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Chapter 17 : 『Hope That You Are Sincere』

Entertainment Queen System

The bystanders passing by the building all took a peek at the beauties standing at the side of the door. One was full of sensuality and maturity while the other was pure and elegant.

It causes the people passing through to be dazed. One was a fox demon while the other was an immortal fairy! Such beautiful women ah! They couldn't help but within their hearts.

"When will the person picking you up arrive?" Gu Susu asks nolchantly. Without blinking, the beautiful woman leaned closer to the little girl and wrapped her arms around Wu Fei.

"My dear~ Let me hug you for a bit ah. You are just so cute," She couldn't help but smirk at the disgruntled of the girl. Hm, as expected, she's just like a little cat.

The shameless fox didn't hesitate to eat the girl's tofu.

Wu Fei whose tofu is being eaten, "..." (#^ω^)Big brother hurry up ah! Your little sister is being taken advantage of!

The people passing why and saw the beautiful scenery of a beauty embracing another beauty, "..." (⊙_⊙) The gender of the other person seemed to be wrong ah...

The driver who saw this scene and felt the temperature behind him drop, "..." Eldest Young Master! Please have mercy on this little one.

086 who was now shivering, ?...?Creator! Please come and save me wuwuwu...

The car slowly stopped in front of the two girls.

Wu Fei's eyes brightened at the sight of the familiar luxury car. Finally! Big brother is here~

The happy little girl was about to rush to the the car so that she can escape from the annoying Gu Susu when the door of the car was opened and someone came out of the car.

A handsome young man stepped out pf the car, on his arms was a furry white ball. The little ball wiggles a bit, revealing beady eyes.

"Feifei," Wu Ling Xun smiles gently at his dumbfounded little sister. "Is she your new friend?"

"Yes~" Little student Wu Fei who didn't noticed something weird about her eldest brother, nods. "She's Gu Susu."

Wu Ling Xun's gentle eyes turned cold as he eyes the little girl who dares to touch his little sister.

Gu Susu's smile waver for a bit. Such a cold aura ah! As expected of the eldest son, Wu Ling Xun!

"You must be Gu Qingyun's sister. He you a lot." He smiles, cold and unfeeling at the little girl whose arms are still wrapped around his little sister.

"Ah? Brother Qingyun talks a lot about me?" Gu Susu's turned a little weird at that. Her eldest brother, the heir of the family, me to this guy? Don't tell me that beast wants to push her into this man's arms?

The beast Gu Qingyun, "..." I am really innocent ah! This one always you because you're at the same age as the pearl of the Wu Jia!

"Hm, he wishes to compare whose little sister is better ah." Wu Ling Xun without sold his friend out.

These people with the surname Gu... They are really annoying ah! One that his sister is far more better than the little sister he, Wu Ling Xun, holds at the palm of his hands and this female Gu is actually trying to snatch his treasure away from him.

"Big brother, why is little 086 shivering ah? Did someone bullied him?" The girl who didn't noticed the hostile exchange of hostile of these two asked.

Wu Fei's eyes were still on the little fluff ball, a feeling of and anger within her heart. Who dares to bully her people? 086 might be the system she isn't fond of at all but for a someone to bully it still...

That person should at least consider her face ah! Don't they know that to kick a dog, one must first look at it's master's face? Hehehe, maybe in their eyes she doesn't amount to much at all ah.

Wu Ling Xun's dark eyes turn to look at the upset little girl. His eyes with an indiscernible

"I've already dealt with it. Feifei, let us go home okay? Grandmother will worry if we stay here for long."

Wu Fei frowns, her eyes narrowing as she stares at her big brothrr. "Okay then." She finally relents, unsatisfied.

Big brother ah... I am not as brilliant as you guys but I... am also a bit smart ah.

You're hiding something. I am unsatisfied ah. Really really unsatisfied.

Wu Fei looks at Gu Susu and smiles brilliantly. "Susu~ I have to go now ah. Let's chat later in QQ~"

Childishly, Wu Fei hugs the woman before she skips into the car.

Wu Ling Xun's smile drops, his cold eyes looking at Gu Susu. "Miss Gu, I really hope that you have pure towards my little sister ah. If you do anything out of line..." He didn't continue anymore.

He smile again, frigid and cold. "Good day."

If you turned out to be like those two people... I, Wu Ling Xun, will not hesitate to destroy you before you can hurt her. Gu Susu, I really hope that you are sincere with your friendship with her. If not... Even your brother cannot save you from me.


『Little Info Box』

Wu Ye: We are back again everyone~ Now! Next up on our list for the of names... Oh! What a surprise, we're actually going to the meaning behind three names today! And these are...

Wu Anyu: Wu Ling Xun, Wu Anyu and Wu Ye.

Wu Ling Xun: Our names ah. Allow me to my own name first. Wu (吳) Ling Xun (聆訊), the character 吳 merely means Wu. Ling Xun (聆訊) means hearing or well, law. In other words, my name means law.

Wu Ye: Dosn't this really fit big bro? He's words among us siblings are law! So bossy and so dictatorial ah! (*`^′)=3

Wu Ling Xun: I see... (⌒▽⌒)

Wu Anyu: Please ignore these two. My name is Wu (吳) Anyu (安於). You already know what my surname means, while the chacters 安於, means to feel contented with. So to be with Anyu is to feel contented with him. (o⌒?⌒o)

Wu Ling Xun, Wu Ye: ... Somehow it feels cold all of the sudden ah.

Wu Anyu: Wu Ye, you should start now. Our segment is getting longer and longer ah. The author might just decide to put your name in the next segment if you continue to dally around.

Wu Ye: Big brothers... the two of you are bullying me ah!

Wu Ye: Anyway! My name is Wu (吳) Ye (夜). As you can see, I have the shortest name out of the four of us ah. Take note ah Ye(夜) means night, not the usual leaf ah. How could my parents dare to name me leaf?

Wu Ling Xun: I think the name stupid fits you better.

Wu Ye:ヽ(`Д′#)? You! You annoying capitalist!

*Noise of two people fighting*

Wu Anyu: Until the next time everyone! (?????)

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