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Chapter 55 : Chapter 55 : Meeting

Re;Hell Gate

After giving another look to the new loot, Leiu decided to stop exploring this hard dungeon. He doesn't have enough and the difficulty is very high, especially the bosses. If not for the priest, he would have died so after much pondering, he gave up on farming here, until he gets his , that is.

Something he was depressed about is that none of his skills leveled up in the fight, but that is to be expected since their Lvls were already so high and the higher the level the harder it is to upgrade it.

Furthermore, he already had Ayeon wait for quite some time, that girl must be boiling from anger right now, not that he cared though.

Leiu didn't buy those scrolls that allow him to go back to the city as he considered them a waste of money. On his way back, he killed some random monsters that gave him decent experience and managed to earn a few silver coins but compared to the drop in the hard dungeon, it was still lacking.

About an hour after he left the dungeon, he arrived at Mountain City at last. As always, the main city was bustling with new as well as some high-leveled ones who have decent gear. Leiu hid his head and proceeded inside, talking to some NPCs to finish some easy quests that gave small amounts of experience. He did these quests on his way back since all of them were fetch and easy kill quests that are usually done in leisure time.

Twenty minutes later, after he finished emptying his inventory from useless materials and buying lots of Health and Mana , headed for the big square, where the density of is the highest.

Ayeon wanted to meet him here, moreover, he wanted to get done with this and not have any with her because he doesn't like and annoying girls, in fact, he would appreciate it if she never talks to him again after he returns her staff.

With absolute unwillingness, Leiu opened the message log and sent a message to Ayeon. He really didn't want to talk to her but she won't let him off the hook, especially after she saw his real appearance and to make matters worse, she a crazy, , rich girl.

'.... wait... she's a mage and she's rich....'

Leiu pondered for a few before an evil smirk surfaced on his hidden face. His unwillingness disappeared as he excitedly messaged Elena, who was the character of Ayeon.

"Hey, I'm waiting for you at the meeting ;

Almost instantly, he received a response from the other part. From the looks of it, she was monitoring her messages since the last the talked to her.

'She must treasure that trash staff..... this is making things easier for me.'


'Gosh... what noisy girl. Fortunately, this is a one time deal.'

Not even one minute passed before a crazy 'ape' wearing a robe came running straight at Leiu. She even attracted the of the sellers and recruiters, Leiu considered ignored her for a but gave up on that idea as it was far too late.

"Took you long enough! Now give me back my staff!"

The girl didn't even bother greeting him, she stretched her hand and menacingly at him. Three other came right after her, the first was the sword-wielding guy, who was her party leader. There was also the quiet assassin and the shy archer, Sui.

The sword-wielding guy, Chul, wasn't happy, in fact, he was really angry since he hated Leiu and was also embarrassed by how he and his party were easily by this guy. He wanted to get his revenge but surprisingly, Elena refused to act against him saying that it was pointless and that he'll give back whatever he looted from their corpses.

Sui didn't hold a grudge against Leiu, she was new to the game and virtual reality so she can't deal with gore or battle too well.

Leiu the trade invite and passed her the staff. , she took it but stretched her hand again, confusing Leiu. He stared at her shameless , not knowing what's wrong with her head.

"What do you want? I gave you back your staff."

"That is still not enough, you took my comrades' equipment AND you flung my body."

"This is not what we agreed upon. I gave you back you're staff so now we're even."

Leiu turned around to leave only to be grabbed by Elena, who showed an angry grimace. She wished this would have been the reality so she could beat the shit out of him until he docile.

She knew that it's prohibited to use inside the main City and the punishment is harsh so nobody dared to do that.

"P-please hold on."

Unable to stop him from leaving, Elena could only resort to begging. She had some hidden motives aside from getting back her staff so she couldn't let him go now.

"What do you want? I'm not giving back the rest of the equipment."

This was only met with angry from Chul and the assassin, who really wanted to get their hard-earned items.

"W-we are stuck in a difficult quest and we need your help, how about joining our party?"

Hearing this, Leiu and retorted with disgust

"Do you think I'm some kind of an I won't leave the city with you all."

It was true that Ayeon was still resenting him for what he did, but she was telling the truth as they found a hidden quest that is very difficult and does not want to tell other else they take all the good rewards. They tried multiple times but , they were not powerful enough, they got wiped in every try which caused them to lose a couple of levels, moreover, their equipment lost durability while a few were destroyed in the process.

"W-we really are telling the truth. We won't attack you or hurt you in any way, we promise."

Sui, the shy girl, spoke with a hesitant yet sincere voice. From the look in her eyes, Leiu knew that it's not a trap. It could also be a trap and this Sui is a very skilled actress but such probability was unlikely.

TITLE(S) : Invincible / A life in the blink of an Eye


Level: 42(77%) : Dark Knight / Monster Bounty Hunter


Strength: 114

Intelligence: 72

Agility: 127

Wisdom: 76

Vitality: 91

Dexterity: 109

- - - -

Health 75/75 Mana 72/72

Stamina 73/73

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