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Chapter 53 : Chapter 53: One-Eyed Bat

Re;Hell Gate

Having killed Baw Baw and rested for a short time to his Stamina, Leiu finally got up and looked around. He still had a few Health as for Mana , he only had 2 left so it'll be hard from now on. He didn't want to go back now and give up this golden chance.

He browsed the forum every day but no post anything about a yellow weird , so it can only mean that he's the first one who it. Going back to the city and missing this opportunity is such a waste, the experience is so generous, if he there is enough monsters, getting to Lv50 won't be so hard.

After double-checking his Health, Mana, and Stamina, Leiu picked up his Sword and headed out of the room, there was only one route to go towards. It was a narrow corridor that could barely fit him with crystal light hanging on both sides, illuminating the

The problem now is that he can't use skills easily, the Mana Regen is not high enough for him to spam them nonstop. He could regenerate 10 Mana in a minute so he needs about 6 minutes to regen it all, plus, Mana give him 30 Mana every 15 which is way better than waiting for it to regen.

If he fights another boss, he could only rely on basic attacks and kite with the chain, however, such tactic doesn't work everytime and if he it's a tough boss, kiting it won't do, especially if it can do long range attacks.

In the last fight with Baw Baw, Leiu was pleased to see two of his skills leveling up, moreover, they were amongst the harder ones to level up.

Dark Sword Mastery(Basic Lv7=>8): When wielding a one-handed or two-handed sword; you deal 24% more damage.

Dark Empowerment(Basic Lv5=>6): For 32 , you gain 35% physical and magical damage and 25% more damage

Cooldown: 8 minutes 45

Cost: 12 Mana

The passive gained from his Unique was almost finished too, a few more kills and it's done, it's quite hard to level it up but the rewards are worth it.

Hunt (passive: Rare) (Lv4): When hunting monsters, you gain 12% chance to deal critical damage and 18.5% bonus experience.

You can level up this skill if you kill enough monsters: 738/750

It's rare to find a skill that increases the experience received from monsters so Leiu had high for this skill. He also noticed that the Stamina decreases at a very slow pace right now, it must mean that it has a with the other stats because, at the beginning of the game, it reaches 0 after a few fights but now, he could fight for hours and it wouldn't reach 0.

Leiu walked for 10 minutes before he saw an end to this narrow corridor, what laid before him is a dark room with two lights shining randomly left and right.

When he focused on the lights, he was surprised to see two figures battling, one was a robed-man with a silver staff, his opponent was a large one-eyed bat that cast strange yellow bolts from its eye.

It had one yellow eye that was creepy and the size of a human head, each time the eye blinked, a yellow bolt would be thrown at the robed man, who deflected by casting a transparent shield.

Leiu the skill, it was the Priest's skill [Holy Shield], being followers of the light, Priests are strong healers which can grant buffs, heals and cast temporary shield on other party members.

When he stepped inside the room, the priest noticed Leiu, he at him for a before he waved his staff and casting [Radiance] on Leiu.

"Friend! Please help me purify this ! I'll help you!"

A yellow mark appeared above his head and a popped in front of Leiu

You received the effect of [Radiance]: +5 to all stats / You deal 10% bonus Holy damage (halved due to the target's special )

[Help the Priest: B difficulty]: The Priest asked you for help to kill the one-eyed Bat, do you the quest? Y/N?


Leiu was not going to miss such an opportunity, he the quest, quickly unsheathed his sword and charged at the bat.

One-eyed Bat (Bronze Boss) Lv55

Health: 75,481/80,000

The bat was quite agile and clever, once it noticed Leiu charging at it and swinging his chains at it, it backed off and flew out of the chain's range.

As it was too with Leiu, the bat the threat of the priest, who used [Purifying Arrow]. It was a small arrow made from white light, it was slower than a normal arrow but the damage it did was not bad.


The one-eyed bat screeched when the arrow hit it, it blinked two times at the priest, casting whatever weird bolts it had. Two yellow bolts were thrown at the priest, who sneakily hid behind Leiu.

