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Chapter 43 : Chapter 43 : Duo

Re;Hell Gate

The youth didn't understand what Leiu meant by 'What's next', his only guess was that he was the next one to suffer or that he shall decide his own fate and how he will die.

;s face whitened and he backed a step away. He gulped some saliva and hesitantly replied

"W-what's next??? E-em, I mean, Mister, you go farm and no one would disturb you."

'Please don't kill me, please don't kill me'

was truly afraid of Leiu, he was pretty good at the game but a single strike from Leiu could finish him. He did not even have the slightest confidence in escaping those long chains, much less fighting Leiu. He could only act kind and try to please him.

"That's a good idea but I heard there are a lot of traps in this dungeon, especially the floor, so why don't you give me a hand? We'll split the loot 50/50."

It sounded like a request but for , it was more like an absolute order that cannot be rejected or else...DEATH!

"R-right right! I'll help you dismantle the traps and you can keep all the loot, I don't need it."

Leiu did not to kill this youth, he only asked him to join his party because it'll be troublesome all the traps, especially in fights, so having a Thief doing the dismantling will buy him a lot of time, moreover, he was confident that this youth won't double cross him as he was clearly fearful towards him, unless he was an Oscar actor and all of this was a bluff, but that probability was low, too low!

"I'm a fair person, you help with the dismantling and you'll get half of the loots."

still kept shaking his head and responded almost instantly

"I thank mister for your generosity but I'm fine, I don't need anything."

Leiu acted as if he didn't hear him and his hands whilst saying

"Hai! 50/50 It is, let's begin, there's no time to waste."

Without minding any further, he started walking in the darkness while holding his chains and with them. After dazing around for a couple of , followed Leiu while holding a small torch to illuminate the area and see what's around him.

The Thieves spot the traps with special skills, it's like seeing a small red light in the darkness, that red light is a trap, if it's activated, then it's red and if it's white, then it has already been dismantled.

Just like that, the duo started hunting Blobs in the floor. The process was no different from Leiu's hunt except that was dismantling traps that he was unable to see.

Currently, Leiu was swinging his chains at 2 Mage Blobs while was standing like a log at the back. The chains struck down from above at the poor Blobs, a huge chunk of their Health was gone and the one who was hit first was entangled by them.

Leiu then the first and rushed at the , with a clean sweep from his and white sword, the Blob's head was sent rolling on the ground.

He then turned his to 2 club-wielding Blobs not far away from him, as for the entangled one, charged at it and with his short dagger three times, finishing it off easily.

Thieves were proficient at dealing sneak attacks and they usually had high crit chance, especially if they attacked from behind or in vital spots of the target's body.

A white beam was horizontally at a Blob in front of Leiu, the strike was not aimed at its neck but it nevertheless dealt a lot of damage. More than half of the Blob's Health was gone by that strike, Leiu followed by a stab which was more than enough to finish the Blob.

After finishing that Blob, Leiu inclined his body to the left to dodge the club then he used his left hand to swing the chains at the Blob.

The power behind the chains was monstrous as the poor Blob was sent flying a couple of meters until it fell on the ground and wailed from pain, what followed was the crackling of the chains as they came flying down at the Blob's skull, instantly crushing it and killing the monster.

Hunting the Blobs became much easier as he leveled up a few time and his stats and skills increased. It has been a few hours since he started farming with , and everything went smoothly.

"Good Job. You're not bad."

just smiled wryly to Leiu without responding.

'Good Job? My ass! You're a complete freak! I can't even do a simple attack, I'm only left with the non-moving to finish like a simple lackey... *sigh*!

wanted to voice out his thoughts but he didn't have enough courage to do so. After farming with Leiu for some time, he came to know how ridiculously strong this hooded-man was, from beginning to end, he slew at most 15 Blobs and all of them were entangled.

Before he could help Leiu, the enemies would fall one after another without even damaging him, it was too unbelievable, even for an expert like Albeit not killing much, he did his job and got rid of the traps, the loot was evenly distributed and the experience was very good.

reached Level38 and Leiu managed to finally reach Level 40 at last. But that was not just it, several of his skills finally leveled up!

Dark Sword Mastery(Basic Lv7=>8) : When wielding a one-handed or two-handed sword ; you deal 24% more damage.

Darkness (Passive Lv5=>6) : At night, you deal 24% more damage. (Double the effect because of the environment : 48%)

Invisible Strike (Rare Basic :Lv7=>8) : You can a time with a fast speed: The attack would deal 190% the damage of the first strike.

Cost : 7 mana


[Counter : Normal] : Basic Lv4 : You can counter any physical attack and return 120% of the damage.

Cost : 1 Stamina

Cooldown : 29

Hunt (passive : Rare) (Lv4=>5) : When hunting monsters, you gain 15% chance to deal critical damage and 20% bonus experience.

