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Chapter 44 : Chapter 44 : Bat Extermination

Re;Hell Gate

Thanks to the unique skill of the chains, the 4 bats with large eyes were stunned for some time, which made it easier for Leiu to strike them.

The first bat which was struck was entangled and stunned, coupled with the blunt hit it received from the chains, it died instantly. The Bat's Health was lower than the Blobs but Leiu's damage was also insane.

was throwing usable knives and using invisible strings to deal with the group of bats which had long The youth was clearly struggling as he only managed to dodge and swing around his daggers randomly, they were merciless as they attacked in a coordinated manner and dealt small but continuous amount of damage. It was a repetitive but good tactic from such low-leveled monsters.

Leiu didn't bother with , once he finished the first Bat, he swung his chains yet chains at the three remaining ones, he didn't try to entangle another then kill him, the most important thing right now is to drive them near his sword range so he could finish them easier.

To begin with, the Bats were flying monsters, coupled with the stun effect, they were already falling so he only needed to entangle the closest one and ran toward the falling monsters.

At such a dark environment, a horizontal white beam appeared from Leiu's sword. The white beam was fast and powerful, it illuminated the dark cave and easily cut the falling Bat in two halves. Blood on the sword and Leiu but he didn't pause as he thrust his and white sword into the small skull of a Bat with large eyes.

Only one bat was remaining from this group but unfortunately, the stun effect was over and this small yet dangerous monsters managed to stabilize itself and fly out of Leiu's sword range.

Leiu decided to eliminate this group of Bats first because they were the most ones. It was that the first group relied on their long and the last one relied on the poison but he couldn't find any mean of attack within the Bats of the group.

Apart from their large eyes which stood out a lot, nothing was worth paying too, even their were almost non-existent.

The large-eyed Bat flew away from the flying chains, it wasn't that agile but since it had a small frame, it was a bit harder to hit especially when the third group of Bats launched themselves at Leiu.

What's more annoying is that the two big yellow eyes of the Bats started with some light and appeared like two yellow balls in these total darkness. The problem wasn't that but that Leiu's left hand was a bit heavy, he found it a bit hard to move it around.

On a closer look, he noticed that some of his cloth and skin in the elbow area turned into stone.

'! Fuck!!'

One of the countless debuffs is the , just like the stun and paralysis effect, it is deadly if it lasts longer and unlike the first two, this one takes time to cast it but once it's cast, the target would be absolutely incapable of retaliating against the enemies.

In some extreme cases, he would be turned into stones. There was even one time when Leiu got instantly petrified when fighting a Medusa Boss in some game, although she didn't deal much damage, the lasted for a whopping minute which was more than enough for the boss to execute him.

Under the combined attacks of 5 Bats, Leiu had to activate [Dark Empowerment], the damage he received from the poisonous was reduced, even the poison effect which dealt damage each greatly decreased. While jumping around the cave and dodging the Bats, Leiu gulped a Health and a Mana then he punched a nearby Bat which attacked with its fangs.

He used his left hand which had chains wrapped around his fist, adding that to his high Strength stat, it was more than enough to smash the poor Bat into a pulp. The Bat was squashed by his big fist on the ground and died a horrible death.

Although he just managed to kill one Bat, it caused him to receive a full blunt bite from a sneaky Bat that jumped at him from behind. The Damage was not that great but the poison was troublesome.

Bat Poison! -0.7 Health every (15s)

Fortunately, the damage was active but even with that, the poison was still painful and caused a tremendous amount of damage. Leiu's Health was not high unlike his stats so he always tried to dodge and not receive head-on attacks.

What's unlucky is that dealing with so many flying monsters is not as easy as melee creature. Moreover, they were small, approximately the size of an adult's head.

The was still ongoing and he couldn't find a to stop it except killing the damn bat, but that's more difficult as was far behind the other three and out of his reach, even the chains won't reach that.

As he was thinking of a whilst dodging the Bats, Leiu caught a glimpse of and was surprised to see him doing extremely well. 3 of the Bats he was facing were dead and only one was still struggling.

"Oi! Give me one of your knives"

The was slowly but surely limiting the movements of his left elbow, he almost couldn't move it anymore so the use of the chains would be ineffective, and against monsters such as these Bats, without chains, he can't do anything.

breathed a sigh of relief as he somehow killed three of them, they were strong but since they attacked from up close, it was easy to kill them, unlike the large-eyed Bats. As he was gulping a Health , the youth heard Leiu's voice and was startled, he almost choked on the liquid.

After hesitating for a , he threw a knife to Leiu, who caught it with his left hand and instantly used [Invisible Strike] with his and white sword. The strike didn't fully touch the Bat, only part of his right wing was cut and about 28% of his Health vanished.

With a high screech, the Bats halted its attacks and backed off with fear and anger. Leiu switched the two , he held the knife tightly with his right hand and took a deep breath.

'Here.We. Go!!!'

At his mark, the knife was thrown with all his strength exactly at the far away Bat which was trying to petrify him. The knife's speed was incredible as it caused air whistling and in just a short time, it had already the small Bat's chest. The damage from the knife was not enough to kill but it still caused to flutter its wings helplessly and try to fly as its own body was falling.

Leiu didn't miss this opportunity, he rushed toward it while jumping left and right to dodge the other Bats which were trying to block his way, it was just a futile last struggle from them as Leiu reached the large-eyed bat and stabbed his sword on its skull, killing on the spot.

What happened next was the usual routine, the clean up was fast and without any problems. After two minutes, there was only a heavily panting who was looking around in bewilderment. He only managed to finish the group of four by luck but Leiu killed 8 and all of them were more powerful than the ones he faced.

His fear and respect for Leiu never ceased increasing each time he fought with him, he never met someone like him. As if he thought of something, lowered his head and shook it.

'Unfortunately, he has a rotten attitude....'

He was not a great judge of character, but it was as apparent as the sun that Leiu was not a friendly person, just by the way he murdered Baldy's group for revenge and in such a way proves that he's a ruthless person. It's a surprise in itself that he is in a party with him and farming with him.

"Now then, it has gotten late, I better go.... cya around'

Leiu didn't even wait for a response, he took half of the loot and logged off. It has been a long time and he leveled up a few times, at least, now he is sure he isn't left behind so much like yesterday, moreover, there is still 3 days left until he goes back to work.

It was 4:20 AM, an appropriate time to sleep and rest after spending more than ten hours Hell Gate. Due to the endless fighting he did, Leiu felt a small headache, so after eating something, he layed on his bed and slept. He didn't even bother checking the game's forum as he wasn't in the mood for it and just looking at a screen made the headache worse.

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