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Chapter 28 : 『Enemies Meeting In A Narrow Road』

Entertainment Queen System

"Don't go overboard with the games," Xi Baixue warns the little girl.

This new hobby of hers, he can't really understand how it came to be ah.

Wu Fei, thiis little girl, had always been someone who prefers outdoor activities and games.

Back then, she was always the first one to drag him outside to either or do some basic exercises. Most of all, this little girl had never been one to sit still and face a monitor unless being forced to do so.

And so, to know that this little girl took up the hobby of games in her free time, Xi Baixue finds it hard to associate with her.


Wu Fei immediately agrees to the surprise of Gu Susu.

It wasn't a surprise for 086 though. The little system, after weeks of being with its Host, came to understand some of its Host's personality.

When it comes to the people she respects, adores and trusts... whatever they say, request or even demand, she would listen to it carefully before deciding whether to follow or deny it.


There are some handful of people whom its Host would always listen to and follow whatever they ask of her without any

And, to the surprise of 086... Xi Baixue, this childhood friend of its Host that she never talks about, happens to be one of those people.

"Susu~ Can you hold 086 for me?"

"Sure!" Gu Susu agrees without , not daring to squeeze herself between this two. Not when the Film Emperor is looking at her with such cold eyes, silently pressuring her to agree.

Before she could blink, the little fluffball is within her arms while its owner is now energetically running around the store.

Watching the little girl go back and forth between the shelves with her hand still together with the Film Emperor...

Gu Susu have a sudden epiphany.

"They really look like a couple ah!"

She suddenly regretted agreeing with Mother Wu's offer! To suddenly be force fed with dog food and expecting her to enjoy it a smile, Gu Susu felt like an abused single dog.

She really shouldn't have agreed!


Xi Baixue looks at the little girl who was looking over the games she choose Seeing those childish eyes looking so with her lips pursed before she nods , his heart warms at the sight.

Following after her to pay for the games, a certain smitten young man couldn't help but think. She's really cute ah.

Naive little student Wu Fei who was to the thoughts of her childhood friend, is very very excited to test out the games she bought.

Most of all, she's looking forward to 「The Blessing of the Tower of Mistletoe」a game that was released a month before. A game that Wu Fei never had the chance to for the date of release just so happens to be three days after 086's sudden in her life.

「Mistletoe」, as the gaming community calls it, is a well recieved game. The game is set in a world where it was separated into two The red and blue In a world that only know of war and death, a tower rose up. It was a tower known as Tower of Mistletoe.

A tower that gave the residents of the blue the power over water while it gave those in the red the power over fire.

「The Blessing of the Tower of Mistletoe」is a game but, most of all... as the complete many quests and recieved the reward 'fragmented pieces of ancient paper'... Once they pieced together a sheet, the would be able to read and see a part of the history of the world of 「Mistletoe」!

Once this got out, the game exploded in Especially as the story, as some would say, is absolutely surprising and allows the gamers to see sides they never knew of the NPCs they had

So deep in her thoughts, Wu Fei merely follows Xi Baixue's lead and haven't noticed that they have already finished purchasing her games.

"When did you start games?"

He couldn't reign his in and finally asked the that had been bothering him ever since he found out this little girl's new hobby.

She looks at him, her bright and limpid eyes looking deep into his eyes. For once, Xi Baixue finally saw this little girl's mask fall. Seeing that mischievous smile disappearing and in was a slight tilt of her lips cause his heart to speed up.

Her eyes with so many that he can barely identify them.

What he sees causes him to frown. Sorrow, pain and heartbreak... this little girl, what had exactly happened to her when he left ah?

She opens her mouth and the words that would have told him a story of heartbreak and betrayal from someone she had love would have tumbled out of her mouth if not for the timely of someone.

"Ah? Sis Wu Fei, what are you doing here ah?" A bright cheerful voice calls out to her before she can say anything.

That voice causes Wu Fei to freeze up. Her eyes widening in shock.

This voice...?

Forcing herself to turn to face the caller, Wu Fei visibly when she saw a fourteen year old girl standing in front of her.

"Not her ah." Wu Fei breathes a sigh of relief. It's just the little sister, she thought. Her usual cheerful eyes turning cold and a little bit haughty.

"Ah, what a surprise to see Xiao Mei here." She greets, every word coming out of her mouth sounding so elegant but cold.

Inwardly, little student Wu Fei couldn't help but think. Hm, this is really the case of enemies meeting in a narrow road ah.


『Little Box』

Why? Why?

Everything I did was for you. You were the one I loved so why...?

Why can't you see me and not him ah?


If you couldn't belong to me, then...

This world might as well cease to exist!

- Wang Jueshi

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