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Chapter 29 : 『Brother-In-Law』

Entertainment Queen System

A young fourteen year old teen stood in front of the man and woman. Her whole person brimming with youth and cheer.

"Hehehe, that should be my line ah! What is a rich girl like you doing here?" The teen asks.

Wu Fei smiles a warm smile that doesn't reach her eyes at all.

"Ah, I'm here to buy some games."

"Ah? I never knew that you games~" The teen smiles then she makes a soft sound, as though remembering something.

"I to say ah! I came here with..." She smiles, her mischievous eyes contrasting sharply with her mocking smile.

"Yanyan? Who are you talking with?"


Hearing that voice, a voice that she had only heard through the some of the videos she had recently watched, Wu Fei freezes up and her mind became


How is that guy, who had left her for someone else be here ah?


A handsome young man stares in surprise at the girl standing in front of Wei Meiyan.

After a year and a half, Wu Fei whom he didn't have any contact with seems to have grown more beautiful.

Noticing that slightly dazed look this man has while staring at his little doll, Xi Baixue frowns. Especially when he heard that intimate address and familiar tone of thus guy.

Who is this man?

at his little doll, he saw her also staring in a daze at the man.


This childhood friend who is once again eating vinegar lightly squeezes the little girl's hand. No one else has the right to have her make such a face ah!

This slight squeeze that brought nothing but a sense of and warmth to Wu Fei, snapped her out of her daze.

She to her right, and the piercing pain in her heart, at the sight of this childhood friend of hers turns into warmth and security.

This guy, he's finally back ah.

He won't leave ever again.

So... What's there to be afraid of? With him beside her, she doesn't need to be so afraid. Just his presence is enough after all.

He would always be there for her.

The little girl, who was trained on basic etiquette and manners even though she sometimes don't bother with those, smiles politely and gracefully.

The way she act and held herself was an absolute example of a girl who was born from the nobility and the rich.

"It has been a while, Jun Qiang." She greets him, tone neither cold nor warm.

"It's a surprise to see you here." Jun Qiang couldn't help but comment, remembering how much this girl loves to go outside and spend her time there simply just sitting or enjoying the scenery.

Noticing that she's together with someone, Jun Qiang looks at the man beside her.

He pauses in surprise.

Is that...?

"Xi Baixue?" He blurts out the name of the man out of surprise. What is this great god doing here and with the company of this miss ah?

Wei Meiyan, hearing the name of her idol, turns to look at the man she had ignored due to the presence of Wu Fei.

Seeing that handsome and extraordinary countenance up close, the teenager is rendered speechless. Her idol is really handsome ah!


Xi Baixue stares deeply at the man who seemed to have him at first , which wasn't that unnatural. What was surprising was the fact that this guy seems to be expecting him to know who he is.

Just who is this guy ah?

Wu Fei, having been with him for the most part of their childhood, that look of Xi Baixue's sudden cold and distant face. She tugs at the their still hand and reminds her childhood friend the name of this man.

"He's Jun Qiang, an artiste of Golden Star."

Wei Meiyan at the casual way this woman spoke to her her idol and her familiar and close treatment of him

Humph! Does she actually thinks that Xi Baixue actually doesn't know her brother-in-law?

Hehehe, how can Xi Baixue the name of one of the Great God's of Golden Star ah? Even though brother-in-law had just newly achieved this moniker, Xi Baixue should have at least paid to a rival of his ah!

"Ah," Xi Baixue nods, the name of the rookie from Golden Star, a rival of Moonlight Entertainment's, who had just recently achieved the moniker of Great God.

A super rookie that the others are actually carefully watching whether he would rise or fall from that shaky title.

He smiles, gaze freezing cold and hostile at the two people who had unknowingly stepped into this man's bottomline.

"I see. What is Mr. Jun doing here, if I may ask?" He took on a polite yet distant tone.

Wei Meiyan due to her to Xi Baixue didn't noticed the hostile looks the man is sending them. She smiles brightly and answers him.

"Brother-in-law came with me to buy some games!"

She didn't notice the slight change of from the two childhood friends in front of her or even the they exchanged.

"I'm quite surprised to see Mr. Xi here!" With a giggle, she at the man. However seeing the beauty standing beside him, she couldn't help the feeling of anger and envy.

Why can this girl be in the presence of her idol and be that close to him without angering Xi Baixue ah?

"And unsurprisingly," With the feeling of envy and hatred for this girl clouding her mind, Wei Meiyan at her sharply, not noticing the cold look from her idol.

"Someone is also here to bother brother-in-law. It seems like she still couldn't that brother-in-law loves big sis ah."


『Little Theater Box』

Xi Baixue: Why are there so many obstacles towards gaining Wife's heart?

Wu brothers: Shut up! We won't allow you to take Feifei away!

Mother Wu: Oh, dear go along ah! I am supporting you.

Gu Susu: Am I... also part of those obstacles? How am I part of those ah? I'm a great help ah!

Old Man Wu and Old Man Chen: Oh! This boy, we absolutely supports you!

Jun Qiang: ...I don't get it. Who's the Wife ah?

Wu Fei: Can I back to games?

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