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Chapter 8 : 『I Want To Go Out!』

Entertainment Queen System

While its Host is dining with her family, 086 couldn't help but observe its Host's family.

The two brothers who were by the rest: "..."

As expected of the genes of the Wu Jia ah. It's Host has a pure and elegant aura, often times giving off an otherworldly feeling. With long hair, thick lashes and large innocent eyes. Wu Fei is without a doubt a beauty that shows the softness and elegance of a girl and a woman. The same could be said to her grandmother and mother, both are beauties in their own right.

Eyeing the men of the Wu Jia, 086 couldn't help but lament. Dark pheonix eyes that seemed to entrance those who looks at them, pale jade like skin and aristocratic features... The eldest brother would pass off as an emperor in ancient times ah while the father and grandfather pair gives off a valiant aura.

Ah! What strong genes really. Thinking of its Host's other brothers... somehow, this of descendants seemed to have received all of the good genes!

The woman's looks are exquisite as through craved from jade while the men's appearance is also striking.

Suddenly, 086's gaze met Wu Ling Xun's. The little innocent system couldn't help but bristle at such oppressive pressure. Host ah! How can you stand this man's aura?

Wu Ling Xun couldn't help but narrow his eyes at the cute white ball beside his little sister. The little thing resembles a baby chick, cute and rather fluffy with small wings that it probably couldn't use to fly.

"Fei Fei, who gave you that little thing?" He couldn't help but ask, drawing to the aggrieved 086.

Host help ah!

"Ah," Wu Fei pauses, ignoring the pleading looks her system keeps on sending her. "I ordered it from taobao. It's really realistic, it keeps on calling me Host as well."

086 and the family: "..." Little girl who are you trying to trick ah? Next time, try to lie harder!

The older brother however didn't dare point out his little sister's , happily going along with it. If his darling sister says west is east, then it is east!

"I see. Such a smart little thing then." The brother with a huge sister complex agrees with a straight face.

The others follow along, each one with looks resembling that of a concubine wanting to curry favor with the emperor.

(°-°#) Host! No wonder your personality is so... spoiled! You're family is indulging you so much ah!

?Host...?It couldn't help but speak up.

Father Wu's sharp eyes met its eyes and the little fluff ball shrink back, causing those watching the scene to look in wonder.

What a timid little thing. Those thoughts ran through the minds of each member of the Wu Jia. Their steady and nary a ripple.

Wu Fei frowns and Grandfather Wu sends his son a look. The old man concluded that this little ball's and physical well-fare must be important to little Fei Fei. In other words, this old man must not let anything upset that ball because it will upset his little granddaughter!

Seeing the pitiful fluff ball still shivering, the doting grandfather couldn't keep it in anymore and his son.

"Stop making that little bird afraid ah. How can you cause Fei Fei to be unhappy? Can't you see that your daughter is frowning at you?"

Wu Fei who was simply frowning because of her system's cowardice: "..." Why did it seem like my system gained a backer?

086 who felt that it gained a backer but couldn't help but feel disdain towards its backer: ?...?Who's the little bird? This old one is not a little bird ah!

Wu Zhao Wei stares in disbelief at his father. What an unscrupulous fellow! Just because he noticed the significance of that fluff ball to Fei Fei, that old man actually went and turned his back towards his own son!

"Fei Fei, father ah." He spoke as he tries to soften his visage. His aura though, remained absolutely sharp and valiant.

"It's fine, papa~" Wu Fei picks up the shivering ball, feeling a pang of sympathy with that pitiful look.

Patting it on the head gently, she said. "I won't allow just anyone to bully 086 ah! The only one who can bully 086 is me!" She childishly

The Wu grandparents, parents and older brother smiles and nods indulgently. Naturally! Their Fei Fei's people, who would dare bully them?

086 who felt touch but also annoyed: ?...?Creator, this little one wants to resign as a system ah!

"Ah by the way, big brother... Is Uncle Zhu still driving you back and forth to the company?" She asks, tilting her head to look at her brother properly.

"Hm? Yes. Why?"

"086, the way to the company... would it pass through the workshop?" She asks the little ball instead of answering her brother.

?Answering to Host's , yes~ It would pass through the of the workshop.?The cute thing spoke up selling meng to its Host without

Those watching couldn't help but lightly cough. What a really great to a certain someone they know ah. The four couldn't help but think, eyeing the system and host pair.

"Then, big brother~" Without any shame, Wu Fei tugs at the sleeves of her brother. "Take me along with you when you go to the company~ Just drop me off to..."

Receiving the , 086 recited the address.

Wu Ling Xun stares at his little sister. Dark unfathomable eyes just a bit to the system before he asks , "Oh? What are you going to do there?"

" I'm joining an acting workshop! Big brother ah, I want to go out~" Wu Fei acting spoilt.

Σ( ° △ °|||)

Did they actually hear that right? The five people exchange Did their darling little pearl actually wants to go out?

"Well? What are you waiting for Xiao Xun? Fei Fei, if big brother doesn't want to bring you, Mother would personally drop you off every day ah." Mother Wu hurriedly spoke up. What grace? What composure? Compared to the fact that her only daughter is finally going out and face society again, her image doesn't matter at all.

"An actress? Fei Fei wants to be an actress? I'm really looking forward to seeing you act in movies ah!" Grandmother Wu also interjects.

Father and Grandfather Wu: "..." You old bat! What do you mean by that ah? Last time, weren't you how unfitting it is for someone from the upper to join the entertainment circle?

Wu Ling Xun smiles and pats Wu Fu's head. "Mm, alright. Big brother will drop you off every morning. When will you start?"

"I'm going to start two days from now." Wu Fei laughs. "Hehehe, I have to trouble big brother from dropping me off~" Gleefully, the little girl hugs her brother tightly.

"No trouble at all ah."


『Little Box』

I don't want to keep on forcing myself. Big brothers... I'm so so tired ah. So, so tired. I tried. Really really hard but... Why did it end up like this?

I... I want to stay in this room forever. Away from pain, away from everyone else.

...I'm so sorry.

-Wu Fei

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