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Chapter 5 : 『Two Months From Now』

Entertainment Queen System

After the call ended, a certain man with a huge sister complex quickly calls his cousin.

What executive meeting? Compared to his little sister, this meeting is useless!

The call quickly connect, He Zhicheng's puzzled voice could be heard at the other side. "Cousin? What's wrong? Why did you call me?"

"When is Moonlight Entertainment going to hold an ;

"..Did Xiao Fei told you to ask me that?" He Zhicheng asks , knowing that this guy would only take the initiative to ask about Moonlight Entertainment's events, or anything concerning matters like these, unless it has something Wu Fei wants or likes, or something that can benefit Wu Jia.

"She called me. Said that she wants to enter the entertainment industry." Wu Ling Xun answers curtly.

"Ah." He Zhicheng lets out a noise of surprise. And what a surprise it really is. Their family's little ancestor is without a doubt someone who is really determined to live the life of a shut-in. No matter how much they begged and pleaded her to step out of that room... No matter how much they ask her, all they received was a closed door.

"I will go and hold one two months from now." He answers, mind already drafting a for the

"That should at least give her some time."

Two months time for that little girl to think things through, two months time for them to see if she is really and didn't do this at a whim and two months to finally see if she can step out of that room.

They've already waited for a year and a half, what more for two months?

"If she enters, make sure she is protected well but don't show too much favoritism towards her. As much as I want to pave the path for her, that girl needs to grow up ah." Wu Ling Xun couldn't help but say, pained at his own words. His little sister, the pearl that they held at their palm, protecting and caring for her to the point where she became spoilt and so callous towards others... She really needs to grow up ah.

At a certain room, a young girl sneezes, causing a system that always try to sell meng to fuss over her.

With her personality, she wouldn't be able to survive in that circle at all. With those thoughts in their heads, the pair of cousins bid each other goodbye and hang up.

"First Young Master," Secretary Lin spoke up warily. "The one who called earlier was it the Young Miss?"

Secretary Lin can only think of only one person who could move this young master infront of him. Not even the Wu mother and father can cause Wu Ling Xun to be to the point where he that they were in the middle of a meeting.

That little girl... Just thinking of that troublemaker makes his head ache.

The crowd of directors all perk up, so that person is actually the legendary Young Miss? The one whom the Wu Jia holds at the palm of their hands? To think that their boss actually adores that little girl to this point!

This group of directors decided to treat that young miss as though she were their ancestor if they ever met her.

"Yes." Wu Ling Xun nods, voice softening a bit as he thought about his little sister.

The young man with a sister complex then waved his hand and offhandedly dismissed them. "We will continue on next week." With those words, he left the conference room with Secretary Lin hurriedly following after him.

"Cancel everything for this week. I am going back to the ancestral house to talk to my parents and grandparents about Fei Fei's matters. We need to make appropriate measures for that incident to not happen again."

His eyes hardened at the memory of his little sister's empty eyes and tear stained face.

What was the point of having power, of having wealth and authority if he couldn't even use those for his most person to stop hurting?


『Little Box』

I want her to smile again, I want her eyes to lit up in happiness carrying no gloom. If it means a , if it means that I have to crush others and break them, if it means that everyone will hate me, even if she will hate me... I would do it without

So long as she would stop crying, so long as that little girl would stop looking so broken.

...I would sacrifice everything.


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