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Chapter 19 : 『The Little Doll』

Entertainment Queen System

"This is quite surprising. The Eldest Young Master Wu who is known for his mysophobia is actually holding hands with a little lady."

"Tsk. Brat, who really don't that little girl?" Chen Yongqi eyed his grandson in This brat, had this boy whom he met when he was nine years old?

"Why? Should I remember who she is?" The handsome young man at the girl again.

"She's Wu Fei ah! The little sister of Wu Ling Xun, the pearl of Wu Jia!" He couldn't help but feel dissatisfied with this grandson of his. What brilliant and genius boy? Hehehe, he's really of that old man Wu ah!

"The little doll?" Xi Baixue asks and seeing his grandfather nod, he smiles lightly.

Wu Fei... Just remembering that name brought upon an image of a cute little girl whose appearance at that time was like a jade doll.

His dark eyes with an indiscrinable

Interesting ah.

The man's eyes followed the two figures as they walk further away.


Wu Fei frowns, feeling a chill run down her spine. Why did she suddenly feel a sense of danger ah The little girl ignores the feeling.

Little student Wu Fei obediently follows after her older brother, inwardly laughing and the whispered words of others pertaining her and her brother.

Wu Ling Xun frowns, upset that these people would dare to talk about them so casually. He down at his little sister and breaths a sigh of relief to see her still smiling brightly.

"Here is your room sir."

The two siblings nod their head as they entered the room.

Wu Ling Xun: "Order whatever you want ah."

Wu Fei: "Then I won't be shy~ After all, big brother rarely brings his little sister out to eat~"

Σ( ° △ °|||)

As Wu Fei picks out the food she ate, the waiter diligently wrote it all down. His back already drenched in cold sweat. One really shouldn't judge by appearance ah!

086: ( ̄ω ̄;) Hm, what can I say ah? This little girl wasn't starved at home and yet... she's ordering like she's starving to death.

Wu Ling Xun: ?( ???)?? Hm, no matter how she behaves... his little sister is the most adorable ah.

"That's all." Politely, Wu Fei turns to her older brother.

"Big brother, what do you want to order?"

Wu Ling Xun smiles and he shook his head. His unbearably gentle. "I am fine watching my little sister eating."

Wu Fei frowns before she handed the menu over to the waiter. "Alright then."

Well, it's a good thing she ordered a lot ah! She'll just feed her older brother later~


In the kitchen when the waiter handed out this certain order, the chef and staff are rendered speechless at the list of dishes served. This is almost all of the items in the menu ah!

"How many people are going to it it? Five? Six?" One of the kitchen staff couldn't help but ask as they all moved to full fill the orders.

"Only two." The waiter answers, still reeling from the that the pair of lovers are actually siblings and the fairy like girl is actually a little glutton.

"Ah? Are you talking about that lovers who caught everyone's ;

"Not lovers. They're siblings." The waiter couldn't help but answer back absentmindedly. "It's not at first since the man's features are all sharp while the little lady's was soft and feminine but... they really look alike ah."

With that, the staff continues to gossip as they work.


Wu Fei looks at 086 who was in a comfortable soft at the end of the table.

"086 ah," She smiles brightly, her sparkling eyes staring at the fluff ball eagerly. "So? How was your time at the company?"

086 who just woke up stiffens. ?Host.. It was fun.?It's voice wavers for a bit, its eyes avoiding its host.

Host... You look so eager ah. It's so that you want something from me and you couldn't wait anymore.

Sneaking a at Wu Ling Xun, 086 couldn't help but feel exasperated at this pair of siblings.

The oldest brother seems to have noticed something wrong but decided to act like he doesn't noticed anything while the younger sister seems to treat her older brother's presence as


Please come out and why is it that its Host's personality is so childish and unstable ah?

One moment she's smart and mature, and then all of the sudden she became childish and selfish?


Huhuhu, this system wants a ah.

"Really?" Skeptically, Wu Fei follows the fluff ball's gaze and she suddenly smiles brightly.

"Hehehe, n-no one bullied you right?" She nervously asks.

( ????; )?

Oh no, she that her big brother is still there ah! Wu Fei inwardly sulks, to think that she about her big brother. It's all that so-called sister-in-law's, Shi Yisheng's, fault!


Suddenly feeling annoyed at her older brother, the jealous little girl looks away with a loud hurumph.


What just happened ah? Wu Ling Xun eyes the suddenly angry girl and coudn't help but be reminded of an angry cat.

His little sister is really cute ah, even though she seems to be annoyed with him.

086 who saw everything: ?...?I really have enough of these pair of siblings ah. I hope the two other brothers doesn't have such a huge sister complex as this insane guy.

┐( ? ヮ ? )┌

It doesn't really care anymore ah.

In the few days it had been in its Host's care, 086 had already turned numbed from the spoiling and indulging attitudes of the Wu Jia towards its Host.

If there was anyone who can say no to its Host...

086 would really treat that person as if they are its ancestor ah!

On that day when it witnessed someone saying no to Wu Fei, 086 really wants to kill itself. Wuwuwu, this guy also indulges, spoils and protects its Host but! Why! Is! He! Saying! No! When! It! Is! So! ! That he wants to say yes ah!

Is this what they call, loosening the reigns to catch the prey?


『Little Box』

She's the most important person in my heart. My little sister whose laughter and smiles warm my heart. Ever since she grasp my fingers when she was an infant, she already became my most important person.

Wu Fei... doesn't look at me with In her eyes, I'm just her older brother Wu Ling Xun.

And... I am really really content to be just that person in her eyes.

This time, little Feifei... Big brother will do anything he can to protect you.

This time, I won't let you cry and look so sad.

So, don't be scared and reach out to others once again.

If they hurt you...

Big brother will be there to destroy them for you.

-Wu Ling Xun

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