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Chapter 10 : 『Are You Ready?』

Entertainment Queen System

The two days pass by like a blur to the residents of the Wu manor. Especially with the of the mischievous and cute 086. The little thing had the whole butlers, maids and the masters of the Wu Jia wrapped around its fingers. Surprisingly enough, the shadows of the two young masters couldn't be seen at all.

The two Wu brothers: "..." Wuwuwu, it wasn't their fault at all! Their big brother is being mean to them! Overworking them, where's the familial love ah!

"Fei Fei are you ready?" Wu Ling Xun asks with a smile.

Wu Fei nods, holding her hand bag tightly. 086 hovers forward before staying perched on Wu Ling Xun's shoulder. "Yup!"

?Host I can't come with you ah~ You have to work hard! 086 will still monitor you though~?It spoke up.

The driver opened the door of the car and the two siblings enters.

"Alright then. You stay with big brother~" Wu Fei agrees easily.

Wuwuwu, Host this little one can see that you have a talent for acting ah! 086 couldn't but but to itself. I could still remember who exactly ordered me to stay by their brother's side and monitor his movements because of a rumor about gaining a sister-in-law!

"Well, Fei Fei if someone is causing you some trouble, don't be afraid to fight back. Tell big brother whose bullying you and big brother will take care of it, alright?" The doting brother starts nagging at the young girl.

Wu Fei smiles and nods, "Okay!"

"And, don't cause so much trouble. Listen to the instructor and try to befriend someone who seems decent enough."


"And since 086 isn't there with you, here's my phone number..."

Along the way to the Snow's Acting Workshop, the worried brother couldn't help but start talking on and on with the little sister dutifully replying a one word reply.

The driver and 086: "..." You've repeated it more than enough already! Please stop talking!

"Oh~ We're here already!" Wu Fei brightens up. Finally here ah! If they didn't arrive faster, her ears would have fallen off with how wear down they were from her brother's nagging.

"Big brother, 086 I will go now~ Bye bye~" She hugs her brother, giving the man a soft kiss on the cheeks and patting 086's head before she went out of the car.

Wu Ling Xun watches on until his little sister's figure cannot be seen anymore. "Let's go." He coldly spoke, his aura cold and dark.

086 who was stuck in the arms of the man: Host come back! Wuwuwu I don't want to be stuck with this iceberg of a man.


『Little Theater Box』

When a certain CEO arrived at the company:

Secretary Lin: "Good morning CEO Wu." Σ( ° △ °|||) What is that cute white toy doing in their cold CEO's arm?

Employees: Σ( ° △ °|||) Are they dreaming?

086: ?Brother Ling Xun, I want to stay with you even if there's a meeting~?

Wu Ling Xun: "Hm, okay. Secretary Lin, go and prepare for the meeting."

Secretary Lin: "CEO Wu, that... is that little thing a gift from the young miss?" Boss, even if it's from the young miss... this is really ruining your image ah!

Wu Ling Xun: "086 is Fei Fei's people. Give this fluff ball the same treatment as Fei Fei... Anything that upsets 086 will have the same consequences as upsetting her."

Secretary Lin and Bodyguards: ".." Boss, you are spoiling the young miss and that thing ah!

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