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Chapter 11 : 『New Rising Star』

Entertainment Queen System

Little student Wu Fei quickly enters the building. (╥_╥) Wuwuwu, big brother your stare can make anyone feel cold!

She hastened her pace and went to the area.


Jiang Furong had been a in the Snow's Acting Workshop for a long time. This workshop was merely a cover. In actual truth, this workshop are mainly for training actresses and actors, newbies and trainees. However, there had been a few bunch of young misses and masters who entered simply because they want to.

In her years of being a , the woman had seen all sorts of people and most especially, Jiang Furong had seen outstanding appearances and temperaments.

One such example had been Xi Baixue. She had met that man with such an outstanding appearance and temperament when he was first learning how to act. Her of Xi Baixue was deep and

Now, seeing a beauty walking in her Jiang Furong was stunned at the girl's fairy like appearance. More so with her temperament.

"Hello, miss. Can you please direct me to where the beginner acting are?"

Jiang Furong snapped out of her daze. Beginner...? This elegant and gentle young lady is actually going to start acting? What happened to the usual 'noble' females should stay away from the entertainment cirlce?

This little girl couldn't come from a normal household after all. Which girl from a normal household can afford those high-end and , albeit kind of low-key, clothing and

"Are you...Miss Wu Fei?" Jiang Furong couldn't help but ask, remembering the call she received three days ago. It was so sudden, considering that the time was nearly around ten in the evening and the one talking sounded rather irritated and annoyed while speaking about the enrollment of someone by the name of Wu Fei.

No wonder the one talking was so annoyed. Such a lovely girl and she wanted to join the murky waters of the entertainment circle.

The little lady smiles and nods. "That's my name."

"Alright then, here miss." Even though she really wants to ask the girl to at least her , Jiang Furong took out the papers she had prepared for the girl. "Please proceed upstairs."

The girl nods, her gesture elegant and so captivating that Jiang Furong couldn't help but stare. As the girl enters the elevator, Jiang Furong couldn't help but think.

I guess there's going to be a new rising star once that girl comes out of training.


Wu Fei sighs as she looks through the documents the handed her. What a drag. She really really wants to go back home and games ah.

If the , Jiang Furong, saw that the lady's aura retracted and that this little girl now has an aura of an unreasonable and spoilt young miss, she would have coughed up blood from the radical change.

"Ugh." Making a face, the spoilt princess carefully folded the papers and it inside her bag. "I really hate this ah."

Walking out of the elevator, the girl looks around before deciding to just explore the Anyway, she was an hour early since her older brother insist to go earlier so that she can explore and around.

"If only 086 didn't threaten me." Wu Fei couldn't help but

Somewhere, in a certain conference room, the little fluff ball sneezes all of the sudden making the secretary to panic.


It took her half an hour to find the correct room and Wu Fei peeked inside. She saw some of her new '; going through some of their noted while some were talking to one another.

The little girl sighs and steeled her nerves. She opens the door with a smile.


『Little Box』

... She's different from her in this aspect. That girl doesn't care much about them at all. That girl was so indifferent to that world that sometimes, I wonder if there was anyone that can enter her eyes and heart.

While this little girl... She really really keeps on loving and loving so much that she's drowning and dying from it.

She... really makes me determined to help her ah.


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