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Chapter 48 : Chapter 48 : Yellow Monster

Re;Hell Gate

After finishing the coffee, Leiu went back home and ate the food he bought from the convenience store. Since he sweated a lot due to running away from Ayeon, he decided to take a shower to get rid of the smell of sweat and to feel refreshed.

He spent an hour cleaning himself and his apartment as he didn't like to live in a dirty environment. When he was sure that nothing was out of order and that his apartment looked decent and wasn't too dirty. He opened his laptop and checked the forum of the game.

It's been a while since he visited it so a lot of was added. Ranging from Unique items to the of new guilds.

Speaking of guilds, one can create a guild once he reaches Lvl 40 and the guild can hold as many people as its leader wants as long as he can pay money for the slots. For the first hundred or even thousand, the cost for slots isn't much but later on, you have to pay a tremendous amount of money, it's too wasteful unless one has gold that grows from trees OR he was filthy rich in real life and exchanges real money for Gold in the game.

One of the top guilds is owned by Emperor, he's the on the leaderboard and is named Zhao Bao, he's a Chinese and runs several business companies around the globe.

'Zhao Bao is considered a genius as he managed to raise the wealth of his family and companies by multiple times in just two years, he als....'

'Ahh, I don't care, I don't care and I don't care, give me real and not some bullshit about a handsome youth, I'm not looking for a boyfriend.'

There was like two pages dedicated to Zhao Bao. Almost everything about him was known, he founded the 'Zhao Province' Guild and is a 'Magic Swordsman' which is a Unique or so it was written.

'More Bullshit, it's not a Unique ;

Magic swordsman was one of the that were proposed to him and he saw it was definitely not a Unique

Other than Zhao Bao's guild, there were several other ones that had risen in fame and had an astronomical amount of people; 'Weeb ;, 'Renaissance', 'Iron Breakers' etc...

Leiu continued browsing in the forum until he found an that interested him. Apparently, tonight at midnight, more than 5 parties are going to join powers and start an to kill the boss of the dungeon near Mountain City.

Each member was an expert and there will be many people who'll come to watch. With so many people coming, it'll be easy to arrive at the boss room.

It'll be great if he can kill the boss too, not only would the Experience would be big, the loot would be even better but the problem is they only parties and no solo , moreover, he looked pretty shady in the game and he was a bit infamous.

The best news Leiu heard is that gold trading will finally be open next Monday so with all the items he , although they are not top grade, there is some Rare equipment which would sell for a fair amount.

The last thing he checked was the leaderboard

1 Acyle Lv48

2 Emperor Lv48

3 Kirito Lv47

5 Fluffy Puffy Lv47

6 Commander Lui Lv46

7 Mister Kind Lv46

8 Frakenstein Lv45

9 Kirito V2 Lv44

10 Alexa Lv44

After checking the leaderboard, Leiu had no more interest and shut off the laptop and layed on the bed to He had a nice sleep, had a free coffee, ate a good meal and had a refreshing shower so he was in perfect form, physically and mentally.

With a final breath of fresh air, Leiu finally put the headset of the game on his head and closed his eyes.

to Hell Gate

The first thing Leiu saw was the empty and gloomy cave of the dungeon. Last time he , he logged off after killing the group of bats with He didn't know where that youth went but it's not like he cared, his whereabouts are none of his business.

It's still a long way til 10 PM so he was going to spend it farming in the dungeon, as always. The third floor is the boss room, there were multiple rumors saying that the beginner dungeons had 6 floors and that's what Leiu believed too but when he read about the fights between the boss and many courageous but parties, they all confirmed that it's in the third floor.

Leiu continued to hunt Blobs until 20:05 PM, he avoided the bats as he wasn't sure he can deal with them. They always stayed in a group and had astronomical numbers, Leiu even saw a group of red bats that were twice the size of a normal one.

One thing confused him is that this dungeon has mainly Blobs including its boss, so what do the bats have to do with all of this? It was indeed confusing but he didn't pay it much heed and at a club-wielding Blob in front of him then he stretched his left hand and tightly held the corpse of the monster. He held it in front of his chest and managed to block an Earth Spike.

The spike the dead Blob's back but couldn't reach Leiu. He then throws the corpse aside and swung the long chains at the mage Blob who just attacked him. Crackling noises and a whistling sound was produced by the chains at it the Blob and squashed him killing him instantly.

Leiu's critical chance is very high so even simple swings would deal tremendous amounts of damage, any Mage Blob would get one-shotted by him at this point.

[Chains Mastery : Basic Lv4=>5](passive) : When using Chains, you deal 9% more damage and have 100% chance of entangling for 5

[Counter : Normal] : Basic Lv5=>6: You can counter any physical attack and return 140% of the damage.

Cost : 1 Stamina

Cooldown : 27

'Hah, that should be enough for now.'

Since he was alone and he killed at an unbelievably fast pace, Leiu reached Lv42. All his other skills didn't level up as their Level is high and it more difficult for them to be upgraded.

The durability of his chains dropped only by one since it was made by a very strong Iron but his sword's durability is only at 55%, he should repair it when he comes back later.

It's still too early for the meeting with Ayeon, he just wanted to give her the staff back and just be done with it. Like that, she won't bother him anymore, hopefully.

After checking his loot and getting everything ready, Leiu headed for the exit of the floor as he was going to go back to Mountain City. He wanted to sell the normal loot given to him by the Blobs and buy some and such.

He only had 14 Health and 8 Mana so it's about time to refill for another go. He didn't know what to do after clearing the dungeon or after the surpassing the necessary level to farm here, because, after Lv45, the experience would decrease by a huge amount.

Maybe he'll dive deeper into the forest? The main cities were very far from each other, Mountain city was on the East of the continent and had many mountains ranges around it, it could be said it had one of the harshest environments around it.

Many people went deeper into the forest but most of them died and those who survived either told lies about mythical creature to gain fame or told some truth but no one bothered to believe.

Just as Leiu was crossing the short stairs leading from the floor to the first floor, a small yellow creature jumped around him. It didn't attack him or even gaze at him, it just passed beside him.

Of course, Leiu noticed the creature and unsheathed his without but the creature jumped further away from him and didn't emit any aggressiveness.

As he stared at the creature's back, Leiu was dumbfounded to see that it was a , a small yellow with a brown bag in its hand.

He never heard any about a yellow appearing in this dungeon or any other but his first thought was that it's a rare monster or a secret boss.

Leiu tried following the monster but was unable to, his speed was much slower so before the creature could disappear from his sight, he struck down with his chains, aiming to kill the

As the saying goes 'If I can't have you, then no one can!'

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