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Chapter 46 : Chapter 46 : That One Crazy Girl

Re;Hell Gate

Ayeon first thought that maybe he had some headphones on him and was hearing loud music but it didn't appear to be the case as when she got close enough to Leiu, she saw that he didn't have anything remotely close to headphones.

The man was just walking peacefully while holding foods that contained foods and other stuff. She already about the other two and her all her anger and focus was on Leiu. Since he was walking and she was running, in a matter of , she was already behind him.

Leiu also turned around and stared at her with a confused , it's like he was saying 'Do we know each other? Do you need something from me?'

He also had the look of someone who was met someone he didn't want to meet as if meeting your ex or old teacher, that kind of feeling. , such was seen by Ayeon and that made this mad dog even angrier. She inclined her body a bit toward him while putting her hand on her waist. Her pose was coquettish and arrogant. She pointed at Leiu with her finger and said

"What kind of person are you to ignore a helpless girl? You clearly heard me yell for help just a ago!"

'Ahhh this is going to be a hassle, I can feel it.'

Leiu kept a calm attitude as he stared at this girl and shrugged his shoulders while stating some facts

"Well, didn't you just get rid of them both?"

She was a pretty girl, moreover, it's apparent that she was rich too, just by her good-looking dress and expensive purse one could easily deduce she's from a rich background. What's more is that Leiu saw her drive the last BMW last time.

Adding to that is that she was quite beautiful, with some makeup and nice looking earrings and a tinge of redness in her face and two green-colored eyes, she was a definite beauty but why is that every girl Leiu meets is so From his boss to the women he met in the game, all of them are too extreme, Jane was an of course.

"Yeah, those two are , they can't even fig---- wait! That's not what I'm talking about! I asked you why didn't come to help me?"

'This one is a pain...'

Leiu really wanted to get out of here but she wouldn't let go that easily, he immediately regretted choosing this alley to pass from, it was one he would regret for the rest of his life. It didn't matter if she's beautiful or rich, he just wants to be left alone for the love of all living beings!

"You just knocked them both in a matter of , why would you need my help?"

From a logical point of view, what he said totally made sense. She knew how to fight, so why would he charge in and help her?

Unfortunately for Leiu, Ayeon wasn't a logical person, he wasn't even sure if she is a sane person at this point. From her appearance, it's like a tiger that would pounce on him at any moment.

"You... you're dodging my , I suspect you also being someone like these two scumbags."

Seeing that there is no way he would be able to talk his way out with her easily, Leiu abandoned any thoughts of getting home fast and retorted

"Oh really? And on what basis would you suspect me of being like them?"

As if eagerly waiting for that , Ayeon laughed proudly as if her guess was also correct and god knows why she thought like that.

"Ha! It's very , you didn't come to rescue a helpless lady so maybe if they didn't come, you would have tried to rob me instead, moreover...."

She stopped for a and stared at Leiu from head to toe for a couple of before saying with absolute certainty

"Moreover! You look shady.... hmm yes yes, too shady...."

What he heard made Leiu startled for a moment before he coldly looked at Ayeon who was still assessing him which made him feel very unpleasant.

'The hell with shady! What part of me looks shady!'

"These reasons are not enough, I do not have time to waste with you, I'm leaving."

As he said that, Leiu turned around kept walking whilst totally ignoring Ayeon. It would be best if she let go of this matter too but he was sure she would not, he saw many crazy girls like her and it's absolutely a miracle is let go of him.

After walking a couple of steps, Leiu felt a hand pressing on his shoulders. He was not a weak person but he also didn't know how to fight, surely, a girl like her would knock him like these two men earlier.

'She wouldn't knock me right? She's not that crazy, right?'

If she wanted to hurt him, he really couldn't do anything, this girl clearly knew martial arts and he never fought in his life, except in the game of course but that was entirely different. There was a system that helped him dodge more efficiently and attack more precisely, and life is different from virtual reality.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Her hand was pressing down on his shoulders and that alone made him unable to take another step, calling her a strong girl would be a huge understatement.

Leiu was not a person who speaks his thoughts out loud but this time, since he was distressed and annoyed, he couldn't help but mutter what he was thinking.

"Crazy ape...."

That's what Leiu was currently thinking, this girl jumps around a lot and has monstrous strength, it was not wrong to call her a crazy ape but his mistake was saying it out loud, it was probably his doom.

Leiu began sweating a little, he didn't dare turn his head to look at her but from her silence, he was sure she heard him. After remaining silent for a couple of , Ayeon's cold yet cruel voice rang in Leiu's ears, since she was too close to him, her words were even clearer.

"D-did you just call me a crazy ape?"

Leiu couldn't even answer before she talked again.

"You did, didn't you? I clearly heard that and I'm sure I didn't mishear you.."

"You called me an ape? Me? I may be good at fighting, but a crazy ape? You....."

Leiu was certain she's about to erupt so he grasped this moment to shake off her hand and back off a couple of steps while facing her and innocently saying.

"Wait wait! You are a still young so you may not know but young people these days tend to hallucinate or imagine things because they are troubled about something else, yeah that must be the case. Seeing that you're young, you definitely have some adolescent issues, it's very common!"

In the spur of the moment, Leiu started spouting sentences full of bullshit left and right, he didn't even know what he was saying he just wanted to avoid getting beaten as this day couldn't be worse. If he just stayed home and ate whatever vegetables he had in his refrigerator it would have been better than facing this girl.

Surprisingly, Ayeon stayed silent and muttered some words that Leiu didn't understand but what was fortunate is that she didn't attack him or suddenly leap at him.

"Yeah, you're right... it's because that bastard threw my body like that..... I must still be angry at him that I mistook this person as him.... they are strangely ;

Although Leiu couldn't understand what she was saying, it was easy to understand that she resented another person and she was on releasing all the pent-up rage and anger on his poor soul, what a cruel person!

He listened to her mutter those words and started guessing some things but after a while, he shook his head while smiling bitterly

'There is no way right? After all, the eastern continent is too big.... ha ha ha... hahaha'

Leiu was trying to himself but deep inside, he started guessing who she was. Although she was different to the person she knew, the attitude and what she said were to things he remembered so he starting to piece things up. Maybe he was too clever or it's a simple matter but one thing for sure, he better be wrong about his guess or else he would visit hell very soon, very very soon.

Suddenly, Ayeon snapped out of her daze and said

"You.... do you Hell Gate?"

'Here it comes..'

Leiu gulped some saliva and responded to the girl.

"No I don't it, It's too expensive for me."

Ayeon didn't have any reason to not believe him so started pondering again.

"... But the attitude is a bit if only I saw his face.... damnable bastard."

After some time, she seemed to have stopped thinking about whoever she detested and stared at Leiu whilst saying.

"No matter what, you look , you'll have to come with me to the and don't think of running, the thing I'm best at is running."

As she was forcing him to go with her to the , Leiu was thinking of a totally different thing.

'A crazy ape? No scratch that, she's the of a mad dog and a crazy ape.... Goddess Fortuna, please grant me your heavenly Luck.'

As he hoped for the best, Leiu's face changed from calmness to surprise, he suddenly raised his hand and pointed behind Ayeon whilst shouting

"Isn't that the famous Korean actress Suri?"

A very way to buy time but it easily worked on Ayeon as she immediately turned her head to look at the road Leiu pointed at and at this time he managed to buy, Leiu turned around and made a desperate run for it.

'Cya later' Or so thought Leiu....

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