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Chapter 6 : 『Learning Acting To Sell Meng』

Entertainment Queen System

?Host, I have already done my research! Please check it~?086 rushes to where its Host is games at. eyes blinking cutely.

Wu Fei lets out a soft hum. "Just wait for a while ah. Just a little bit of..." The screen turned dark and the blood red words of game over.

Another loss!

Depressed, Wu Fei looks at the fluffy thing. Her hands quickly move and she hugged 086. Her heart is hurting so much ah. No matter how much she tried again and again, she ended up losing.

"Show it so me then." She sighs, sounding so and sad.

086 couldn't help but feel wronged. How come its host is so dramatic ah? This little girl... 086 can't decide between laughing and crying over how childish she is.

The quickly shows up in front of Wu Fei by the form of three holographic windows. Each one showing one acting

Wu Fei looks through the earnestly. After all, acting is a skill that is a must for her now. And, she thought, it would really help in selling meng and also tricking her brothers and family.

So, she must improve her acting skills to sell meng! She thought with


?086! Host please call me 086!?

"086," Wu Fei reluctantly said, peering down at the bristling fluff ball on her arms. "What do you think? That acting workshop is probably the best choice among the three, right?"

086 looks at where its host is pointing and nods in approval.?Hm! That's right. Snow's Acting Workshop is really good from what I could tell with the reviews. Other actors and actresses also joined in on it.?

"Then I'll go and attend that workshop. The next should be in three days from now huh?"

Without letting go of 086, Wu Fei calls the number the website provides for her and starts sorting out the details of her enrolment for the workshop with the person in charge.

At the end of the call, Wu Fei smiles. Finally finished! Wu Fei leans back on the

"086, can I really not just stay here?" She stares at the system hopefully.

?Not allowed~?

Wu Fei couldn't help but frown. "Hmph! Then don't talk to me ever again!"

, hearing such clear and voice trying to sell meng at her... Just hearing that causes goosebumps to appear on her arm.

086 couldn't help but feel wronged. What did it do to make her so angry ah?!

Wuwuwu, creator! This little one wants to go back to you ah! This little one's Host is really moody! I don't want her anymore! The fluff ball cried in his heart.

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