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Chapter 42 : Chapter 42 : What's Next?

Re;Hell Gate

'Now then, how shall we begin?"

Leiu unsheathed his sword and put his chains back under his sleeve and crossed his arms while staring at the Baldy.

Suk didn't have much Health left and even if he had, he wouldn't dare to flee or attack Leiu by surprise for it will worsen the even further.

Hearing no response, Leiu turned to look at , who was silently standing far away and merely staring at him.

"Why so far? Come and give me helping hand would you?"

didn't lag or hesitate as he walked close to Leiu, he still felt a bit of fear as there was a chance he'll be attacked suddenly by this hooded However, he still followed Leiu's and stood next to him. He didn't speak and only waited for Leiu to order him again.

It's as if he was his personal servant, it was shameful but he couldn't refuse. He would only wish to not make Leiu displeased or have a feud with him like Suk's party.

'Thank god I admitted my neutrality, I'm such a genius!'

felt ecstatic by the fact that he wasn't killed, but there was still a chance.....

"Tell me, what will be the best way to kill him?"

Leiu's was like bullet to Suk's ears, he felt as if a bucket of cold water was spilled on him. He stood there and didn't even look at Leiu, he merely remained silent and awaited his fate. He would be killed, that's for sure, but how is the real

Leiu could feed him to the Blobs, behead him or do many things but that would be too boring, moreover, he still didn't get back his and rare fur!

"I'm not an expert in this but it would be better to forcefully take all his stuff and then kill him."

showed an evil smile as he completely who he was talking to, he had some hopes of getting a reward or two because of what he did or said.

Listening to the youth, Leiu nodded his head in then looked at Suk, who still standing there like a log.

"Are you deaf or what? Hand over the fur you took from me and some for killing me.... hmm.. 20 gold would be enough."

Sweat poured from Suk's face as he felt nervous, he could give the 20 gold, however, the fur was already sold since yesterday....

He didn't know how is he going to tell this to Leiu.

Seeing that Suk was still standing there and doing nothing, Leiu could a bit impatient and loosened the chains a bit which caused some crackling sounds.

".. Or you could die and revive at the city, but remember well, if I you or your group next time, there will be no mercy, just like today."

The baldy could not hold it any longer, with a panicked face, he looked at Leiu while raising his hands in surrender and hastily said

"Wait wait! I would have given you the fur if I still had it.. but we sold it.. I really am not lying."

Leiu knew that it was sold, or else why would Suk be so reluctant to keep it and keep the feud between them?

While with his chains, Leiu casually said

"If it's like that, then in our next meeting, you better have it or else you would be just like today."

Then, before Suk could even react, the chains wrapped around his head and with a 'pouf', it was taken out from its It was gory and disturbing but Leiu remained unfazed and cleaned the blood out of chains.

Suk's Stamina and Health were still low, so killing like this was very easy, even a casual swing of his sword would have killed him.

Back at Mountain City, at the revival A white shined and Suk's body appeared there. The was as crowded as ever and the remaining party member were also not far away.

They all had dark and the Healer Luissa was snapping at them angrily. She was angry on Leiu but on them as she lost a Level and they could not even spot him.

"It's your faults that he came back! I told you we shouldn't kill him that time but you guys insisted."

'lying bitch! You were the most overjoyed from getting that rare fur!'

They all thought so but none dared to speak it as they didn't want to anger her further. Her background was not normal like them and she was a rich young miss. It is surprising that she is still with them until now but it didn't appear it will be the case from now on.

"Miss Luissa, please calm down. He took us by surprise so we have couldn't do anything, moreover, we were cornered by the Blobs."

Suk tried to appease the girl as he showed his usual friendly smile. No matter what she said, if he could capture her, then all his troubles would be gone. Of course, Leiu would still be hunting him, but that was only in the game. In real life, he would have a beautiful and rich girlfriend such as Luissa.

All of these were dreams he wished for since the first time he met her. The only reason she joined them was because he to her and told her that his party was amongst the best.

"Hmpf! Whatever, I'm leaving this party. I'm sure there is a lot of parties that are better, they will me."

Belui, the swordsman, couldn't hold it anymore, he blocked her path and roared

"Fucking bitch! You got most of the money gotten from the rare fur and we treated you with kindness and you want to just leave because you died once?"

