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Chapter 3 : 『The First Task』

Entertainment Queen System

A blue holographic screen appears in front of Wu Fe, causing her the , smile on her face to stiffen for a moment before it quickly came back.

086 really couldn't help but its Host for her excellent poker face. As expected of it ~ For an excellent system like it to receive such an equally excellent Host, it must have used up all its luck~

┐ ( ̄? ̄) ┌

While a certain little system is mentally praising itself, little student Wu Fei's feelings and thoughts start to turn towards a crazy

This thing is actually the real deal! It's really real! She held back the urge to her head on the soft pillows in distress. Ugh, the Entertainment Queen System was it? Just hearing the name makes her feel a sense of resentment towards this thing ah! She doesn't want to go out of this room! At! All!

Sneaking a peak on the dazed 086, Wu Fei started to doubt her state of mind. For such an adorably dumb system to be created, is she just having a really realistic dream or have mentally impaired?


She really doesn't care anymore.

Wu Fei turns her towards the neglected blue screen. Reading the words, the twenty year old woman's immediately shifts.

「Quest 1: Joining an acting agency

Quest : As an actor is the most dazzling artist! Host, a happy life awaits for you~

Quest reward: 10 points with family, fans and media, 5 talent points, 100 system points」

Wu Fei finally lost her composure at the most hateful word showed up on the quest Damn! What kind of rotten luck did she have ah? Of all things to choose from, why did this useless system choose acting of all things?

She'd rather a singer rather than an actress! What happy life? For all I know, it's hell waiting for me!

"System! I don't want to be an actress!" She cries out.

086 shook at her words, as though processing it before it answers unfeelingly. ?Request denied. ?

Wu Fei speechlessly stares at the heartless system in front of her before she hums lightly, her composure finally as her turbulent calmed down a little.

"I see, then it doesn't matter. I won't be doing this quest at all."

Her words were final and determined, causing 086 to panic. Seeing its Host lying back to the sofa and then closing her eyes with an of going to sleep, 086 finally decided to threaten its Host into

It loves all its Host~ But somehow they are always so at first ah~ It's fragile heart is hurting somehow. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

The twenty year old woman slowly fell into the embrace of Morpheus, however, before she can fully into sleep....

Her heart received a very terrifying and scary words from a very persistent and annoying bug.

?Host, please wake up~ If you fail the quest, 086 would have to reluctantly exterminate you. ?

It heartlessly chirps, tone somehow bright and cheery, unlike the mechanical tone it usually used.

Hearing the word 'exterminate' a certain princess' imaginative and creative mind immediately became active. Already thinking of what that scary term meant, Wu Fei quickly, but gracefully sat up straight.

Smiling at the little 086, she asks, "Exterminate? Please ;

086 felt it's fur bristling at the sight of such in its Host face. Somehow, while she looks so amicable and calm… why did it suddenly feel like there's a staring at it?

After witnessing the terrifying sight of a certain matriarch's anger, 086 finally realized that its Host was just imitating her mother~ Host's mother is really scary~ (Ω Д Ω)

Meanwhile, Wu Fei's amicable didn't waver while inside her mind, the twenty year old woman has already the little system with all her heart.

What a shameless, unfeeling thing! They had only met one another just moments ago and now it's already starting to rebel by threatening her?

In its eyes, is she really the Host and not a labourer?!

?Answering the Host's demand, means the of the soul. System 086 has fully bonded to the host's soul earlier. For System 086 to be able to separate from Host to find a new one, System 086 must exterminate the host first ~ Or for host to achieve the title "Entertainment Queen."?

"Then why is it that it's also a punishment for failing a quest?!" She demands.

?Host have a default system points of 100. The punishment for failing this quest is of 500 system points. Once host's system points became negative, System 086 will be forced to change hosts thus leading to the current host to be exterminated.?

Wu Fei was scared stiff by this system's words. To keep on living, she have to complete these tasks then? And to have this system leave her, she needs to attain the title "Entertainment Queen"?

"System, can I request to contact your creator? I want to talk to them." She gloomily eyed the unfeeling thing. Can she request for exchanging systems?

?Request denied. Asking Host to call System 086 simply as 086~?

You're 086! Your mother is 086! Your family is 086!

What fortune? This empress thinks that I made a misfortune! How much bad karma did I for me to be punished with you ah?

I want to games my whole life! Can't I at least have a Gamer System instead of an Entertainment Queen System? System creator come out! You must have given me the wrong system ah!

Little student Wu Fei ignores the little ball who kept on selling meng to her. Hmph! This empress will reluctantly do this task then! For the sake of her little life.

Remembering that her eldest brother's, Wu Ling Xun's, off hand comment on Moonlight Entertainment, a subsidiary under Wu Moonlight Entertainment, the current leading agency in the entertainment circle, having two big gods and three goddesses under their banner.

Wu Fei has a sudden epiphany. Her eyes lit up. Well, since there's an agency that could her with just a call from her... Why let go of such opportunity?

It doesn't matter if it's through the back door. Why would she care about something like fairness? She's not willing to do this anyway.

She quickly pick up her phone from the vanity table. Wu Fei scrolled through her contacts, filled with her family and certain people's numbers, and dialed her eldest brother's number.

086 follows after her, watching its host.

It took only two rings before her dearest brother pick up the phone.

Without , Wu Fei abandoned her elegant and graceful bearing and like her system, sold meng.

"Big brother~"

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