tears.

But she didn't cry.

In the eyes of the judges, they can no longer see Wu Fei. Instead, all they can see is a daughter.

A daughter of nobility, dignified and elegant.

But also a grieving daughter. A daughter who had lost her parents but couldn't cry to her hearts content. How can she, when she still has duties to fulfill towards her parents, her house, her land and her country?

Between her wishes and responsibilities, how can she do as she pleases? How can she throw away the dignity of her house and break down for all to see?

And so, to satisfy both, the young daughter of nobility smile.

A smile to heartbreaking and devoid of happiness.

A bleak, sad smile that made everyone's heart ache for this little lady.


She utters the words softly but to the ears of the judges, it was so loud and deafening with raw

She choked back a sob, her body quivering from the repressed but her back still remained ramord straight.




He Shurong's eyes sparkled in delight at the surprising talent in front of her. It was so bright and breathtaking that she wonders, just why was this little girl so hesitant to act.

Without waiting for everyone to their wit together, she happily calls out.


She lightly, a bright smile on her lips. This little girl! She's absolutely fit to have that role ah! Unfortunately, that guy rejected her offer.

Her words and subsequent brought the others up from their stunned state.

"Good!" He Zicheng couldn't help but follow up, wanting to praise his little cousin but couldn't for fear of upsetting the girl that wants nobody to know of her background.

"Thank you,", Very much pleased and proud to receive such a sincere praise from her cousins, Wu Fei smiles brightly.

"Well then," He Shurong coughs a bit, hiding the doting smile on her lips; she at her friends and brother.

"Everyone wouldn't have anything against my , right?"

Seeing them nod their heads in , some eagerly than most, the beautiful woman smiles brightly.

"You pass!"


Wu Fei exits the room with a grace that would make anyone green from envy. A bright happy smile on her lips.

Following right after her is a shell-shocked Secretary Lin whose mind id still reeling from the show his Young Miss had performed.

"How was it ah?"

Gu Susu, upon noticing the little girl's exit of the room, rushes to her and quickly the little girl.

A bright smile is the answer to her

"What do you think, hm?" Tilting her head, Wu Fei couldn't help but tease Gu Susu.

Gu Susu's eyes sparkled with delight.



Waiting by the lounge, Wu Fei looks at the clock in boredom. Her pink phone in hand and 086, sent by a certain doting brother through his secretary, in her lap. Beside her, sat Gu Susu who is currently engrossed with a magazine.

"I hope you two didn't wait for so long?" A feminine but valiant voice suddenly spoke up.

Wu Fei turns around, her eyes sparkling with excitement. She smiles brightly upon seeing the entourage heading their way.

"Sis Shurong!"

She squeals in delight, full of excitement and delight at seeing her cousin; the little girl didn't hesitate to throw herself to the woman.

"Feifei~ Darling!"

He Shurong laughs in delight and, ignoring the sharp and thrown her way by her younger brother and her cousins, hugs the little girl tight.

"The both of you," He Zicheng interjects as he stood beside his sister, causing the little girl to let out another speal before divin into his arms; the smug man hugs his little cousin smirking at his sister and cousins.

" for passing." He continues on speaking.

The two girls smiles brightly.

"This certainly calls for a ; Wu Ling Xun finally couldn't take it anymore and interfered, heart full of and jealousy.

What a bunch of two-faced devils! Trying to fight for the favor of his darling little sister, they are really courting death!

He Zicheng smiles, seeing that look of annoyance and hostility from his cousin's eyes. He couldn't help but continue on what he was about to say.

"And I know just the !"


『Little Box』

She's... really talented. I wasn't expecting that at all. It seems like this little girl who always hid behind our backs, behind that brat's back, finally grew up ah.

She's no longer that girl who cried and threw tantrums when things won't go her way.

Feifei is finally growing up ah.

Once she's all grown up... would she still need us just as much as she does before?

-Wu Ling Xun

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