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Chapter 56 : Chapter 56 : Trade

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu knew that joining them in the will lead to nothing but troubles. Even if the archer and Elena held no grudges, from the unpleasant looks he was getting from Chul, he was certain that this guy won't let bygones be bygones despite the fact that he was the one who started it.

Leiu ignored the proposal and answered with another

"What do you think about it?"

As he said that, he took out the staff he dropped from the one-eyed bat and it in a trace between him and Elena without it. Since it was a rare item and few of such things exist this early in the game, he knew that she will be interested in it as she was a mage. Furthermore, from her clothing and appearance, he was absolutely sure that she hails from a rich family or have fat pockets.

A few of silence passed before Leiu's eardrums, unfortunately, met their end. To call it a shout it would be no more than an understatement as the girl almost made him fall. She grabbed him and started shaking intensely with happiness, excitment, and craziness.

"Sell it to me! Sell it to me! Sell it to me!"

First off, Leiu shook her off him and got rid of her aggressive hands then he shook his head in disappointment while saying

"You won't be able to afford it."

He was actually rejoicing inside, he expected a but not to this degree. One can only say he underestimated how crazy and unsophisticated this crazy ape is.

Despite hearing him say that, Ayeon didn't give up or seem disheartened, she was literally drooling as she checked the staff again.


Leiu canceled the trade, making the staff vanish from the girl's view. This led her sparkling eyes to divert to him, she totally ignored the proposal as she swallowed saliva, not caring about her appearance, and continued

"You absolutely, 100%, totally, must sell this to me and not anyone else! Do you hear me?"

Leiu backed off a safe distance to not seem acquainted with her then retorted

"Oh? Are you ordering me now? Is that an attitude of a begging buyer?"

Almost spontaneously, Elena shouted back

"Who says I'm begg-"

Mid-way through her sentence, she stopped and gazed with a gaping mouth at the staff Leiu just equipped. He purposely did this to increase her to the staff and secure a 'reasonable' price.

"E-em I mean please sell it to me, only I can give you a fair price."

Although she seemed arrogant, at least she was less annoying, so Leiu decided to begin the right away. Actually, he wasn't in a hurry to sell it but since there is a buyer right now, he won't mind selling it. Moreover, as level up, the equipment which is low-leveled ship so it's always better to a rare item right away lest its price decreases a lot.

In Hell Gate, there are not many people who have large amounts of Gold and Ayeon was aware of that which is why she was willing to offer him a price with real money. What's even better is that they live in the same city, which makes things much easier and smoother.

Ayeon pondered for some time before she looked at Leiu then lovingly at the staff in his hands before she raised one finger. Misunderstanding the amount she offered, Leiu shook his head and mockingly said

"Even your staff is worth more than that."

Ayeon stomped her feet angrily but didn't dare refute, she maintained her silence for a few more before she hesitantly raised two fingers. Although this staff is strong, it will only last for a week and when her levels much higher, she would require a better weapon, which is why she wasn't willing to propose an insanely sky-high price.

Leiu was prepared to refuse again but it was seen through by Ayeon, who couldn't hold it anymore

"What! Twenty Won is still not enough for you?"

With his mouth wide-open under the hood, Leiu didn't talk for who knows how long before he snapped himself back to reality.

"Well, twenty is fine."

Not wanting to sound excited, Leiu leisurely shrugged and equipped his sword. As for Elena, she was beaming with happiness and jumping around nonstop, forcing Leiu to distance himself from her even further.

After having her fill with excitment, Ayeon laughed loudly then said

"Let's trade right now, where do you live? I'll bring you the check right now!"

Hearing this, Leiu's mind for a as the mere thought of having this ape know his real address would cause endless troubles and eternal caused by her.

"No, we'll schedule it for later."

, Leiu denied such absurd request as he isn't crazy yet to allow her to come to his house. However, this was Elena he was talking to and from the look on her face, she wasn't going to stop nagging him until he so he added

"Give me your address and I'll come to take the payment."

Although not totally convinced, Ayeon still nodded her head and sent him her address then she stretched her hand while showing a brilliant smile. Helplessly, Leiu gave her the long desired staff, which she lovingly stared at. She didn't meet the level requirement but she wasn't that far off anyway.

As for going back on her word, Leiu wasn't worried about that. She may be a crazy ape, but she wasn't a thief, or so thought Leiu.

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