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Chapter 24 : 『Wants To Tease Her So Much』

Entertainment Queen System

It was the sight of two women embracing that greets the three people who came to pick Wu Fei up.

"Mother~" Happily, Wu Fei extracted herself from Gu Susu's embrace.

The red haired woman smiles wearily as she watches her friend pounce to a woman who's appearance resembles her. Really ah, the few weeks of being this little girl's friend, Gu Susu found out that this little fairy turns out to be a sweet pampered little princess.

So spoiled and selfish that sometimes, Gu Susu wonders how the Wu Jia raised her. No wonder there are talks about how unreasonable the Wu Jia are when it comes to the pearl of their family.

"Is she your friend, little Fei?" Mother Wu who came out of the car, looks at the beautiful girl that was hugging her daughter earlier.

"Hmhm!" Nodding, little student Wu Fei agrees.

"She's Gu Susu. I really like her~"

At those words, Mother Wu raises an eyebrow in thought. Such a high praise from her little girl. Compared to others who always say such words commonly, Wu Fei barely uses that phrase. It was always; 'seems good enough', 'good','fine' and 'alright.'

As such, a that this little girl finds something or someone to be good often than not means that she is merely satisfied.

"I see, it's a pleasure to meet such a lovely girl."

Gu Susu smiles charmingly at Mother Wu. Her friend's mother, how can she not try to charm her ah? "It's also a pleasure and honor for me to meet Madam Wu."

Mother Wu laughs. "Call me Aunt. If I remembered right, you are also Gu Rongyu's little sister?"

Recalling to mind a rather mischievous but cold man whom her eldest son had called 'bestfriend,' Mother Wu's of Gu Susu improved.

"Yes, Aunt." Gu Susu agrees quickly.

"Hm, do you have to go elsewhere dear?" Mother Wu at her daughter whom upon hearing her words look relived.

"If you want, you can come along with us ah. We're going out to shop." She invites the charming girl.

Wu Fei instantly brightens up. A ! Someone who isn't named Xi Baixue!

"Susu~ You have to come ah!" Wu Fei turns to face her friend as she acts piteously.

Gu Susu couldn't help but chuckle. , this girl... She smiles wearily. "All right then. I will trouble Aunt with my presence."

Mother Wu laughs in delight. "Such a good mannered child!"


At the car behind the Wu Jia's car, a handsome young man wearing a windbreaker and casual clothing watches on. His dark eyes cold and chilling.

The woman beside him stares at the man in amusement.

Really, this boy... Mother Xi could not understand how her son could actually bear to part with that little girl for several years without any contact when even with a girl, he keeps on eating a jug full of vinegar.

"Just wait for a while ah. You'll be able to tease the little girl to your heart's content." Mother Xi helpfully reminds this boy.

Xi Baixue at his mother before he nods. "Hm."

It has been many years since then. I heard that you belonged to someone else before... Little doll, I've waited for a long time for you. A really long time.

...Did you our promise?


『Little Theater Box』

Xi Baixue: My wife is really cute.

Wu Fei: Who are you ah?

Wu brothers: Feifei! Let's go out and ~

086: ?I really want to see Host getting bullied by Xi Baixue ah.?

Wu Fei: (#^ω^) What did you just say?

086: ?Nothing Host.?

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