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Chapter 12 : 『Who Are You Talking About?』

Entertainment Queen System

Wu Fei strolled into the room without Hehehe, if she acts like a coward now, her surname wouldn't be Wu anymore!

The little girl quickly changes into a calm and elegant lady. Walking gracefully to the chair on the back, she smiles at anyone who smiles at her and appropriately returns the gestures of anyone who greets her.

Wu Fei decided to sit at one of the chairs near the windows.

Her every movement and gestures couldn't help but be seen by her ';.

"Who's that girl? Is she the newbie that Mr. Zi ;

"Naturally! Look at her appearance ah, she's really pretty."

"Hmph! With that sort of appearance, who's to say that she's not backed with someone? For all I know, she probably already participated in the unspoken rules."

Their words naturally reached Wu Fei's ears and proud spoilt little miss couldn't help but think arrogantly.

What unspoken rules? This young miss can afford buying out roles and releasing money with just the money from my monthly allowances and you say that I participated in the unspoken rules?

Hehehe, so what if I am backed with someone? Naturally the Wu Jia would support me! If they became the golden thigh of someone else, then where would she, the young miss, put her face?

"Speaking of, she'll probably get along well with that Gu Susu. They're exactly the same after all." One of them jeered their voices loud and clear for all to hear.

"Oh? Who are you talking about?" A low seductive voice cut in.


『Little Box』

I noticed him when everything in that was in shambles. He... was really pitiful.

Still is actually.

But, I didn't help him just because.

I... helped him because of that girl. That girl who begged and pleaded, to that point that she would sell her own soul. Just so that he'll be able to move on and live.

I did it so and I... don't know if I should regret it or not.

This man... is without a doubt pitiful.


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