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Chapter 32 : 『Talks of Auditions』

Entertainment Queen System

?Host~ I have an that you might be interested in!?Darling cutie and all-time meng seller, System No. 086, floats towards its Host.

Wu Fei lets out a soft hum, barely paying to her system, as she fiddles with her game console. Her eyes solely trained on the screen.

"What is it ah?"

She asks absentmindedly, most of her going to the game in front of her.

The little system, even though it knows that disturbing its Host while is a very bad idea, still didn't hesitate to tell her what it found.

After all, since she likes games so much, this should catch her ah!

?An for extra characters! Extra characters for the movie 「The Blessing of the Tower of Mystletoe」!?

Wu Fei froze upon hearing the name of the movie and, in the rare moment of , abandons her game.


Excitedly, little student Wu Fei didn't hesitate to hug the system.

Her mind only focusing on one thing.

The game that she liked, that she absolutely adores ever since she it, is finally having a movie! What more, she has a chance to partake in the movie even if it's just some extra character!

"Hurry! Hurry and show it to me ah."

086 didn't bother to reprimand this little girl for its rough treatment, still stunned at the rare show of enthusiasm from its Host. Even though it expected its Host to be interested in it, just... Why is she so happy ah?

Not saying a word of , the little thing gloomily did what it was told.

A blue transparent screen showing the page of the details of the shows up in front of Wu Fei.

The little girl's eyes brightened.


"Remind me again why you want to try for the role of an extra character?" Gu Susu peers through the little girl's shoulder as she watches her read and analyze her chosen character.

"You don't have an agency yet anyway!"

She can't help but add, wanting to dissuade this little girl from yet.

Wu Fei finally at her and with her chin raised and voice brimming with confidence replied.

"I'll be able to enter Moonlight Entertainment soon!"

Gu Susu rolls her eyes. If it were someone else, she would have mocked them for the overestimating their capabilities however... since it's this little girl...

Gu Susu can only helplessly indulge her.

Who told her to be this little girl's friend?

Who also told her to start treating her as a sibling ah?

And who told this little girl to be so skillful in acting?

This little girl's acting ability had improved a little bit from that stiff and acting at the start of the But that improvement.... didn't match up to the current sudden and phenomenal rise of this girl's ability to act ever since that shopping trip with the Film Emperor.

It's like Wu Fei broke away from her hesitance and whatever it is that is chaining her.

"Didn't you told your big brother that you want to work your way up? Not using family and ; Gu Susu continues on.

And, wasn't that a surprise for her?

This little girl who is so spoilt and always relying on her family had told her that she had spoken to her family and told them that she doesn't want said family's support and backing when it comes to her dreams of an actress.

Her brothers probably had a heart attack when she said that.

"Yes. But..."

Bitting her lip, Wu Fei looks at Gu Susu with

"Big Brother said that there's an for a tv show that the company wishes to release. It's a tv show for the branch. Most of all... they're only going to use actors and actresses in the agency."

Hearing the that an biased and very much indulging older brother did just to support his little sister, Gu Susu held back the cutting remarks towards the man with a sister complex the size of their country.

"And it's open for outsiders?"

She couldn't help but ask

"Yeah. Something about wanting to recruit more talent." Wu Fei answers back, somewhat puzzled at the where their is taking.

"Well... Even though Moonlight Entertainment is really well-known and regarded as a stronghold of the entertainment industry, their acting department is really... lacking."

Aside from the Big Gods and Goddesses of Moonlight Entertainment, like a certain well-known Film Emperor, the rest of the actors and actresses were only ranked B- and C- With only some A- actors and actresses that can be counted on Gu Susu's fingers.

For all the praises many fans and media had showered to Moonlight Entertainment's acting department... Compared to the other departments of the agency, it was still the smallest department.

"That's true."

Wu Fei lets out a thoughtful hum.

"The backbone of the agency is still their idols, musicians and models. Moonlight Entertainment's acting department had only around 20 years."

Left unsaid is while the agency is considered as the current reigning power, in the eyes of other veteran and old agencies, it's still a greenhorn.

Gu Susu sighs in defeat when that spark of in Wu Fei's eyes didn't waver at all.

"Alright. I guess I'll also go and prepare for the ;

"You're joining?!"

Surprised, but absolutely delighted at the sudden words of her friend, Wu Fei couldn't help but smile brightly.

To be able to act with her, Wu Fei is really looking forward to it ah!

"Of course, I just can't leave you all alone on your own after all."

She'll die from worry and anxiety if she let this little girl all alone in an

With her personality, who knows what kind of trouble she'll stumble into?

After all, this girl is like a little sister to her now. No matter how much she sometimes find Wu Fei exasperating and really really troublesome.


"Feifei~ you're finally home!"

Hearing her father calling out to her when she passes through the living room, a certain spoilt girl instantly perks up.

Rushing to where her father is currently sitting at, she smiles brightly.


Greeting her father with a kiss on the cheeks and a hug, Wu Fei turns to look at the man sitting across her father.

Her eyes widen in happiness.

"Big Brother!"

She greets utterly delighted at the sight of one of her elder brothers.


『Little Info Box』

Wu Ye: Did anyone miss me?

Wu Ling Xun: No one misses you.

Wu Anyu: Hm, hm.

Wu Ye: Wuwuwu everyone is such a bully ah! ... Hehehe, anyways! Unlike what everyone thought, this segment isn't just to inform you about the names of the characters!

Wu Ling Xun: It's also a trivia about some of the characters.

Wu Ye: That's right! So, let's start off with a certain character that is the of this novel and also the title character!

Wu brothers: System Number 086, also known as the Entertainment Queen System!

Wu Anyu: Unlike what everyone thinks and what it portrays as, the silly thing is actually a -bellied and a two-faced liar.

Wu Ye: A ruthless thing!

Wu Ling Xun: It likes to around though.

Wu Ye: Also, whenever a certain girl is attending to her needs, like taking a bath and stuffs like those...

Wu Anyu: It flees!

Wu brothers: Because it thinks it's a boy when it doesn't even have a gender.

Wu Anyu: It's really too intelligent and with so many that I wonder where did Feifei get that thing. With how advance it is...

Wu brothers: ... (It's not a gift from that annoying brat that dares to covet Feifei, right?)

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