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Chapter 13 : 『Gu Susu』

Entertainment Queen System

The of the girls changed as they turned to look at the one who spoke up.

Wu Fei also looks at the woman standing in front of the girls.

The woman is without a doubt a beauty. Wu Fei couldn't help but in within her mind.

Seductive peach blossom eyes and an alluring smile on her lips, the woman slowly asks once again.

"Who were you talking about?" Gu Susu stares expectantly at them.

What a joke, these women actually think they have the right to criticize her. Do they even know which family she belongs to? She came from the Gu Jia! An old and noble family that dealt with real estate business.

"N-Nothing!" Another woman answers back, stuttering as she did so. Who would dare to antagonize this woman?

They still remembered the fate of an actress who had offended Gu Susu! That actress who was said to be a shinning pearl suddenly have the fate of being frozen and no longer had the ability to appear on screen! They didn't want something like that to happen to them.

Gu Susu's eyes shows her at the sight of the green and white faces of the women. Hehehe, if this people continue to about, she doen't mind giving them a little gift!

"Good!" Turning her back from them, Gu Susu looks at the new girl. Her peach blossom eyes with an indescribable

"Hello. I am Gu Susu, you are?"

Wu Fei's eyes with interest. Gu? There are only one family that comes into mind when that surnamed is and that can only be Gu Jia! And, judging from her age, this woman should be the miss of that family.

"Wu Fei. It's a pleasure to meet you."


『Little Theater Box』

Wu Fei: Hey 086, how exactly are systems created?

086: ?We were born like every other human Host!?

Wu Fei: (⊙_⊙) Really? Then... your mother must be a Queen System huh?

086: ?Host...?(#?Д?) This little one doesn't want to talk to you anymore!

???: Allow me to Systems are born from humans, little Fei.

Wu Fei: Hey, you're not supposed to appear here yet! And your only supposed to make an appearance in the box! What are you doing here?

???: That's because your asking that shouldn't be asked little Fei.

Wu Fei and 086: "..." Do you think we're We can tell that you wanted more screentime!

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