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Chapter 31 : 『They're Getting Married?』

Entertainment Queen System

Gu Susu, upon noticing that the two childhood sweethearts seemed to be in a middle of a , came over as a back up.

On the insistence of the little fluffball.

Not like it's needed. After all, who would dare to risk offending the Film Emperor and the pearl of Wu Jia?

Only someone stupid and mentally deficient would do such a thing.

Hearing her friend's voice, Wu Fei turns to face her with a bright smile.


With her delighted face, it was that the little girl is thrilled with a certain woman's appearance.

She really appreciate her timely interference ah. If she didn't show up... Maybe Wei Meiyan would say something really offensive.

Too offensive to the point that she would drop her mask of civility and show them what made her a Wu.

"It's nothing ah. We just met some of my... acquaintances that I've known from school."

Acquaintances might be laying it thin. After all, one was the little sister of Wu Fei's bestfriend and the other was her ex-boyfriend who left her bestfriend.

Two people who are connected to her enemy.

"I see."

Gu Susu really doesn't see or understand it at all. Wu Fei studying in a school rather than be home schooled? How did the rest of her family take it ah?

"It's a pleasure to meet you two," A certain protective friend who started to see a certain spoilt princess as a little sister, smiles at the two.

"However, I need to take away these two with me. Their mothers are waiting for them ah."

"Their mothers?" Wei Meiyan echoes back, mind still reeling from the shock of seeing how her idol and sister's enemy interact with each other.

"Yes," Gu Susu politely nods.

"Aunt Wu and Aunt Xi are waiting for you two. They wish to discuss something about the dress and tux ah."

Xi Baixue and Wu Fei shared a look. This woman, with her wording, isn't she afraid that these two would jump into and assume something else?

"Dress? Tux?"

"Yes. Aunt Xi really needs Feifei's thoughts about them. It's really important for Feifei and Xi Baixue after all. They're waiting in Caelum."



Two voices suddenly blurt that word out in surprise, their changing upon hearing the name of the clothing store.

Wu Fei, seeing the , suddenly laughs.

"Oh my! We really need to go then."

Xi Baixue sighs, already knowing the amount of headache this would cause him but still, he didn't correct the thoughts of the two strangers.

After all, to a certain confident man, that event would one day really happen.

"Of course. Mr. Jun, please do excuse us."

Without waiting for the two to react, the three with a long time familiarity to escaping for the trouble and chaos they caused... quickly left.


"Don't look at me like that ah!"

Gu Susu, feeling the cold stares from the couple, defends herself. She really feels indignant! What happened to being thankful for her ah!

"Little 086," She starts as she looks at the fluffball in her arms. And wasn't that talk about this little ball quite entertaining? Seeing the little girl panic and then make up stories about this thing was really entertaining.

"Recieved a message from Aunt Xi and Aunt Wu that as soon as possible, the three of us should come to Caelum."

Hearing the name of the clothing brand, the two childhood friends raise an eyebrow and at each other in

Caelum is, after all, a clothing brand that is well-known for their customized wedding dresses. And other customize clothes and

"I don't remember that there's an where our presences are requested."

Wu Fei answers, feeling a little bit wary and helpless. Really, she doesn't remember recieving an from someone.

"I can think of one."

Xi Baixue admits grudgingly as he finally remembers the surprising and rather unbelievable thing that had happened these past few months.

"My big sister's wedding."

"What?! Big sis is getting married?"

Remembering to mind a beautiful teenage girl with european features that should have already grown up to be quite a beautiful woman, Wu Fei couldn't help but shiver.

Really the most scary news she heard so far ah!

"To who ah? More importantly, is the man even willing?"

Hearing the little girl's last , the two people plus one system is rendered speechless.

Although Xi Baixue really couldn't Wu Fei for that

His big sister...

That woman is really a force of nature. With such an unreasonable, domeneering and shameless personality, his parents and grandparents had already given up on her when it comes to the matter of marriage and already set their eyes on him and his little uncle.

And then a few months ago, to the elders' surprise and delight, his big sister one day came over to the ancestral house with a man.

And the purpose of the couple's visit is for the elders' blessings for their marriage.

The amount of chaos and noise that it had caused... was really headache inducing.


He answers vaugely as he remembers evesdropping om the two soon-to-be married couple's

Knowing that his big sister, the woman he respects and looks up to, is in a contractual marriage with a man that he doesn't trust... doesn't really sit well with him ah.

However, if his sister doesn't mind... then he couldn't do anything at all.


Wu Fei quickly follows after Gu Susu absentmindedly as she continues to ask Xi Baixue.

Her mind still reeling from the fact that her idol, her rolemodel, is going to be married soon.

"It's not my business to discuss."

Hearing those words and seeing that ice cold eyes of her childhood friend, a certain spoilt girl wisely didn't press anymore.

After all, marriages out of pure love is a fairytale for them. Such cases where one can marry the one they loved... they were really rare ah.

She just hopes that big sister wouldn't regret it, wouldn't get hurt and burn from that marriage.

Seeing that look of understanding in this little girl's eyes, Xi Baixue shook his head. This little girl, no matter how spoilt and so naive, had already been touched with the darkness that comes with being a part of the rich and powerful.

"It's fine. It's their business. All we could do is bless them ah."

She smiles, bright and cheerful and so understanding that sometimes he wonders, if this one is the real Wu Fei or that childish, selfish little girl is the real one.

And, he couldn't help but return that smile with warmth.


『Little Theater Box』

Gu Susu and 086: We are really full from eating dog food ah.

Author: I am also dying from writing this ah.

086: ?Author, you're not ah. You're thinking of something already.?

Author: What are you talking about?

Gu Susu: Author, what we mean is that you have something out ah. Like the one with the so-called Main Quest, the thing with this unknown person called '???' and then, there's also this guy named Wang Jueshi. Then, there's also this Jun Qiang, and! Let's not your for little Feifei.

Main Quest: ...

???: ...

Wang Jueshi: ...I have no idea with what you are talking about. I'll appear soon anyway.

Jun Qiang: I'm just a canon fodder. Not a plot device.

Wu Fei: ... Of course there are for me! Since... I am the protagonist?

Author: ... It's part of the plot ah! I am innocent from this. the plot bunny!

Plot Bunny: ... your mother! Your mother is at fault! Your whole family is at fault! I am the most innocent here! I was just jumping around when this crazy girl picked me up!

Everyone: Crazy?!

Characters: ...(If she's crazy then what are we ah?!)

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