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Chapter 51 : Chapter 51 : And So It Begins

Re;Hell Gate

Leiu didn't waste time and immediately inspected the skill book.

Fast Step(passive)?: For every hit, you gain 1% movement speed. If the user lands a critical hit, he'll gain 10% movement speed.

Can have up to 10 stacks. The effect lasts until the target is dead or the user is killed.

If the user switches target mid-combat, the effect will be refreshed.

'Not bad not bad!'

For someone like Leiu, this skill perfectly suits him as he is good at evading attacks so the more movement speed he has, the higher the chance to avoid attacks.

It's a shame the effect is restarted if he switches targets but it's better than nothing at least. If it's a boss, it'll help him greatly.

Leiu pressed his hand on the book and learned it instantly, a white light covered him for a before the book vanished and a popped up.

You have learned Fast Step(Passive)?

After he did that, Leiu sat down to recuperate some of his Stamina. Fighting those Elite Blobs was not tiring but after continuous nonstop battles, his Stamina is bound to drop.

Leiu's is a full DPS which was a pity, he would rather have a tank as it is practical in solo. With his high stats, he could be considered half a tank but he didn't wield a shield to block a percentage of the attack, neither did he have high defense or high HP which made his soloing ability a bit limited.

His high-damage cleared some of the disadvantages but there will be cases when soloing would be close to impossible. If he doesn't find a way to increase his HP then it'll quite troublesome in the future.

Leiu rested for 10 minutes before he resumed searching for other monsters. He already cleared this big room and the only way to go is the stairs leading down. Even with his clear in darkness, Leiu could only an empty abyss downstairs which gave him the creeps.

The stairs were wide to fit forty people shoulder to shoulder and even after descending for ten whole minutes, it didn't seem it's going end anytime soon.

Leiu was busy checking the surroundings when he stepped on some kind of trigger, it was like a mechanism and when he stepped on it, it produced a strange sound.

Next thing that was heard was a loud crashing noise coming from behind, he didn't want what's happening but cold sweat covered him and he couldn't help but feel unease.

Without thinking for an extra , Leiu turned around and ran with his fastest speed, he already unsheathed his sword and used all the power he could muster to run while descending, there was also the possibility of mistakingly stepping in the wrong and losing his

Very soon, Leiu saw what's behind him, it was the boulder trap was a boulder to a huge ball come crashing down from above. What's more unfortunate is that there were two more boulders behind it on each side so trying to be clever and running to the side to avoid the first one would be useless as you would be crushed by the one.

'Aaaaa! What should I do?'

Leiu was panicking and was unable to think properly, dying like that is embarrassing and of him as he just walked casually on the stairs without minding the existence of any traps.

The boulders were way faster than him and in 20 or so they'll hit him so he had to act quickly or else be crushed and by them.

Thoughts were rampaging inside his head as he tried to come up with a but no matter how hard he thought, nothing come to his mind.

Time was ticking and it was almost judgment time, Leiu did not find any to dodge or jump to, while gritting his teeth, Leiu stopped running and loosened the grip of his chains, letting it touch the ground.

With an angry roar, Leiu swung his chains at the huge boulder to try and slow it down but the chains only took a small chunk of it and didn't even do a thing besides that.

Seeing such a result, a of disappointment surged him but despite that, he could only go on with his reckless and charge at the boulder.

He gave up on holding the chains and used both of his hands to hold his and white sword.

[Dark Empowerment]!

[Carving Shot]

With his [Dark Sword Mastery] and with the help of buff and the skill gotten from his Unique , Leiu a horizontal white beam from his sword.

The white beam struck the boulder's down right side, making it divert the it was rolling by just a few centimeters but that's what Leiu hoped since the start.

He grasped this opportunity to lean his body and try to force himself through the gap he just made, it was a very narrow and small one, nevertheless, he tried his luck and wished for the best.

The was almost as Leiu managed to pass half of his body through the small gap but it just wasn't enough.

When his left shoulder was going to pass, it was suddenly struck by the boulder, sending him flying to the right. Fortunately, half of his body passed the gap so he wasn't flying just right toward the other boulder but he was still hit by it and sent flying back to the middle of the stairs.

Two red numbers appeared above Leiu.



The boulders did a lot of damage and he only managed to survive after losing more than 90% of his HP. Leiu didn't waste time and gulped a Health immediately to restore some of his HP then looked behind him to check if there are any other boulders


Once he was certain nothing was coming to him, he breathed a sigh of relief and laid on the floor to rest for a bit. He was too reckless and didn't bother to check the he stepped on which was a stupid mistake.

He should have expected this kind of traps when descending such long and wide stairs.

' but effective... curse me!'

Leiu resumed descending but he took each step with which took more time but it was better than having to face off a danger like the one.

An hour later, the stairs finally stopped, Leiu found himself in an illuminated room. There wasn't much light but enough for normal to have some and see what's around them. The room was not big like the last one and there was only one thing standing in the middle.

It was a 3-meter tall Blob wielding a silver shield with the same height as it and a long hammer in its left arm. The Blob had scars on its face and two fangs sticking out of its lower lips. It resembled an orc rather than a Blob.

Its nose was shaped like a pig's snout and two yellow eyes that shined every time it blinked. Once Leiu entered the room, the Blob grinned and showed the row of pointed teeth it had, it was horrifying to look at.

Baw Baw, Elite Blob Chef Guard : Lv55

Health : 40,000

'A big fish!'

Leiu's eyes shined as he saw the boss in front of him, there was nothing more exciting for him than fighting bosses. With the chains in his left arm and the sword in his right hand, Leiu charged at the boss.

He began with a chain of normal attacks to activate [Fast Step] and gain that movement speed buff so it'll be easier for him to dodge. Since it is wielding a shield, then it'll use tank skills and it'll have a high defense which was a bit troublesome.

The good thing is that Leiu is good at dodging and jumping around, if he's careful enough, he may be able to do it.




His damage was reduced because of the shield which would slow down the process but Leiu didn't mind that much. He the boss's leg three times before rolling to the left, barely dodging a shield bash that the boss executed.

Shield Bash (Active): The user his shield to bash the target, dealing 100% damage and stunning it for 3

cooldown : 10

Once he dodged, Leiu circled around and executed another combo while using [Invisible Strike] at last.



The damage was not that great and depleting the 40k HP of the boss won't be done easily but it's not impossible, Leiu dodged left and right and since the boss was not the agile type, it gave him one more advantage.


Baw Baw emitted a bestial roar and swung its large hammer toward Leiu. The hammer was evaded by a hair's breath, it was faster than he expected so he only managed to dodge at the last split

Unfortunately for Leiu, the hammer attack didn't stop at this point, when the hammer was dodged, the Blob advanced with lightning speed and used [Shield Bash] again with a fast speed, sending Leiu flying a couple of meters but surprisingly, it didn't stun him.

Leiu thought it was [Shield Bash] but it was another skill called [Area Shield].

Area Shield(Active): After missing an attack, the user follows up with a knockback attack with his shield, dealing 80% damage and knocking back the enemy 4 meters away from the user.

Cooldown: 15

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