His face was red from anger as he not only lost a level but this little pest wanted to leave his party too, things are getting worse and worse since the moment they Leiu.

Whilst crossing her arms and looking at Belui with disdain, Luissa sneered and retorted

"You think you can stop me from leaving? Ha ha ha, you and your pathetic friends are merely dogs that I used to level up fast, now you use is done so bug off!"

As she said that, she bypassed the swordsman and disappeared from the area. All that was left was the group of 4 which looked at her back with anger, rage and hopelessness.

"It's all his fault! If he didn't appear, nothing would have happened!"

The Archer was the next to release his pent us stress and anger. If Leiu didn't ambush them and kill them all, none of this would have His friend should have agreed with him but this time, it was not the case.

The Mage, who was a calm character amongst the four of them, patted the Archer's shoulders and softly said

"It is our fault and not his, we were the one who ambushed him first.... he only did what was done to him."

Unwilling to the truth, the Archer shrugged his friend's hands from his shoulders and continued shouting like a crazy person.

"No! It's his fault! I dropped my rare boots and lost a Level! It's all his fault! We even lost our Healer!!!!!"

Fortunately, Suk was here or else the Archer's would have continued to shout for ages. The baldy only said one word to make the Archer shut up, then he went to a corner with them and said

"Enough. Contact the person that we sold the fur to and try to get it back, we'll give the item back and finish this feud once and for all. If you want revenge, then go alone, I'm not helping you in any way."

After he said that, Suk logged off the game as he was in no mood to continue The rest of them also logged off as they felt bitter and sad because of what happened, if they could rewind time, they would have avoided Leiu and let him be.

Suk took off the game's headset and ate some leftover burgers he bought yesterday. Just like the game, he had a big build and a bald head. He looked liked a bit domineering, what was different from the game is that he looked uglier.

In the game, he chose the Sil'a Race, which was a tall and robust race. If the race matched the user, the appearance can be altered to a certain degree. Even Luissa may not be as beautiful as she is in the game, a lot of must have been made in the character

Suk was 29 years old and works as a staff in a bar. He took a of two weeks since the game started as he wanted to spend his time the game, but unlike Leiu, he spends time with his friends too.


At the bar he works for, Suk was sitting on a table with two other men, he was drinking and his face was a bit red as he drank a bit too much.

"Damn that fucking shithead, I lost too much because of him......"

Because he was drunk, Suk started about what happened and how he got owned by Leiu and how Luissa left.

"Your Healer? Isn't that the babe that you showed me last time?"

One of his two friends, a male with long brown hair and a skinny build drank some beer and mumbled in a half-dazed state.

"Yes.. it's that fucking bitch.. after all I did, she just left like that."

Suk appeared depressed as he was thinking about her, so he drank yet another cup to try and about what happened.

"That hooded-man, is he strong?"

The one who spoke was the other friend of Suk, he had handsome facial features, an face and short hair. He was the of a perfect boyfriend for the young girls. Unlike Suk and the other one, this person wore a clean and expensive suit and had a calm demeanor.

"Who? That fucker? If it was not an ambush, we would have crushed him... why? Vins, are you interested in him?"

Vins didn't reply and appeared to pondering about something, he sipped some of the coffee he ordered and remained silent. Suk didn't insist on his , he also remained silent for a couple of before he spoke again.

"To be honest, he was strong. At least stronger than the average , he uses a long chain and a rare sword at the same time..."

Albeit hearing that, Vins still kept his silence, no one knew what he was thinking about. The talk shifted to another topic, Suk and his thin friend talked about women, jobs and so on. As for Vins, although he was their friend, he didn't talk and only listened to both of them...

"You know Suk... you should join our guild, no one would dare if you are with us, be it Healers or Thieves, we have them all!"

The thin person, Xiya, smirked at Suk whilst saying that.

"Your guild? It's the Elite War Guild, right?"

"Yes yes! We already have a lot of members and most of them are strong, the leader have a Unique too, so that hooded-man can't kill you if you join us, or he'll face our wrath!"

The offer was too alluring for Suk but he always dreamt of making his own guild, if he joins his friend's guild, he'll be ordered around and one of the many lackeys in it....

At the floor of the beginner dungeon, Leiu and stood side by side and silence ruled over the dark

still held a torch but the light was not as strong as the special skill of the Healer. Leiu finally broke the silence as he looked at the youth next to him and said

"So... what's next?"

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