You can level up this skill if you kill enough monsters : 0/750

TITLE(S) : Invincible / A life in the blink of an Eye

Level: 40(22%) : Dark Knight / Monster Bounty Hunter


Strength: 104

Intelligence: 62

Agility: 117

Wisdom: 66

Vitality: 81

Dexterity: 99

- - - -

Health 65/65 Mana 48/62

Stamina 40/63


"By the way Mister, what is your ;

As Leiu was looting the corpses, ;s got the better of him and he finally managed to ask that

After all, who wouldn't be about Leiu's after seeing how strong he is.

spent quite a bit of time with Leiu and his fear had gradually disappeared, as long as he doesn't anger Leiu or pick a fight with him or purposely provoke him then everything's fine.

They talked a few times but it was mainly Leiu asking and answering and the subject was traps. It was how the Thief dismantles traps. Leiu wanted to learn the skill but unfortunately, it was a Thief only skill. , rare to thieves also have that skill but The Dark Knight was not one of them.

Although he can't learn the skill, there should be a skill to deactivate the traps. He decided to try out some things when he's alone if he in dismantling a trap with next to him then no one could tell how much this youth would boast about what he saw.

'A melee dismantling, soloing, tanking and dpsing at the same time... no way.. right?'

"I'm a Monster Bounty Hunter."

Leiu gave a perfunctory answer as he didn't want to disclose his true Well technically, the Monster Bounty Hunter was one of his but he can only use 50% of it and the Dark Knight is his true and first

Having never heard of such , was dumbfounded as the only reason he never of such is that it's Unique. Almost all rare are known if you search for them in the forum but the ones which are not known are the Unique as their users prefer to keep them hidden, such as Leiu.

'No wonder he's so strong... he has a Unique ;

was a bit of Leiu as he too, wanted to have a Unique but it's easier said than done. He only has a normal but to say the truth, for someone with a normal , is considered very good. Especially after witnessing his talent and fighting abilities. Just like Leiu, if he's careful enough, he can solo in the dungeon.

While trying his best to remain calm, hesitated for a bit before asking another

"Is it a Unique ;

He already knew the answer but he wanted to ascertain it.

"It is."

Leiu didn't mind telling him that as even if it was known, it wouldn't matter. After what he did to Elena's party and the Baldy's party, he is bound to be known as a bad and guy, better sooner than later right? No matter how much trouble they want to cause him, he'll still fight back and them as usual, nothing to lose in such

"Enough chitchat, the night is still long, let's continue."

The floor was several times bigger than the first one and even after farming for so long, they still didn't reach its end. Leiu and spent 6 straight hours in farming at the floor and the loot gained is by no means meager.

But currently, they were facing a little problem. Sometimes, the dismantling won't work and the trap would be activated, the chance is extremely low the higher the dismantling skill the lower the chance would ;s dismantling skill is already Lv7 but unfortunately, a trap was activated.

The problem was not the trap but what it caused, on the wall near the trap, several fireballs were launched at Leiu and but they were easily dodged or deflected as they were rather weak.

From one of the dodges fireballs, one of them hit a bat lingering on the top of a gigantic boulder. This fireball didn't hurt it but was enough to awaken it and its comrades. Sensing two strange humanoid figures in their territory, what's more, is that these enemies dared hit them with such attacks enraged the bats.

Albeit their small bodies, the bats were fast and powerful, especially in such dark environment, for someone such as , who didn't have a good like Leiu, this was very bad.

The youth could hear the screeching sounds of the bats and just by their sound, he knew there were more than two or three of them! What's worse is that he couldn't locate any of them despite his special skills.

"This is bad! We have to retreat."

didn't dare order Leiu around, he just made a simple and with a panicked face waited for Leiu to start fleeing but even after a or two passed, Leiu was still standing there.

didn't know if he should run or not but after a bit of thought, he calmed himself down and looked around The bats were flying around the two of them but they didn't attack with was a bit strange.

Leiu was not afraid of panicking like , he clearly saw the 12 bats around them, they had a yellow light in their eyes and unless you have a good like him, you can't see that light. They were flying in a special There were 4 groups of three bats and each group was special, one had longs fangs and and the other had bigger eyes, as for the last group, the bats were faster and their had some liquid coming out of them.

While smirking, Leiu tightly held the chains and activated [Dark Empowerment], one he was standing their and the next one he was madly swinging the chains high up in the air. His were too sudden, even for creates such as the bats, they were used to enemies not being able to spot them so they dropped their guard a bit when they were flying high in the air but the chains still reached them, specifically the group which had large eyes.

What made things more fortunate for Leiu is that the special Unique Skill of the chains was activated at last!

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