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Chapter 49 : Chapter 49 : Hard Dungeon

Re;Hell Gate

Luckily for Leiu, the last tip of his chains managed to hit the yellow It barely missed, the attack wouldn't kill a Blob so he Leiu felt disappointed in having missed such a great opportunity.

By the time he strikes again, the would be long gone. However, what stunned him is that the fell lifelessly on the floor just with such a weak attack. Just as Leiu was going to check the body and if see if there any rare loot, the yellow corpse suddenly vanished into thin air and a blue whirlpool half the size of Leiu appeared.

The whirlpool resembled a small portal and albeit not fitting the size of a normal human, it still attracted Leiu's

The portal was spinning at a steady pace and a blurry timer was above it.



When Leiu was close enough, he was able to see what this portal is.

Hard Dungeon Portal: Blob

'Hard Dungeon Portal?'

Leiu didn't understand what this was exactly, the only thing he knew was the 'Blob ; thingy, it was the name of this beginner's dungeon. The first thought that crossed his mind was that it's a trap that'll lead him nowhere.

Then it also could it be a secret treasure room, there were countless possibilities and Leiu was not a cowardly person so either way, if it's dangerous or not, he's still going to go in and check it out.

Do you want to enter Hard Dungeon : Blob

Leiu's blurred for a when he clicked on yes and by the next , he was in another dark cave but the only difference from the cave he was in a ago was that there was an ice crystal hanging on the rood of the gigantic cave.

It didn't illuminate it completely but it did emit a breathtaking light and some blue sparks that looked like fireflies.

Thanks to his Unique , Leiu was able to see the surroundings as clear as the day with no difficulty.

He was in a very wide cave empty of any boulders or any monsters, at least in his field of view. It was an extremely big area with nothing but him in it. No wind blew or noise was heard by Leiu and that made him worry even more. Since he such a , maybe it'll be a good opportunity or maybe he'll just die, in anyway he's going to advance but before that, he opened the message box and mailed Elena.

He already told her about his name on the game and when he logged, he found that he received a friend invite from her. He didn't know when he'll come back to the city but perhaps he'll be late so he was going to tell her in advance.

"I'll be late, you can wait or do your own thing."

He didn't even bother , he sent the message and closed the message box but it wasn't going to end this easily.


Several tinging sounds were heard by him, it's the sound you hear when you receive a message from a friend. Whilst sighing, Leiu opened the message box yet again to see what she wants

"What? What do you mean? !"

"Hey! I said ! Don't you dare ignore me!"

"I know where you live, if you don't reply then I'll come and beat you up for real."

"Alright, I'm on my way you shabby-looking bastard!"

"You're so done!"

'*Sigh*, I don't even want to reply.'

Leiu mustered his courage and replied to her albeit not feeling like it as the talk will stretch for more than he wants.

"I'm farming, I don't know when I'll finish."

"Farming? My ass! You promised to meet up at 9 PM and give me back my staff, you're a man, aren't you? At the very least hold on your promises!"

Leiu also didn't like breaking promises, no matter how much he hated her and speaking with her, a promise for him is something and have to be followed.

"I'm sorry but I can't come at an appointed time, you'll have to wait for me or schedule another meeting."

What Leiu hated the most is apologizing to people, especially when it's not entirely his fault, we'll it is right now but he was forced to as a chance like this is not found everywhere.

Elena didn't reply after a split this time, there was a silence of a couple of before a reply came at last.

"So you can apologize too.... fine tell me where you are and I'll come to you."

"You can't reach me and I'll not say my ;


After using capital letters to express her needless anger, Elena no longer bothered with Leiu and continued doing her business.

As for Leiu, he breathed a sigh of relief and continued checking the cave. While unsheathing his sword and readying his chains, Leiu started walking slowly forward and checking the surroundings for any possible danger.

He purposely went in one but this tactic didn't work as he was met with a strange wall after 5 minutes. The more had symbols and a language he never saw before. One distinct symbol that was present in every two lines is a circle with a star-shaped symbol right next to it. Surprisingly, after checking a bit, he found English letters near this symbol at the bottom of the wall. It stated 'MoonStar'.

A bit of time was spent trying to figure out what the symbols were as maybe it's some kind of a trick or a mechanism or maybe even a riddle but it was useless as he couldn't understand a word or comprehend any symbol so he had no choice but to give up and resume roaming.


One Hour Later

'What the fuck! I'm stuck!'

There was no end to this cave and no monsters or treasures, it's just ground, walls and a high roof and an going around with no specific He spent another 20 minutes to check the symbols but to no avail, nothing worked. There was an to teleport him to Mountain if he was bugged or completely stuck in a but the was grey which meant there was definitely a way out.

But the thing is, a whole hour was wasted, he could have farmed or gone back to the city, many things could have been done but it instead it was used on him going around a dark cave and simply being nervous and fearful of a sudden attack but his worried lessened after half an hour.

As he was regretting his choices, Leiu finally stumbled something. It was a creature which almost merged with its surroundings, if not for his good and clear in the darkness, it would have been impossible to see it even with a torch unless you're next to it and stick the torch very close to it.

It was two meter in height and a bit fat. The creature was a Blob, a dark-skinned, tall and fat Blob that wielded a long two-handed mace. It snorted as it layed its back on the wall and didn't seem to notice Leiu.

Elite Guard Blob Lv50 (Health : 1,000)

Leiu was a bit stunned after seeing the Health, normally, it wouldn't show the Health but now it did and not only that, it seemed to be high, or so he thought.

He considered it high because his health didn't even reach 100, he didn't even how much damage he dealt. Confused, Leiu opened the and there was indeed one that was toggled off.

It was the only one toggled off and it is the one that shows the damage of the but it only showed his damage. He can see the damage of the other party members too but they all have to be above 50 or else he won't see anything.

Leiu breathed some fresh air and held his chain as he closed in on the huge Blob. His tactic was to hit with the sword first since it was asleep when it awakens he'll entangle it and continue bombarding it.. Hopefully, his damage is enough.

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