'Using me as cannon fodder? Sneaky fucker!

While cursing the shameless priest, Leiu raised his sword and at the yellow bolts, fortunately, he managed to block some damage with his , , he was pushed back and stumbled a few meters, almost tripping.

His health decreased by more than half, as he was about to curse the priest again, a light covered him and he saw his health instantaneously to full in just a few

Without turning back, Leiu knew that the priest healed him, it seemed his role was to support and heal him and he had to do the killing, it's perfect as it is, such tactic suited him. With a few dodging and the priest's healing him, he didn't have to worry about dying.

With a wide grin hanging on his face, Leiu swung the chains at the bat, entangling it and forcefully making it fall on the ground, then he followed up with [Carving Shot] and [Invisible Strike].




Large numbers popped above the one-eyed bat, who got rid of the entanglement after struggling, it managed to free itself and create more yellow bolts.

This time, it was a bigger bolt that struck Leiu, he was not pushed back but he lost 40 HP. Fortunately, the priest was doing his job and in less than 4 , he all his lost Health.

Leiu did not bother with dodging the fast yellow bolts, only when it was possible did he do so. , stabs, swings, he unleashed an unstoppable combo on the bat.

[Dark Empowerment]!

The damage dealt was increased and the damage received was reduced, such a buff was one of Leiu's trump cards and since its cooldown is not that long, he would activate it whenever it's ready.




His and white sword never stopped striking the one-eyed bat, who couldn't fly away from him as the chains would entangle it every time it tried to.

Leiu's control with the chains had increased by leaps and bounds, not only its range is big, its damage output and efficiency are extraordinary. It was one of the best he made when he decided to use chains. Whether it's against or monsters, it always did its job, dealing ranged damage and entangling the first target it hit. Although to break free from entanglement is not hard, Leiu would never let them the time to do that, the first to be entangled is always his first target and the first person to die.

The fight was easier than the one and nothing dangerous happened until the Health of the bat reached half. The large yellow eye turned blood red and the bat started screeching madly and its wings to break free from the chains.

"Friend! Back away!"

'No shit mister priest! Do you think I don't know that?'

Leiu cursed as he retreated away from the bat and dragged his chains, the red color of the eye was not as appealing as the yellow color, in fact, it was a bit disturbing and creepy.

You are struck by [The Red Curse]: You receive 10 fear damage every 3 (15 )

"A DoT! fuck!'

Seeing the DoT taking some of his Health every three , Leiu's face paled as the bat flew straight at him and crashed its head on his body. Its speed tripled and the blunt damage he received, coupled with the DoT decreased his Health to less than 10%

"Heal me! You bloody priest!"

Leiu shouted at the priest whilst taking out a Health and using it. He 30 HP but the DoT was still present so the was not solved.


Leiu stabbed his sword at the center of the bat's eye but what he expected didn't happen. He dealt damage but the eye wasn't injured, which is a pity but at least it wasn't invincible.

A white beam appeared from the sword's tip, it cut horizontally at the bat, which also rushed at Leiu and bumped its head again. Fortunately, Leiu followed with a [Counter], pushing the bat a few meters, then he leaped at it and used [Invisible Strike].

Leiu didn't even rest or take a breather, he used his left hand to swing down his chains and smashing the bat on the ground. The chains wrapped around it, entangling it but the bat struggled and broke free in a split

It didn't use the yellow bolts but every time the DoT ended, he would receive a one right after. The good thing is that the priest snapped out of it and resumed healing Leiu, still, the blunt damage from the attacks of the one-eyed bat dealt a lot of damage so Leiu had to resort to dodging again and again.

The Health of bat decreased slowly as Leiu focused on evading and jumping left and right to evade the large head of the bat, he could only one or two time every thirty , which is why the monster's Health decreased slowly, , this tactic was working so Leiu kept dodging and unleashing his skills when they are up.

It reached a point where the bat had only 20% Health but Leiu did not have any more Mana left and his Mana bar was empty too, so he could only use simple

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